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Title: Love Chronicles: The Sword and the Rose (Collector’s Edition)
Started: Before my finals… in November 2013?
Finished: January 1rst, 2014
Rating: 8/10
Played with: Espeon (for the beginning anyway)
By: Vendel Games (or Big Fish Games)

January 2nd, 2014 

Hey girls, and guys!
How are you all doing? When you read this, it will be already the end of the year 2014, whereas I’m writing this in the beginning of the same year… this is odd… So let us hope that this year has brought us much more joy than 2013 has (for me anyway).

I finished playing this game, it’s the second installment of the series called “Love Chronicles”, its prequel is Love Chronicles: The Spell and its sequel would be Love Chronicles: Salvation. I don’t know if there will be other games from the same series, but I’ll just have to see based on the ending of the next game…

In terms of the game’s story, I found that it was a nice sequel, it made ‘sense’, was logical in the Love Chronicles world, unlike many games that I have played… so I will say that this game has points from me according to this! The prince that we played as a character in the first game is still ‘looking for his one true love’ (let’s call her that), and, in his travels, he stumbles upon a new realm which was targeted by the same villain as the first game’s (even better for coherence’s sake). 

I liked the concept as well! I liked that we also had to find the petals of roses [which is probably why the game was called such] and the sword reminded me of Excalibur (in its abilities anyway). Very nicely done, Vendel Games! 

As usual, for this company, the art was simply, brilliant, and much improved, I found, from the previous game. I think they may have improved the art (or made it look like the ones that are released nowadays (the art is very similar in my opinion, anyway). Perhaps, also, it is because The Spell was the first game and they allowed themselves to experiment a lot, etc. Anyways, just know that I liked the art, the landscape, and the visual effects in general were breathtaking, even Espeon liked them, and she was on her FIRST ever Hidden Object Adventure

The puzzles were great [perhaps because I was playing them at a difficult level]. However, I mean, one of them (the diamonds), was PARTICULARLY tricky and I stayed for at least a few hours (what felt like it anyway), wondering how to proceed (Espeon was there most of the time, and even with our wits combined, it was difficult). 

The Hidden Boards in themselves were not as difficult. If I have to add, though, I loved the fact that you could interact with what you found in order to make the inventions. The prince was truly ahead of his time (in terms of the inventions that he made). I liked this aspect of the Hidden Boards because, for once, the objects that we found in these boards made SENSE with ‘why’ we had to find them, because, after finding them, we actually had to assemble the invention that the prince had sketched out for us (also not difficult, but always extremely fun to do). 

I can’t wait to start playing the next game, so I’ll leave you with this: I recommend this game if you’d like some challenge and if you’re interested (obviously, else you wouldn’t force yourself through these games), and if you can surmount the ‘cheesy’ title (I’m looking at you, Charmander!), hahaha. 

And with this, my popular people, I shall leave you!
ヾ(^∇^) Ponyta’s OUT! ヾ(^∇^)