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Title: CanonD
Read on DeviantArt. or on Smackjeeves.
By: Ponyta and Piplup (a.k.a. Kiwiful)

January 7th, 2014

This is a SHAMELESS (most shameful) PLUG, yes, this is SHAMELESS, because I’m quite biased… the authors are me and Piplup… XD I’m sorry guys, but I just had to.

When Maine is almost killed, she finds out that her boyfriend had been cheating on her. Find out what happens when she decides to get revenge on him.

I love the art style that Piplup has developed, and I like how it changes as she experiences new medium and new styles to suit her personality.

The storyline is heavily based on Piplup‘s whole music library, as almost each chapter is based on a song title. [I can’t put an opinion here because I’m the writer and I’m the one who gave myself the challenge of writing a story based on someone’s playlist But I think the concept is AWESOME (of course, neither Piplup, nor I own the songs that inspired us the story)]

Like many comics I presented here, CanonD has some pop culture references, such as Spiderman, but it is mostly because of the song list.

If you ever choose to pick up this webcomic, I hope you’ll enjoy!

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Ponyta is out!
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