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Title: My Secret Hotel
Episode: 07
Watched: October 16th, 2014

October 16th, 2014

Hey there everyone,
How is the month of November doing it for you? After all, it’s the month of my birth, so I really hope that it’s treating you well!!

There are spoilers for this episode, please be careful!

Jo Sung Gyum [and Nam Sang Hyo]

This episode occurs 2 days after the one where Director Jo suggested to Nam Sang Hyo that they should officially go out together, and seeing as she was supposed to be planning for her ex-husband’s wedding, it’s quite normal that perhaps Manager Nam would be avoiding him…

It was nice to see his playful self when Nam Sang Hyo was actually trying to play him [as in, she was trying to pretend like she was busy and couldn’t see him], it’s so cute, and he actually plays along too [as he realizes that she was trying to find an excuse; what I like here is that he doesn’t get offended, he’s pretty understanding of her], until she realizes that he’s right there behind her. I love seeing their interactions [especially when she keeps apologizing with a higher pitched voice, that is gold].

I found it really cute that, even though he knows how to tie a tie (lol, and he even still brings up the fact that he really wanted a tie from her instead of using the ones that Manager Yeo gave him), he actually decided to go and ask her to do it for him, as an excuse to spend more time with her. I think that, to tease her, or to make her think of something else than the wedding, which he understands is a difficult thing for her to go through [and he’s so patient, too!], he teases her, reminding her that she’s the one who confessed to him first, proposing to him; of course, running the risk that she might strangle him with the tie.

I don’t know if he should expect her to get over Goo Hae Young after only a few days… but since she accepts, I guess it’s no problem.

Of course, since this is a drama, the timing of his departure is so ill-timed, seeing as Soo Ah Jung decides to elope and his official girlfriend has to marry her ex-husband in order to keep the business of the hotel running [I believe that, while perhaps Nam Sang Hyo still has some remnant feelings for Goo Hae Young, she only chose to marry him for the sake of the hotel employees, after all, since the beginning, she’s always very much cared about how her employees are treated and she would be crushed if, because of this wedding ONCE AGAIN, they are threatened to all get fired from their jobs].

While it was really funny that Jo Sung Gyum‘s actor got ambushed by his virtual wife [from We Got Married] in this episode [it was planned, but I mean…], I really didn’t understand much his reasons for leaving the hotel. Did he truly only want to be there anonymously in order to rate this branch of the hotel? [it really made me laugh because she was clearly talking about him “sneaking around with another woman (Nam Sang Hyo)” and that’s why “she was there trying to catch him”].

Since he was one of the last ones to call Young Mi, and that the necklace that Young Mi was putting out on the market was likely his mother’s, and that he then called Simon to ask about how it went down, could it be that he orchaestrated Young Mi‘s death in order to retrieve the trinket? And that he wanted to get away from the hotel in order to get an alibi, that he was not there during the murder, even though his number does feature in her last calls history? I’m not ruling out any possibility here, even though I don’t want him to be the killer.

What if he was actually getting into getting her as his girlfriend, because he wanted her to provide an alibi for him? That would be so twisted and wrong. NO [Please let me be wrong].

Goo Hae Young [and Nam Sang Hyo] and Soo Ah Jung

Goo Hae Young really lost a lot of points, ignoring his future wife’s calls, and just lazying on his preparations to be ready for the wedding [it really makes you wonder how in the WORLD he could have gotten ready the FIRST TIME he was supposed to marry Soo Ah Jung… did Shi Chan have to go through the same cheek-pinching procedure to wake him from his strange trance?].

It’s a great thing that Shi Chan was there to catch him and to probe him into doing everything himself [going as far as pinching his cheek to convince him, I guess it takes a good friend who knows your weaknesses but Shi Chan’s not recovered from the massive esteem drop that I had when he let Goo Hae Young leave the premises and go to his ex-wife during the night. NO! BAD FRIEND].

What I mean is that Goo Hae Young had chosen himself to marry a woman he doesn’t truly love, in order to make his father happy and so the latter (father) would finally accept the surgery [and also so that his mother and Soo Ah Jung‘s mother, who have been friends since high school, can get their dreams of seeing both their children happily married]. If you decide on doing something, Goo Hae Young, just do it instead of lazying around. Of course, I factor in this the fact that he’s immature enough to have gotten a hangover from drinking for two days straight prior to the wedding.

If you DECIDE to say ‘goodbye’ to Nam Sang Hyo at least THRICE in the same episode (Episode 6), you should probably leave her alone FOREVER.

I guess I was impressed with Soo Ah trying to be faithful to him by pulling a two-way conversation between her, her husband-to-be as well as her Chauffeur (Mr. Kim).

I can’t really forgive her for doing everything she did to Nam Sang Hyo, but I couldn’t help but feel for her during that two-way conversation. What hurts the most (for her probably), is the fact that while Mr. Kim responded in every loving way to what she said, Goo Hae Young reacted a lot of opposite ways [especially when she said that she loved him, and he simply said: “I’ll talk to you later”].

By the time she decided to elope with Mr. Kim, I think that she already knew deep inside her heart that Goo Hae Young never truly loved her. I really wish that we’d seen Mr. Kim’s perspective on things more. What made him change his mind about giving the brat up to Goo Hae Young? He doesn’t know how much Goo Hae Young loves her, and he knows that he’ll get in trouble with her father, whom he is scared of displeasing…

Did you see the similarities between the blue and white car that he was driving and the car that Goo Hae Young was driving when he married Nam Sang Hyo for the first time?

I wonder if this is foreshadowing, to tell us that their eloping will not last much [although he doesn’t seem to be as violent prone as Goo Hae Young, and he does seem to love her for her, not for her money (what she sees in him and what he sees in her, I wish we’d gotten to know more of before they disappear from the series; I do expect them to come back though)]. (I also stopped feeling sorry for her as she loitered, dropping the veil into the road. You know how animals can get caught in that, you brat?!).

Or perhaps the fact that it had inverted colors compared to the one that Goo Hae Young had been driving, is it to symbolize the fact that, unlike Nam Sang Hyo and Goo Hae Young, they will get past their differences?

I wonder how Goo Hae Young‘s mother heard about Nam Sang Hyo‘s name before [although she thinks that there’s an actress or an idol with the same name]. Could it be that, during that time that she waited for him in Las Vegas and he didn’t come until later, when she’d moved out (and he thinks that she didn’t wait for him), he had actually gone to meet with his parents and ask them to bless their wedding [and even told his mother the name of his bride; Nam Sang Hyo]? That’s the only explanation that would make sense [unless she was snooping around and saw in his wallet the picture of a woman and she asked him her name and he just told her the truth or something].

I can understand Goo Hae Young‘s anger that Soo Ah Jung left him and Nam Sang Hyo only cared about getting through with the wedding. I can only understand Nam Sang Hyo’s side much more [just because I can sympathize with her and I can’t find any ounce of liking to Goo Hae Young].

That’s right, in this episode, Goo Hae Young has made me hate him even more. How in the world can he decide that, since he can’t let go of his feelings for Nam Sang Hyo, and that his current bride-to-be has left him, he’ll interpret the latter as FATE and propose to Nam Sang Hyo once more in the most unromantic and untactful fashion. He really has weak resolve.

Did he think that, by telling her that she should be his bride in front of EVERYONE, and revealing their relationship which she had fought to keep secret, he would gain her love once more? I think it’s not only immature, but characteristically SELFISH of him. In order to get my thumbs-up again, he’s really going to have to go through a lot by the end of this series… He basically AMBUSHED her into saying ‘yes’, and I really don’t feel all right with that.

I wondered why in the WORLD the Paparazzi Woman was in the lineup to be admitted inside of the wedding hall. After all, she should be with the other reporters [especially since she’s one herself], not with the guests.

Why in the world is it that she still makes sense and is present in the wedding? I almost wished that Manager Cha had escorted the crazy woman out. OR even that they’d agreed to escort her out and make HER marry Goo Hae Young instead. They deserve each other in their folly.

I’m glad that the old man who had first noticed the blood at the first wedding, knew that there was something wrong with the bride’s name. I was also really happy that he was able to shut the hell out of Paparazzi Woman [will this wedding actually make her forget Goo Hae Young? Another question… but I don’t think so… since she appeared for so long].

Secret Hotel

I don’t know what to think about Manager Yeo, we really do have a love-hate relationship, the two of us. I really dislikes how, despite knowing that Director Jo has a preference for Nam Sang Hyo, she would do anything to sabotage the relationship in order to hone in on her kill I mean… prey I mean… target [I guess it’s because, when a similar situation happens to me, I would have the discipline to back off and I expect other people to do the same as well…]. I did feel for her when she had to learn through observing their encounter with the tie, that Jo Sung Gyum and Manager Nam had made it official between the two of them. And I also applauded her PR stunts and abilities to woo the crowd and manipulate its feelings with the Cinderella-like tale [she was also able to guess how Nam Sang Hyo was feeling pretty well in her story-telling]. She’s so absolutely determined / obsessed that you kind of have to give her props for trying. Will she end up with Jo in the end? Who knows?

I’m a bit pissed off at Assistant Manager Yang for showing up so “cheerful” when two days ago, she wasn’t feeling well [like… what happened exactly to make her feel better? Did she get some medication? Did she find out that she didn’t have cancer anymore?]. Please tell me you met with Detective and he made you feel better and invited you to drink tea or something!

It was nice that Yang and Nam Sang Hyo were able to talk. Their talk was somewhat relevant, since manager Yang knows what it’s like to look at death and regret the choices she made in her life (although Nam Sang Hyo isn’t actively aware of this). It was nice to know that Nam Sang Hyo thinks before she acts (unlike Goo Hae Young), and knows that it would be wrong to marry him only because she has leftover feelings.

It really bothered me that it took 7 episodes for Manager Cha to say something about the pickpocket, and I wish that we’d known who it was. It seems like they thought that Assistant Manager Hwang was the pickpocket, although Nam Sang Hyo tells the security department not to be lax despite this, because the fact that Goo Hae Young’s wallet was found with Hwang’s body doesn’t necessarily mean that the latter was the pickpocket.

Seeing as Gi Chul is so stressed when he hears about the wallet being with Hwang’s body, it makes me believe that perhaps the pickpocket isn’t Hwang or Young Mi but him, and that Manager Cha is trying to cover for him.

I was happy that General Manager told Nam Sang Hyo that he didn’t want her to do anything against her will, whether or not she is the “Future of the Hotel”. I was really hoping that his words would overpower the guilt that Manager Yeo carved into her heart.

Young Mi really was selling the necklace to someone… The only ones that I think could have killed her would be [OH YEAH, I TOTALLY CALLED FOR HER DEATH]:

  • Manager Cha (who works to intimately for General Manager, who probably wanted that necklace for personal reasons (perhaps it’s related to Director Jo’s father‘s murder?);
  • General Manager [but he was right there at the wedding, acting as Nam Sang Hyo‘s fatherly figure];
  • Director Jo, because he was the one that she called last. And he probably refused to pay her, so she wanted to sell it to General Manager. [maybe the necklace was his father’s? His mother’s?] Could he have asked Simon to kill her in the advent that she’d refused to sell it to him?;
  • Gi Chul, who I didn’t see, although I don’t think he would have the guts to kill someone else. BUT he and Young Mi truly do have a really bickering relationship together, so I can’t rule that out.

The Wedding and its Aftermath

While I don’t like it that Nam Sang Hyo decided to go through with the wedding, I was incredibly happy to see that she’d crossed her fingers as she said her vows. I don’t understand why they believed that Nam Sang Hyo would come. They sent NO ONE after her to make sure that she was getting ready and not running away and they certainly didn’t send over any wedding garbs for her to dress up in in a short amount of time. It was really tough to take this wedding seriously, even though Goo Hae Young had tears in his eyes.

It feels like Goo Hae Young‘s family is either very welcoming or extremely cold to her for actually marrying into a rich family, despite being an orphan with no real fortune or fame to her name; even going as far as implying that she might be a gold-digger [the fact that she didn’t know about them means that he didn’t tell her anything about himself and basically threw her into his world without asking her permission really makes me cringe]. It’s really not a good atmosphere to be in, especially if you fake-marry into his family, as it is revealed later on.

I guess it’s cute that he watches her in her sleep. It could even be considered romantic, but it’s also pretty creepy – especially if she doesn’t like him [I personally think his expression is cute, but my annoyance at the guy and his impulses makes it much, MUCH less cute].

What will happen when Jo Sung Gyum realizes that Nam Sang Hyo has given up and married Goo Hae Young twice now…?


It was interesting to know that Assistant Hwang had actually called Park Jong Sook, who turns out to be Jo Sung Gyum‘s mother. What did Hwang want to say to Jo exactly? And why did it sound so much like a threat, like he has some kind of substantial thing against her that could make Jo hate her or something?

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