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Title: My Secret Hotel
Episode: 08
Watched: October 25th, 2014

October 25th, 2014

*whispers* Hey there
*continues in whisper* You probably know that I’m supposed to be writing for an essay right now, and yet, here I am, writing for the 8th episode of this drama which I can honestly say is wearing down on me. I cannot wait to start reviewing each episode of The Liar Game instead, just because WOW. But I have a feeling that I will also get tired of reviewing that…

Anyways, let us start this episode by doing the same warning: There are spoilers in this review [I’ll also keep it as short as possible…]!

Secret Hotel vs. Reporters

It was nice to start the episode with Nam Sang Hyo waking up to what she believes is a nightmare. Of course we know that it wasn’t, but the fact that Manager Yeo kept insisting makes you think that there’s something more going on. It was really frightening to see how close Manager Yeo was keeping to Nam Sang Hyo in order to keep her from straying and actually finding out about the on-going investigation and/or from her actually running away [the whole staff really do care about her, it’s sweet; and it makes me think that perhaps they’re doing this out of guilt: they FORCED her into a unrequited love marriage, AND they gave her a suite where one of her employees died AND who finds the body? Nam Sang Hyo… the poor girl really can’t catch a break].

Of course, Manager Yeo‘s immediate plans are always pointed towards getting Managing Director Jo‘s heart. The fact that she was able to take care of everything because Nam Sang Hyo was too distraught, that she was able to arrange everything for the press, and even the fact that she was able to keep Nam Sang Hyo from going under too major a stress because of Young Mi‘s death… that she was able to cover up the whole murder from the reporters… surely, in her mind, Jo Sung Gyum WILL be impressed…

I can’t believe that the two of them will be spending the time at the same resort where Jo Sung Gyum is. Manager Yeo totally planned it, and I can’t say that I’m really surprised. I will say though that I’m somewhat glad we got to see her as more than just a love rival, and we got to see her work so hard that she actually was at work after hours, and even surprised Paparazzi Woman [WHAT THE HELL WAS SHE DOING IN THEIR OFFICE AND IN NAM SANG HYO’S OFFICE, TOO?! WHO THE HECK GAVE HER PERMISSION TO ENTER? WHY IN THE WORLD IS SHE ALLOWED THERE WHEN SHE SHOULD BE BANNED FROM THE PREMISES AFTER WHAT SHE DID TO THE FIRST WEDDING (flaming the hotel for the murder) AND THEN TO THE SECOND (pointing out to everyone that she wasn’t okay with Goo Hae Young marrying anyone else than Soo Ah Jung), I can understand that she DID go to check if Nam Sang Hyo had indeed gone on the honeymoon…].

Let me add that she did say something like: “You didn’t know that Young Mi would die”. Does this imply that she did something? Perhaps to the suite’s washroom in order to surprise the groom and the bride? And she thinks that Young Mi could have gotten the surprise, backed away and then died [of course, one of the employees DID also say that he saw Yeo say that Young Mi should ‘let go’ or she’d die, but wasn’t that about how she should let go of the case that Jo Sung Gyum loves Nam Sang Hyo and that she’d bet her a lot of money?]?

I’m pretty sure that Yeo being the murderer is a red herring [although the evidence DOES pinpoint towards her, I mean her fingerprints WERE on the candlestick that struck Young Mi after all… but I think that the murderer was just wearing gloves, and that Yeo was simply preparing the bathroom].

Seeing as I believe that Gi Chul is responsible for her death, I found his whole crying scene with Manager Yang less believable. I find it pitiable, that the whole wedding planning office [Nam Sang Hyo’s department] is completely falling apart. Manager Hwang dies, Young Mi is also murdered, Manager Yang is going to die because of her cancer… and Gi Chul is going to be caught unaware… I was hoping Yang would confide in someone [although Gi Chul and his presumed pickpocket abilities are NOT to be trusted]. I found it cute though that he says that he will protect Manager Yang, and it was even more suspect that he said he knew who the killer was.

I can NOT believe that lecherous Vice General Manager is back… I really didn’t want him to be back…


At this point, really, as I’m so disappointed that Goo Hae Young x Nam Sang Hyo seem to be happening more, what interests me is mostly the murders at hand. The whole fact that she didn’t die from the blow given to her by the stick but the fall that could have killed her… would the murderer not actually have meant to kill her? The way that Young Mi was backing away from him/her, frightened, kind of made me think that he/she really wanted her to back away and perhaps fall. Was he planning to drown her somehow? Was it wise to run away and leave the weapon that struck her behind? I think that if the homicide had been planned, then he wouldn’t have left it there. In my opinion anyway, this was a clumsy murder.

The Detective really made me laugh [despite the dire circumstances, that is], because he couldn’t bear to look at her facial expression. I’m glad that he was able to caught on with Goo Hae Young and Nam Sang Hyo being married.

The fact that everyone claims to know who the murderer is is definitely not going to be helpful to the Detective, HOWEVER, it will provide him with clues, right?

Meanwhile, Jo Sung Gyum is still getting accosted by his virtual We Got Married wife once again made me laugh. I liked the backstory about the heart shaped rock and about how her love batteries must be running low [she’s really cute AND she’s a singer, after all].

I know that this ship will probably never be, but I cannot help but find it amazingly cute that Jo Sung Gyum actually thought that he might lose the love rock. I wonder if, in the course of this series, he will end up losing it, and it will symbolize that he doesn’t love Nam Sang Hyo anymore.

I’m glad that Jo Sung Gyum still calls her and keeps and eye on her [even calling out on her when he thinks that she’s actually acting out giving instructions when there’s no one in sight, which turns out to be EXACTLY what she’s doing [and she’s actually pretty honest about it when found out]]. I’m sad because they WERE supposed to be dating, and then, the Goo Hae Young appeared and snatched her away from him because he was patient with her. That is NOT OKAY [especially because, when he sensed that she might have changed her mind, he didn’t want to hear it from her on the phone, so HE was the one faking a conversation with Simon and hanging up on her]. See why I love this couple?

Goo Hae Young and Nam Sang Hyo

Even though it was sweet of him to carry her to the infirmary, to take care of her while she was under shock, and to indulge in pinching her cheek when she thought that she was still dreaming, I thought it was way overkill and I didn’t necessarily like that he kept pinching her cheek and showing off to the press. I mean, they have to sell it that they’re now happily married, but why show the world his affection for her by manhandling her face? I do understand it though, when you find something too cute (like a baby for example), you sort of really do want to pinch its cheeks [thus the mythos about how aunties always pinch your cheeks when you were but a child]. And I’ll give it to him though, I do love his genuinely happy smiles [ten thousand times better than his brooding face].

I wonder how in the world he will win back her heart [as he promised Manager Yeo he would do] if he only looks backwards, in order to BRING BACK the memories from before they broke up. He may not have changed in the last 7 years [don’t get me started on enumerating the times that he’s shown to us how immature he still is [at least she can be thankful that he doesn’t play ANGRY BIRDS anymore on his phone]], but she seems to have matured, and she’s definitely more intent on not getting hurt by the same young man ever again. Does he really think that he can make her fall in love with him just like that?

I can’t believe that the staff gave her nothing good to change in for her suitcase. Goo Hae Young was also in the same situation, so that’s also pretty funny [and somewhat… well I can’t really call it vulgar… I mean they mean well and I guess if I had a guy friend with a similar situation (or if I had a guy friend at all), I’d probably look out for him in the same way? No, No I wouldn’t]. That’s what you get, I guess, for giving his staff members at the architectural firm the permission to prepare his suitcase for him. [Nam Sang Hyo, you could have gotten away with it if you hadn’t fainted!! You could’ve chosen other clothes than leaving the hotel staff choose nothing but lingerie].

I’m not sure whether it says more about Soo Ah Jung or that it says more about Goo Hae Young that the former was able to win over the latter and keep the suite that they’d reserved under their name.

On one hand, it just shows how bratty Soo Ah Jung is [especially when she realizes that without money, she can’t do anything AND when she realizes that she can just PESTER her ex-fiance around in order to get whatever it is that she wants; his credit card, for example]. Perhaps Goo Hae Young pitied her for not having any money anymore, but being with the man she loves, but still being completely financially un-reliable, whereas he’s with the woman he loves, and they got the blessing from all of his relatives, even though his bride hates him and can’t trust him.

Definitely, it shows that Goo Hae Young can NOT be trusted and can’t keep his promises to Nam Sang Hyo [also that he’s immature enough to think that by giving Soo Ah Jung his credit card, he will be able to solve all of his problems]. How many more promises can he break before they divorce once again? Although the camping thing does turn out for the best in HIS favor, since he was able to instill fear into her heart and making her come to him as a protector [this kind of manipulation is not tolerated, especially if you scared her and wanted to get a hug from her, or some kind of positive reaction like that…].

I feel like the bout about him “never leaving her behind” is a constant between the two of them [especially since they both think that the other did NOT wait for them].

Soo Ah Jung

Okay, I was NOT expecting to see Soo Ah Jung until at least two episodes after the one where she ELOPES. I don’t get it. How can she be so ungrateful towards Nam Sang Hyo, who basically saved both the hotel and Goo Hae Young‘s reputation? I can call her a brat, I can hope that she becomes poor and understands how everything that she’s said about Nam Sang Hyo not having any pride or dignity can be interpreted as her looking down on people. I hope people look down on her like I do right now with utter disgust.

While I’m glad that she decided – THE DAY RIGHT AFTER THE WEDDING – to come clean about the man that she truly loves, I was really hoping that she’d give them a break. Of course, though, they do have a good reason for showing up, since her mother stopped her credit card and she DID become poor.

I didn’t like the fact that the brat was actually HAPPY to see that Nam Sang Hyo the Substitute was going to leave.

I don’t understand how she has the NERVE to come back and think that she can claim a room where she and GOO HAE YOUNG have reserved AFTER she’d ran away. I really don’t know what Mr. Kim sees in her. It’s horrible how she thinks that she’s entitled to everything that she wants [and, as mentioned before, it definitely says something about Goo Hae Young when you realize he’s incapable of refusing her].

I definitely don’t think that Soo Ah Jung is mature enough to live on her own with Mr. Kim, especially since, no matter what, he’ll still do whatever she wants him to do, and especially since she keeps testing him the way that she does [saying that she wants him to leave, when actually, she wants him to stay and question her authority a bit more].

This whole testing thing DID avoid Nam Sang Hyo spending the night with Goo Hae Young though, so I’ll just give Soo Ah Jung a short thumbs-up. It also gave Goo Hae Young a chance to have an honest talk with Mr. Kim and Nam Sang Hyo to teach Soo Ah Jung a little bit more about life and how to live with her love for Mr. Kim [even though she mostly really complains about how being born poor is awesome, but later on, she DOES reveal to Nam Sang Hyo that Goo Hae Young thought his first wife (Nam Sang Hyo) was really materialistic]. I swear, they made this character hate-able the same way they made Young Mi hate-able. She’s just asking for me to predict her death in this series.

Ah man, I’m so sad that Jo Sung Gyum isn’t smiling in the end of this episode [and right at the moment when Nam Sang Hyo realized that MOST that because of him, she’s probably never going to be able to move on, because she keeps having to find him off]… I hope that they can find some kind of scenario to play out to the press, where Nam Sang Hyo can return to being officially girlfriends with Managing Director Jo (who’s infinitely understanding and will totally get it if she explained the whole situation and how she felt about the wedding, to him), and Goo Hae Young can go his way and be impulsive with some other girl.

imageI’m really sad that this episode turned out this way, but here it was.
Have a great week until I post the next episode review!