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Title: MARVEL’s Agents of SHIELD
Season: 02
Episode: 03 [Making Friends and Influencing People]
Watched: October 15th, 2014

October 20th, 2014 

Hey there everyone!
I’m scheduling this post for the month of November because, as you might know, I’m working on NaNoWriMo as well as four essays due soon at the current moment [and why am I writing this today? Because I  have no priorities whatsoever]. I really loved this episode so I wanted to share my thoughts to you about it!

There are spoilers so you might not want to read if you’re sensitive to them!!

Agent Jemma Simmons 

All right so, let’s start with the introduction with Simmons. I was really shocked when we began to see Simmons. I must say I adore her new haircut, and I wondered how she could be living so ‘well’ after abandoning her partner Fitz. So after awhile, finding out where she actually really works after all this introductory scene, was really interesting. Did you notice that their lab coats are completely black?! That’s pretty interesting.

I’m glad to see that Papa Coulson is there to check up on his daughter Simmons [and very pleased to learn that Mama May knew all about it as well and protected Simmons from Hunter later on (more on that then)]. Coulson seemed pretty bothered too when he found out that the only things she had in her fridge was Sriracha and beer (and tea) [what in the world can you eat with just that in your fridge, Simmons?!].

I don’t love how Coulson asked about her having friends only to see if she could get deeper into her cover, whereas she thought that he was actually worried about her being lonely [which she admits to, I bet she misses Fitz awfully, more on that below]. I want to think that he asked the questions for the two reasons, because I’m scared that his position as Director makes him more insensitive to these things now…

The way that he taught her how to lie [by using selective truths], to use her charming personality to make friends and move up the ladder in HYDRA makes me think that he’s been operating for a long time undercover on some field operation before.

To change the conversation, it seemed like Jemma decided to ask the question that she was probably burning to know: “How is everyone?” And it seemed like it might be a mutual code between them that “everyone” really actually means “Fitz” in particular [because she might be worried about him, but she might not want to say his name out loud because she knows that she ‘abandoned’ him, I’m fishing here], because Coulson answers only about Fitz. She looked somewhat disappointed before she steered the subject again, leading them towards Gill once more.

From her standpoint, perhaps she wanted to know if he could move on without her [if he would be lonely without her, because she’s just as lonely without him].

When the dude… Bakshi (sp?) questioned Simmons about lying to them and being a level 5 agent of SHIELD, and then showing her an article written about her and Fitz saving Gill, I realized that perhaps they didn’t know she had been working closely with Coulson, and wasn’t always in a lab at the SHIELD Academy.

I was really impressed at her ability to lie with selective truths. I don’t believe that she can stay with HYDRA for a very long time. Not because she can’t maintain her cover for a very long time, but because I don’t want the work that she has to do for them [what if she has to kill, later on? What if it will take a toll on her to brainwash people? What if she gets brainwashed? How much STRONGER does she have to be, my poor baby?] to damage her mentally or something…

The team

So May has been training Skye lately with maintaining the control… so that she can kill and finish a threat, right? Can Skye really become an assassin, even if it’s to save lives? Considering that during that one rescue mission that May participated in back in the day (which earned her the nickname of The Cavalry), and that particular mission changed her from a warm quiet person to a stone cold quiet person, I’m not sure at all that I like that.

I like how Mack and Hunter had a wager about whether or not Skye went to the academy. Hunter saying that Skye did and Mack wagering that she wasn’t. Because of this, Hunter was stuck with doing the inventory all by himself. Mack really does make friends with anyone, just like Triplett [now I wanna see Mack, Triplett and Skye hang out with May and making pranks and laughing together, I’d LOVE to see that]!

Skye‘s conversation with Ward, about how “while SHIELD is considering what’s right and what’s wrong, HYDRA will already have made a shot” could be a foreshadowing of some kind? I mean for the next few episodes, not just a foreshadowing because she had to literally take a shot at Gill without asking questions about the morality of her gesture and of the consequences that would entail.

Does Skye still have some lingering feeling towards him [that throughout the show, she kept her calm and cool except while she was talking with Ward and also except when she learned about her father]? Or perhaps she wants to believe that he was being brainwashed, because she still can’t believe that the Ward she knew is gone. I applaud that he didn’t lie to her, as he’d promised, but the truth really hurts. I wonder if he’ll tell her the truth about her father… and did he meet her father before [is that why he thinks that he can bring her to her father when she’s ready?]?

I really appreciated how, the moment Mack noticed that Fitz had trouble finding his words when speaking about Gill to the team, he jumped right in to fill the sentences with possible answers. THAT’S WHAT BROS DO!!

I’m so sad that everyone hides from Fitz that Ward is still among them, and also that Simmons is undercover in HYDRA [by the end, when Coulson mentioned that they should have a talk, I wondered whether or not Coulson would tell him about Jemma].

I wonder what Ward thought about seeing Fitz again. He seemed so calm that it annoyed me, mainly because Ward had been so engrossed into gaining Skye‘s attention again and so obsessed with killing himself before that that he hadn’t thought about to ask how Fitz was doing. I’ll casually remind you that they had plenty of bromance episodes going on prior to Mack joining the team, and I really liked their friendship [I really dig the whole Fitz-is-my-little-brother-and-I-wanna-protect-him-so-bad].

I don’t know if I can believe Ward when he said that he tried to give them a fighting chance by doing what he did to Simmons and Fitz back then. I don’t want to believe it, I guess, because he did kill his dog in that one flashback, right? INEXCUSABLE! I really hope that this encounter with Fitz will make him realize how selfish and stupid he’s been. And that he has a lot of catching up to do in order to regain that bromance he had with him. I’m sort of glad that Fitz showed to Ward what Hypoxia was. It sort of gave him a short revenge, which I like. Give him more moments like these please.

Did you notice how Fitz confided automatically to Mack about how he felt like the team was keeping things from him? And about how he didn’t like to be left out? And then Mack just reassures him by saying that the team simply didn’t want him to be in danger due to Gill‘s instability.

It was also the first time that Fitz admitted out loud (to illusion-Jemma) that the Simmons he sees is not real, which means that he conjures her up willingly… unless it means that his mind does it automatically even though he knows she’s not real. I can’t wait for the two to be reunited for real again, even though she sort of acts as his conscience.

I’m glad that Hunter knew Hartley and Idaho, his teammates, so well [they were partners for the better part of… three years, perhaps [?] after all]. I’m glad to see that he was trying to get to know his teammates better [the information on Hartley was that she loved her blade but hated guns [yet she used a gun episodes before, it shows her skills, and I guess it explains the knife she had when she wanted him to cut off her arm… or did he mean a blade as in a sword? I’d love to see that] and Idaho’s was to light candles at church]. I wonder if this means that Mack isn’t truly his partner, since he didn’t talk about the habits of the latter… unless he only wanted to discuss about the friends that had died.

I also found it extremely funny that Hunter apologized at least 470 times to May, I don’t think that he was counting, but it shows that he’s been trying to apologize. And while I’ve seen Hunter interact with May, Triplett, Koenig and even Skye (especially Skye), I wondered if he would ever get an episode to bond with Fitz. What are his initial reactions at finding out who Fitz is? After all, just like Mack, Hunter came afterwards, so shouldn’t he also be speaking to Fitz the same kind of way Mack speaks to him? I dunno, I sort of want Fitz to have loads of friends so he doesn’t feel lonely anymore [although let’s be honest, they’ll never replace Simmons].

The Parents

Coulson compartmentalizes so many things… He hides a lot of things from different people and he makes certain people aware of other secrets [May is aware of everything, Skye, Trip, Fitz, Hunter aren’t aware of Simmons being undercover, Skye, Trip, Hunter are aware of Ward being stuck downstairs… it must be so difficult for him to do…].

I’m worried for him because he has to keep up with the omissions. I guess that perhaps the best thing is for Coulson to start unraveling the secrets… like I said in my previous posts, compartmentalizing is not always a good thing [Fury should have told him so… but then again, Fury was pretty set in his ways, too].

I’m so happy we got to see Coulson with Fitz, and the fact that the new SHIELD Director acknowledged out loud Fitz’s progress in his recovery [and that Coulson reminds him that he’s an important asset to the team] made me feel really happy for Fitz. I like that he scolded Fitz a little, before admitting to him the reason why he kept Ward alive [and also adding that even Coulson can’t go and look at him in the eye, suggesting that Coulson probably hasn’t visited Ward much].

It really hurt when Fitz asked if Simmons had asked to go on an assignment. The underlying question in there was: “Did she want to leave me?“. I think Coulson really needed her to go, sort of the same reason why he sort of asked Skye to keep questioning Ward, but he doesn’t want to say it out loud [that he coerced them into doing things they didn’t really want to do], because it would add to his growing guilt. I can only hope that Fitz isn’t taking it the wrong way. It’s also worth pointing out that Coulson did not tell Fitz that Simmons was now a HYDRA agent. What would our cute Engineer do when he finds out? I really hope he doesn’t take it the wrong way… especially since they had a conversation about that, ironically, in Season 1.

You’ll get your chance, baby, you’ll get it

I was so glad when May shot Hunter. [I hope that Trip will also get his chance [after all, he really wanted to be the one, however surprising that may seem]].

It was a bit unceremonious for everyone when they discovered [through May] that Simmons was actually undercover and present with Gill. Everyone except for Fitz (and Mack) knows now that Simmons is undercover [although it’s revealed later on to Fitz by Coulson, it’s not told to us if Mack knows… although it wouldn’t really change anything for him].

I’m glad to have seen May smile mischievously like that [as she mentioned that now, she and Hunter were even, implying that he wasn’t necessarily even with Trip]. I bet that Coulson would have been glad to see that side of her once again, after all, she used to play pranks on people a lot and break the rules!! I would love to see her help Trip out on some kind of prank on Hunter or something.

I’m glad that May was able to tell Skye that Simmons isn’t the only one who’s good [after Skye admitted to being extremely worried about her sister Jemma (I ship this sisterhood okay?!)], it’s a pretty good compliment, coming from May. I wonder if Skye having to keep her heart rate the same all throughout the episode will continue in next episodes… because they can’t keep monitoring her heart rate for only one mission… for coherence’s sakes, people!

I’m so sad that Mr. Donnie Gill killed the mister from the Moroccan shop, he really didn’t deserve to die like that… and to be knocked off and have his pieces all shattered, I can’t say that I feel sorry for what Skye did to Gill [although I don’t know where she shot him, he might come back though, Captain America style (after all, they hadn’t found his body yet)].

However, I will mention that it was incredibly impressive to see that Gill‘s powers had such an immense range. I couldn’t believe it when I saw the whole boat frozen.

I wonder how it is that he was able to break free from HYDRA’s original compulsion (until Simmons laid the groundwork so that Bakshi (sp?) was able to fully activate the brainwashing again). Was it due to his abilities? Does this mean that if Simmons gets captured, she can totally place some kind of fail safe in order to get out of the brainwashing?

Dr. Whitehall

So it’s confirmed, Dr. Whitehall likes to freaking hypnotize or… brainwash people [especially agents of SHIELD, actually]. It really frightened me that at the end, Agent 33 would actually have surrendered. She looked so strong, but I guess that Dr. Whitehall is just that good with his brainwashing. I’m a bit scared of what would happen to Jemma Simmons if she were ever caught. I also wonder if anyone else could risk being caught and brainwashed… I wouldn’t want to see Agent May turn rogue… I would feel so betrayed… the same way that Agent Ward betrayed us…

I guess that’s it for today, boys and girls!
Have a great day and I’ll see you next week for another post!
Lastly, let me leave you with Emergency Awesome‘s video review!

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