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Title: MARVEL’s Agents of SHIELD
Season: 02
Episode: 04 [Face my enemy]
Watched: October 23rd, 2014

October 23rd, 2014 

Hi there!
How are you all faring? I’m still working on my four essays and still scheduling these for November. Hopefully after NaNoWriMo finishes, I should be able to continue these all throughout the year. That is, I hope. Let’s jump right into Face My Enemy, shall we?

Please be aware that there are Spoilers!


It’s not a secret that I really love #Phillinda (Phil Coulson x Melinda May). This episode was very Phillinda centered, and I approve of it at 2000%, because it felt like the parents were finally getting out just the two of them and left the children back at the house, with the Nanny (Mack and Trip, I can’t decide between the two) in charge. I’ll be honest though, the thought of Coulson going back on the field (even if it’s a “harmless” field operation), really scared the heck out of me [because after all, he could become unstable and perhaps even act out like Garrett did].

I like to think that even though “keeping it to two agents allows them to minimize detection in a small space,” [as Coulson puts it], they really wanted to spend some time alone. Even Coulson admits it off the record (off the mic), because he wished for them to discuss about a backup plan for when he loses it. I’m glad that May, despite all of her rigidity and strictness, would never consider killing Coulson as an option that she can take [she loooooovveeessssss himmmmm (or respects him) too much for that].

Personally, I think this will be a constant struggle for him, but that it should be solved by the end of the season. I truly hope that they’re not going to resort to killing him off at the end of Season 2, because #CoulsonLives is something that speaks to me. Also because he’s an important team member, what with being the DIRECTOR of SHIELD and all… and I hope that we’ll get to see him again in the movies or at least mentioned. I wonder when the superheroes will learn that he’s actually alive after all this time.

I think that this will also be May‘s struggle throughout the rest of the season (and probably Skye‘s, too, once she finally gets ahold of their plan somehow). I hope that the two or three of them will be able to find a way to make him better…!!

I loved seeing Melinda May smile and flirt with people [psst, Coulson said he really liked her dress and she SMILED, and then, he even got her to acknowledge that she liked the dancing A LITTLE BIT], even though it was extremely forced and she obviously didn’t like it. It was fun to see the old spy movie motifs come back in this episode [especially when Coulson was getting ready to get past the laser grids but then May reminded him that the bad guys already knew they were there, so they didn’t need to be discreet anymore, that was one of the funniest moments in the episode, she looked so tired of his sh*t, it was hilarious]. It was definitely something worth watching!!

Everyone was so freaking scared of May not acting like herself, especially because she was actually laughing out loud and was even speaking for more than she’s ever spoken with anyone on the team in a year. The best reaction has to be Trip‘s, I guess. I think that he holds May in a really high regard and she just proved to them all that she is absolutely an excellent Agent when undercover (although we already knew that, as she impersonated Simmons back in Season One). The other really funny reaction was Fitz, who said that it was very alarming.

It was really refreshing to see that Coulson and May were impersonating a “very modern” couple, implying that Coulson was okay with her flirting with Soto.

I like that the writers incorporated dancing [they did take the dance elective at the academy, then, but I don’t think they took the elective together, since she was telling him about her time there and how she dropped out 2 weeks after starting [but still remembered the steps? That’s pretty impressive]] to assess the security.

I also really enjoyed how the two of them imply that they were on a lot of operations together, like how, presumably after her graduation, they got assigned together for a retrieval operation in Sausalito [a coffee shop is even mentioned, although May doesn’t even like coffee…]. I wonder if she played a prank on him for leaving her in the bay for 5 hours before eventually fishing her out (unless he left her there BECAUSE she’d pulled a prank on him).

Agent May against Agent May [Coulson, you’re not the only one seeing this right now]? Coulson vs May?

That was one freaking awesome scene to act out and choreograph [especially how May slam-dunked her opponent’s face on the table, that was one awesome move, and then how she electrocuted Agent 33 [this made me wonder if Agent 33 would break out of her compulsion somehow since she was also electrocuted into being brainwashed… I don’t know if this makes sense]], I bet! It was tough at times to guess who was who, but the fact that they had different clothes definitely helped. It was great to see how the technology behind the mask worked [especially since the technology is also used by Black Widow in Captain America: The Winter Soldier]. Their operation was really well thought out [recording May and getting a blood sample so they can get her facial features as well as a voice modifier integrated on her mask or something].

I was really scared when Bakshi started to try and brainwash May the way that Agent 33 was brainwashed before. I really hope that Coulson came early enough and that it didn’t work. I mean, May is stronger than Agent 33, and she’s really good that she’s a lot more disciplined.

Coulson‘s talk with Agent 33 – dressed as May – reveals to her that Coulson wants May to take him out one of these days, and that consequently, SHIELD would need a new director, and his successor would be May. This information will definitely be relevant to Agent 33, who will no doubt relegate this to Dr. Whitehall, especially since she’s probably still going to be working with them.

Coulson reveals to May that Agent 33 did little things here and there which tipped him off, and ultimately, it was the coffee [in my fantasies, it’s because Agent 33 held his hand and said he could count on her; May doesn’t hold hands…].

The Mystery of the Carvings 

I wonder what it means that the alien carving was left on the back of the painting. People seem to think that it could be Skye‘s father, who may have done it – either as a message to fellow aliens or something… but I’m not so sure that it could be the case. Could there be other people who have gotten the vaccine in their blood?

The fact that the 500 year old painting was preserved despite the fact that the church was burnt down (and why was it burnt down, exactly, anyway?), makes me ask a lot of questions along the lines of: “Did the carvings preserve the painting somehow during the flames? Do the carvings have some kind of magical properties? And do these magical carvings give the painting non-flammable properties?” or “Did the painting have something holy in it or some non-flammable material?” or “Was it a fraud, all set up so that the painting could get on the news and the carver could get an understanding of who exactly could be after alien carvings [a very elaborate ruse]?“.

The Children 

For a moment, seeing Hunter flirt and kiss with a lady Gabriel Soto’s executive assistantBridget, (before stealing some kind of USB stick from her purse), made me think that perhaps it was a weird flashback of some sort and that the lady was his ex-wife or something, but then we saw Skye arrive and snatch the USB. I’m glad to see that they’re still using her abilities with hacking to their advantage, despite the fact that she’s been used more as a field operative since they’re running thin on personnel.

I really appreciated the banter between Mack and Coulson, about how the mechanic really wanted to work with Lola, Coulson’s favourite car. I hope that by the end of this season perhaps, Coulson will let him have a peek under the hood or something (but maybe not touch her… or something). The way that Mack kept repeating “In time, sir”, means that he’s confident that he can convince Coulson that he’s got enough skills to work on the precious Lola, I like that confidence.

The reason why I thought that Trip might be filling up the nanny position is because he actually went and kept a small eye on Skye, serving as her conscience and as a reminder that she should be understanding of the way that SHIELD works and is still kept compartmentalized. He’s the living proof that he can function, keep a sense of humor and still be curious without having to satisfy the curiosity by digging up files in order to find out more about what they’re not told. [I sort of wish that Trip would be closer to Fitz, too]

Trip is thinking: “You win, Skye, you win”

I love how they had their own bonding moments altogether as they spoke about their exes (notice how Trip was pretty SILENT on that issue, actually? Man, I wish we got to know more about him, because it feels like we really haven’t found out much about him, since he only appeared very late in Season One).

The fact that Hunter knew about Mack‘s year where he had to pretend to like quinoa [is there something wrong with quinoa?] made me think that perhaps Macworked with Idaho and Hartley after all… but I guess that since he doesn’t look like he kills and/or handles weapons except to upgrade them, that might be the reason why Coulson trusts Mack more than Hunter and others.

It was cute to see that Simmons was trying to push Fitz into bonding with the team, because she wants him not to be alone, especially since she knows he hates being alone [if the figment of his imagination tells him that, then it definitely means that he knows he dislikes being alone…]. I think that he resents himself for telling her how he feels and how she hadn’t told him her answer [or rather, he doesn’t know it so the illusion-Simmons can’t say anything about it]. I despise seeing Fitz so down and so self-loathing [HOW DARE YOU believe that Ward is more valuable than you? At least Skye and the others like you, they don’t like Ward right now!]! Come back soon, Simmons, please! Slowly, thanks to Mack, Fitz knows that it’s embarrassing to speak to illusion-Simmons, that’s steps to healing, right there!

Out of all the bonding timez, I was glad that Fitz and Hunter got some, especially for this episode. I was also really glad that EVERYONE attempted to fill in for Fitz’s lost words, even Hunter who didn’t have any technical skills whatsoever [and he was so out of his league as he was attempting to help Fitz, it showed a different aspect of Hunter that we hadn’t known before, it was cute to see, especially when he thought that he’d made a blunder somehow] (on the bright side, you know what this means? That when Fitz gets better, he can totally prank Hunter since now he knows that Hunter doesn’t have any knowledge of these things). I was glad that they got to drink beer and Fitz started to tell them about how he’d confessed his feelings to a girl who rejected him and left [I wonder if Mack and Hunter know who it is or if they can guess, I hope so, and I hope that upon seeing Simmons, they’ll start shipping it like I do]. I really think that this is a step towards him moving on, as he said. It was cute to see that Fitz even looked at Illusion-Simmons to see if she would be OKAY with him taking the beer with his new buddies [but seriously, I can’t say it enough: Skye and Trip need to join in and make Fitz feel like part of the team once again, okay?! FRIENDSHIP TIMEZ WITH FITZ EVERYONE! GIVE HIM A BIG HUG FOR ME DAMNIT, and Fitz, she definitely feels the same way, I’m 100% sure, because I ship it].

Here’s what we know about Hunter‘s ex-wife:

  • She was on the pier facing the outer banks at night, when he first met her.
  • He knows that it didn’t work out because interspecies relationships are hard [he’s a human whereas she’s a demonic hell-beast].
  • She’s evil.

The Parties Against SHIELD

I was so surprised to see General Talbot at the funding ceremony [and then calling Coulson “Phil”?!!! REALLY ODD]. At first, his odd friendliness towards Coulson made me think that indeed, they’d settled their differences behind them, and he’d really accepted the present as compensation for stopping to catch SHIELD.

Of course, it was revealed that Bakshi was actually in the “costume” of Talbot, so I wonder if he knew who Coulson was while they spoke to each other [that explained the vague allusions as well as the fact that Talbot didn’t want to rush and strangle Coulson].

I wonder why Bakshi decided to go against Coulson after their suspicious talk. Did he decide that it was too risky? Did he recognize Coulson as a SHIELD operative? The fact that he was able to place a name on their faces mean that Dr. Whitehall knows them, right? I wonder if they learned that Coulson is the new director of SHIELD now… since Agent 33 heard it all…

In the meantime, Raina is getting blackmailed by Whitehall… I wonder what she is ready to do… will she take the Obelisk, and give it to Whitehall? Will she ask Skye’s father to cure her or to protect her? Will she go to Coulson?

Despite the fact that Talbot seems to have been pacified thanks to Coulson‘s present (Carl Creel) to him and his promotions as a (positive) consequence, I wonder if he won’t backstab them or if he won’t be up to no good once more. The real Talbot, that is…

Imma leave you with Emergency Awesome‘s video reviews!

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