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Title: Barakamon
Episode: 10 [Dacchi Ikode – Let’s All Go Together]
Watched: September 24th, 2014

September 24th, 2014 

I’m so sorry for I have plunged into the world of Barakamon and I sort of watched what now? Four episodes in a row? Dang, that’s a lot. I don’t know how I still have time to study after these reviews I write…

*shrugs* Shall we start? There are spoilers in this episodes!

I’m glad that, even for the briefest of moments, Akki was able to make a short appearance in this episode as well (I really like his character, okay?!). He can get along with just anyone. He gets along with the adults because he’s so mature and he can comfort Naru [when she’s sad that Handa won’t do all the things she wanted to do with him because her grandfather used up her one-chance ticket] and the other children (and they don’t even cause trouble when they’re around him, you’ve seen how his sudden arrival calmed down the other village’s kids!!).

Otherwise, do you realize that Handa’s with his friend’s art dealing company (?), called Kawafuji House of the Arts. Wow, that sounds awfully official. Does this mean that Kawafuji graduated from school and knew he wanted to be an art dealer and have his own business (?), and even went so far as to recruit Handa? Or was it his father’s own company?

I wonder about Kawafuji saying how he’d personally like Handa back [while he’s actively ignoring Handa who was on the phone with him AND despite the fact that he got pissed off at Handa for ignoring his calls]. Is this because he wouldn’t have to worry about Handa if Handa were in the city? Or is it because he thinks that it’s a pain for him to contact Handa (now that neither the computer nor Handa’s cellphone function).

Didn’t Handa ask Kawafuji to apologize to the old director for him after the first episodes? Since Handa was considering apologizing, wouldn’t that mean that he’s actually remorseful, you’d wonder? How can Kawafuji not remember that, haha!

I’m glad that Handa realized that the island brings him a lot of happiness I mean inspiration, and he actually has fun writing. You know the saying: “If you do what you love for work, you will never work for a day in your life” or something like that. It’s idealistic, and doesn’t add in the obstacles that you’ll encounter while doing what you love, but Handa shows the progress of understanding this well throughout the series.

Despite the fact that the “STAR” calligraphy was really well written from my green eye, I can understand Handa when he voices aloud his concerns about him considering that it could be on a whim, and that he might not be able to call it his calligraphy? I’m a pro at over-thinking (you can see from the lengths of my one episode opinion-reviews that I like overthinking), so I can understand his self-doubt. I can only hope that he’ll be able to build it up and that it’ll allow him to progress further as he gains confidence!!

Seeing as, after this episode, there will only be two more episodes to the season (I wonder if they’ll make another season? I’m hoping that yes, but I don’t know what else they can explore… of course, I’d have to read the manga to find out about this…), it’s completely normal that Naru‘s grandfather and the old man with the cats would make a return, but I was still so glad and surprised to see them!

I had no idea that building a typhoon barrier using rocks found here and there would be considered a PUZZLE until this episode!!! It seems like it’s complicated though, since you have to make the stones fit together well… they don’t even use cement or anything, huh?! It’s hilarious how they discover that creating typhoon barriers is the kind of precise talent that is suited for Handa.

I’m glad also that they don’t forget that he’s a calligrapher and ask him to re-write the shrine’s contributors’ plaque. Indeed, as Handa mentions, it’s been quite some time since he’s written anything “orderly”. He has been writing on a boat’s hull, he wrote “FUN”, “STAR”, “Porcelaine spoon”, etc. but that was all in search of his own style of calligraphy, so it was pretty experimental and definitely not as orderly as the antique that was shown at the shrine. Somewhere, I think that this episode was to remind him that he can always go back to the basics if he wishes to (and also if he needs to).

Oh my goodness!! It’s after this scene that I realize that both Tama and Miwa have still been enduring Handa‘s training in calligraphy in order to participate to the contest (and for their assignment, I believe)!!!! They’re aiming for GOLD PRIZES, of course, because their teacher is HANDA and he’s so competitive, this is way too ludicrous!! He put so much pressure onto them that they feel stressed that their calligraphy isn’t on par, that is just adorable, especially considering that Handa does the SAME THING during the episode [self-doubt is one of the worst thing for an artist, but it’s also something that makes us progress as artists as well]. I absolutely love how the three of them bonded over their uncertainty and self-criticism [very reminiscent of how he reacted in the second episode].

I know from other mangas that wearing a yukata takes a LONG TIME and a lot of precision, so I guess this kind of work is also something that Handa Sensei is good at, huh! He has such specific array of talents that it’s really frightening [it reminds me of Ookawa-sempai in Gin no Saji (is that his name? I can’t remember anymore!)].

If you recall [and he even reminds us in this episode, and there are even flashbacks showing how he couldn’t go to festivals due to his focus on calligraphy exhibition, which is pretty ironic, considering that he has the Naruka exhibition to prepare for], Handa is a hermit who didn’t participate in a lot of social activities back in the city, so it’s likely that this festival is probably one of his first ones… which is why he acts like such a dork [or maybe it’s solely because he’s a cheapstake, hahaha].

Scooping the godlfish” looks tougher than it actually is!! I’m so surprised at the animation for Ikuko-nee‘s goldfish scooping abilities. If she had taken every single goldfish (as seemed to be her goal from the moment she sat down next to Handa), what would she have done with the goldfishes? Would she have given them to the children, I wonder?

[speaking of which, it’s pretty clear that Handa‘s going to leave the island soon] In this one scene, we get the nurse [Ikuko] who took care of him when he got too stressed at his island beginnings, the teacher who often goes fishing, and we even see Miwa’s yakuza father make a re-appearance. It was in a collage, but you even saw the granny from the drugstore, Hiroshi’s parents, too!

Basketball Freethrow” competition scenes were hilarious. I love how Akki was even able to do some baskets, but Handa wasn’t able to, despite his height. I guess things like sports just isn’t part of his precise talents.

[it’s also really funny and convenient that Tama wasn’t there to take part in the Softball Team‘s free throw, thus forcing Handa to participate for her; I think that she stayed behind on purpose since, as she says, she isn’t so good with crowds, and she should know that despite the manga being released, the countryside (or at least as that shop owner mentions) will never have it on that particular date]. Considering this, I’ll just go ahead and consider this as Tama‘s introvert escape-the-crowd plan [every introvert has got to have one, y’know, just in case].

I’m sure that we all felt like Handa in that moment as he revealed to us that he used to read a basketball manga (and actually considered it to be a hidden talent of his [that’s okay Handa, you found out that you could build typhoon barriers, that’s pretty good too]) especially after we’ve read or watched a good anime/manga/movie (I know that when I came back home from watching a movie, I felt invincible). I’m glad that Handa got the second place [I mean, let’s be honest, with such a poor performance, he couldn’t have gotten past Akki’s team], even though that’s pretty reminiscent of the Second Place incident. Considering how he handled that in the second episode, compared to the way he handled it in this episode [look at this parody that someone did, it’s hilarious], I’d say that it wasn’t as bad? After all, at least he let Naru and Hina sort of attempt to cheer him up and even accepted the 300 yen that Miwa handed him despite landing them on the second place, right? Doesn’t this show that he’s pretty much evolving slowly but surely? In terms of being a good loser (not a bad connotation, I mean in terms of not sulking in a corner as he lost to middle school children).

Festival foods

I love that, despite having offered to buy anything that the girls wanted [specifically, with the 300 yen that he very recently acquired], Handa still decides that he wants to eat the cotton candy [because, like I mentioned, he’s an adorkable character]. He even turned it into a lesson: “Don’t assume all grown-ups have money!” which makes me wonder if Kawafuji or his parents don’t send him money over [which would actually sort of explain the fact that the Village Chief sends food over to him? I guess? But then again, he had money to pay for phone calls and bubble gum and ink… so what’s up?], or doesn’t he receive some money from the jobs that he does as a calligrapher [oh but then again, since his computer was broken, I wonder if he was ever able to get paid for his jobs]?

The cotton candy deserves a paragraph on its own. Someone mentioned how, unimpressed by the fact that Handa Sensei has obviously never tasted cotton candy before and didn’t even know where he should start eating it from (I myself was worried that he might get a torticollis [wry neck], acting the way he does and considering the angles from which beginning his cotton candy [hint, Handa, you can follow Naru and Hina‘s example (speaking of which, I wonder what the girls ended up buying)]), Hiroshi worries about him more than he worried about the two children that accompany him. I think that Tama (had she chosen to be present at that moment) would have been very proud of this worrisome yaoi couple’s shenanigans [I like to tease her, but I can actually see the shipping being a hot topic of discussion going on Tumblr, hahaha].


I love that they arranged it so that Tama who spent the least time with Handa, in terms of the gang, probably because she was avoiding getting too attached to him before he left and being sad that he did, ends up being the one who brings him to the beach. I also like how Miwa likes to tease Hiroshi on the fact that he doesn’t have a girlfriend (after all, he’d be spending time with her instead of selling Yakisoba). I really wish I could ship these two together! The three of them reminisce about the coming year and Hiroshi shows that he’s already thinking about moving out of the island to find a job [which prompts Miwa into saying that they won’t miss him since Sensei will replace him].

Whoaaa Fireworks are sure nice as seen from anime!!! 🙂 Everyone’s so happy to see them!! They’re pretty beautiful… Not here though, here, it’s pretty generic… Someone on Tumblr mentioned how Fireworks, in this anime season, just were synonymous of something bad (or rather just REALLY sad) happening in the anime. I guess it’s normal, simply because (even here) fireworks are sort of to celebrate the end of the summer, and the end of vacation means the start of school and/or work, so no more time to have fun… it’s really a way to ease you into the tragedy that is the comeback of school.

OMG HANDA‘s LEAVING, despite not having told the children [he only tried once to tell them, too]! He just decided to up and go like they wouldn’t MISS HIM?!!! IT TOOK HIM 10 EPISODES BUT HE LEFT [well there goes wondering if he would leave the island and if there’s going to be a season 2 about him coming back to the island and seeing the changes in everyone]!!!!! Is it because he doesn’t want to face their disappointed faces when he reveals to them that he’s leaving? Or perhaps is it because he simply didn’t have the time to tell them? Or even worse: he thought that they wouldn’t miss him, so he didn’t tell them that he would leave. After all, he does believe that Naru would grow up well even if he wouldn’t be there to watch her progress.

Even the end scene (at the end of the credits) wasn’t something light-hearted or funny, I felt so sad when I saw the teacher all there alone… WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO ME?! Now I just HAVE to watch another episode!


So I’ll meet you next week for the episode,
’cause I have to go and watch that now.


All right, and with this, I shall take my leave,
meanwhile, take great care of yourselves,
and I’ll see you next time
~~ Ponyta’s gone!