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Title: MARVEL’s Agents of SHIELD
Season: 02
Episode: 5 [A Hen in the Wolf House]
Watched: October 23rd, 2014

October 23rd, 2014 

Hey there,
It’s me again, with my problem with setting priorities and sticking to them! How are you all doing? I hope that by this time, my brain won’t be fried from all of the tests and papers due at the end of November (as well as all of the oral presentations due the same day [I can see you on my calendar, don’t even try hiding from me!!!]). Before I start this episode review, please make sure you acknowledge the big SPOILER alert [ain’t no one gonna complain that I forgot, okay?!].

Simmons and HYDRA

I was so shocked when we got to see a theoretical weaponized Obelisk effect on the contingency of SHIELD allies [or at least they used to be part of an ANTI-HYDRA unit]. The idea that HYDRA had kidnapped the corpse of the serving lady who perished because she got static shock from touching Carl Creel isn’t as far off, since, during one of his conversations with Absorbing Man, Bakshi was actually looking at a corpse covered with the same ‘effect’ that Hartley went through.

I was also very glad to see that Simmons would NOT be moving up the HYDRA ranks as much as I had originally believed [this is a good thing, as I’ve mentioned the previous episodes reviews, I didn’t want her to be staying there for too long, I didn’t want it to taint her].

I think that Simmons will be starting to feel a lot of guilt for framing her lab partner for contacting SHIELD. However, I feel like the fact that he was actually enthusiastic about his willingness to kill innocents thanks to the power of the Obelisk probably made her think that she wouldn’t ever consider him a ‘friend’. I look forward to seeing how she deals with this later on [oh and add on to that the guilt of leaving Fitz behind of course but that’s really a given].

Aside from wondering what she means by “WMD” when Simmons sends her SHIELD missive, I wondered if it wasn’t a bit odd for her to be sending it so close from her current “workplace”, where she’s BOUND to be found out by others (like Raina), especially since she later throws it in a nearby garbage can [she could’ve taken the bus, gotten on the ride for a few minutes, and then dropped the SHIELD one-way transmission device [FLEX SCREEN] either on a bench to throw them off sent (I wish I could say that I’m qualified to judge her in her actions, but she’s acting a lot more faster than I would have, if I were in her shoes)].

I was really surprised by Mockingbird – Bobbi Morse‘s appearance on the show [who turns out to be Lance Hunter’s ex-wife (she’s been a SHIELD agent, which is why she always kept secrets from him, and it drove him crazy), it makes sense though, since he met Hartley through Bobbi… I wonder if she subtly kept tabs on her ex-husband in order to make sure that he’s okay, which is why Coulson asked her whether or not he should trust Hunter… or something… something else that I ask myself: what finally broke them up? And also, knowing what I know about the MARVEL comic-verse, I wondered why Bobbi is not married to HAWKEYE, since they used to be married in the comics…]. This scene in particular reminds you of how Black Widow also pulled a similar stunt once in a movie. I’m really surprised that she was able to get high ranked enough to become “enforcers” despite being… supposedly planted there in HYDRA by Coulson around the same time as Simmons. I wonder what she did to impress Whitehall (or did she even know him at all? and did she get brainwashed by him before? Like what he did to Agent 33, for example… how in the WORLD can I trust her now that I have gotten these kinds of thoughts?!).

The Team

Well, Phillinda did NOT get a lot of moments in this episode, HOWEVER, they did show off a lot of scenes of the two of them acting as parents to the other team members [as you can see in this gif right there], especially when it comes to protecting their two girls [Skye [from falling into Raina‘s hands and, subsequently, her father’s] and Simmons [from dying at HYDRA’ s headquarters, exposed as a mole and tortured for her secrets].

And then there was that one moment when Jemma actually came back and was greeted by who? HER PARENTS; Coulson and May, who was smiling really proudly, might I add. And then, the two parents sending their child off to see the real person that she only really wants to see: Fitz, felt really good [May gave her a warm-ish hand, leading her to the lab where she’d spotted Fitz].

Fitz is going to go through so much since Jemma is returning to the team. I wonder how he’s going to take it.

The fact that he’s aware that Simmons has a certain… [and she’s not shy to admit it, I think] preference for men like Mack made me laugh [especially because, even in his illusions of her being there, she acts like the real Simmons, it really goes to show how very much he misses her, and it was a squeal-worthy moment, too, when he actually says it out loud [that he misses her, and that’s why he wills his subconscious into creating this imaginary friend of his]… it says A LOT about the fact that Illusion-Simmons says casually: But she left and moved on, implying that Fitz truly believes that Simmons has abandoned him. It broke my heart to realize this, especially since, as he considered moving on again, he was holding his shoulder as if to feel the presence of her hand there].

It really hurt to see him so speechless that he didn’t know exactly what to answer Simmons [and to see her approach him really carefully, like she wasn’t sure how he would take her sudden appearance into the lab]. He really did think that she wouldn’t ever come back to him, and that she’d rejected his confession. He probably was overwhelmed with the fact that the Simmons that he’s seeing is actually real, and not a figment of his imagination, drooling on Mack his new buddy (although I’M NOT EVEN HOLDING MY BREATH, I SORT OF KNOW THAT SHE’LL DO IT).

I doubt that Ward would ever do anything to endanger Skye again, but I wonder why in the world he wants her to find her father. Isn’t he a madman?

I am glad that Coulson decided to reveal everything to Skye after all [although she didn’t leave him much of a choice, confronting him the way she did]. I didn’t want it to be a problem that would drag on for too long. It certainly adds a new kind of dynamic between the two of them, although I don’t think that he’ll reveal EVERYTHING about SHIELD to her.

I wonder why Garrett went crazy so soon after getting injected with the alien blood, whereas Coulson only just got his alien carving obsession triggered (by Garrett). I’m glad that Skye hasn’t been showing any signs of stopping yet, but I wonder what will happen when she does [I’m also curious to see what kind of location the map that they’ve been drawing will lead to… if it really IS a map].

The fact that they’ve been monitoring Skye makes me think that perhaps that’s another reason why May had given her the watch that records her pulse for that reason [and about how May often tells her that she wants the two of them to stick together… and also about how Coulson didn’t want to send Skye out there alone to help May with the Creel business].

I’m glad that the people at the studios made coherent choices. Especially in this episode, about putting Hunter the nearest to Coulson, simply because Raina has technically never really met him, so she wouldn’t have suspected him to be cooperating with the new Director of SHIELD [would she have recognized Trip?]. It really made me laugh that he underestimated her the way he did, because it reflected what I thought as well when I first saw her. What made it worse (for her anyway), is when he actually came over to their table and made her realize that no one’s really buying her sad sob story (it’s always nice to give him a good almost badass moment when he can pull a one-liner or two before actually giving him the surprise of his life, SHIELD style).

I was also extremely happy to see how DUMBFOUNDED he was when he found out that Bobbi – his EX – was actually from SHIELD, and was vouching for him to also become an agent. I really look forward to seeing their relationship evolve or being more and more explored throughout this season (I hope that she keeps appearing I mean). And when Coulson approached him after he asked this question, reminding him to PLAY NICE, doesn’t that remind you of Hartley, when she said the same thing to him? It sort of reminded me of how my parents would often have to remind me to “play nice” to my cousins because I’m supposed to be more mature than them [a.k.a. she raised me better].

Agent Morse – Bobbi / Barbara / Mockingbird is super badass [that she was able to incapacitate Bakshi and his men?! (was she really able to do it though? I mean Bakshi is NOT impressive in terms of strength, but we DID cut into another scene… maybe she’s working for HYDRA because brainwashing?!)]. She certainly knows how to make an appearance, and she knows exactly what to say in order to get Simmons to trust her [“Coulson has a plan” and beating up the HYDRA soldiers that were escorting her pretty much sums up her skills]. In the comics, she’s also a biologist, so I’m wondering if that’s going to play well into her friendship with Jemma, since she’s a biochemist [I see the connection, OKAY?! I want Jemma to have new friends too, since Fitz is getting more friends [I think that secretly, Jemma might even have a smallish girl crush on Bobbi, that’s my headcanon right now]].

  • It really looks like Trip knew Bobbi before, since as she settled into the Quinnjet, they casually greeted themselves, like they were old buddies. It seems though, that they’re not THAT close, since he didn’t know that his friend and colleague Bobbi was actually married to Hunter.
  • Let’s NEVER forget the curt nod that May and Bobbi share as they meet again while in safety. It was two badass characters meeting and being too cool to express into words the acknowledgement of meeting again into words, so they just nod. That’s awesome. I want to see this friendship once more [I really want Black Widow to also have these kinds of scenes with the Cavalry and Mockingbird, like… really bad].
  • Of course, Bobbi knows Coulson, but did she know him before he became director? And how close were they? He did mention to Hunter that people he held in high regards vouched for Hunter [he obviously meant Hartley AND Bobbi, so…].
  • Mack and Bobbi actually knowing each other. It really suggests that Mack isn’t a mercenary, even though he DOES know Hunter. The fact that he knows that “Bobbi” is short for “Barbara”, a name that she doesn’t like to be called, just proves something [and that he knows she wants a three-olive martini (hold the olive)]!

Skye’s father

At first, since Skye’s father seems to be a surgeon and seems to be helping out triads or some gang [does he practice illegal medicine then?], I thought he might be a good character, despite the initial freaked out vibes I felt as he almost forced Raina into touching the Obelisk. Throughout the episode, we find out that he’s almost as deranged as Garrett and is probably turning into something [a monster, it is foreshadowed, as he fears it and he fears how Skye will view him], even as far as to use his brute strength to kill the gangsters who were almost just there at a wrong time.

Another ‘good(ish)’ side of this character is the fact that he’s trying so hard and so desperately to get Skye back to his side (although he also mentions that her name is NOT Skye, and says that name with almost something of a disdain, like he doesn’t approve of what she’s grown up to be).

A creepier way to say that he’s creepy though is the fact that he’s JEALOUS of Coulson being more of a fatherly figure to Skye than he will EVER be [I REALLY LIKED THAT fatherly HUG, OKAY!? and I feel like new child Hunter wanted to get in on that hug action]. He also likely is the one who causes all of the DEATH whenever Skye was involved back when she was still only a baby. What in the world happened back then that made him and Skye separate, exactly? How was she taken away from him? Was she taken by SHIELD?

It really made me think that Skye’s father was bad, when he refused to help his only ally [Raina] and refused to hear what trouble she had run into because of the assignments that he gives her. He’s a cold b@stard [who’s trying to control his anger managements… Hulk kind of problems? Is it triggered by the Obelisk, or perhaps the fact that he too got injected with some Alien DNA? Would he turn into a monster for BEING an alien?].

It seems like he’s done things to her, or shown her his strength or something, that’s why, more than respect for the man who sheltered her when she was but an orphan (and maybe even taught her what she knows about life), he sort of expected her to fear him more than she would fear Dr. Whitehall [whom he seems to know, despite the fact that Whitehall himself doesn’t seem to recognize him in their encounter].

It’s really weird that he would actually go ahead and ally himself with Whitehall DESPITE having called him a BUTCHER [the irony of HIM having butchered his own patients almost immediately after calling Whitehall a butcher is not even lost on me]. Could it actually be a ploy in order to get Whitehall’s trust and then killing every member of his branch of HYDRA from within? In order to gain Skye‘s trust?

What we learn about Raina so far [+ speculations for future episodes]:

  • She probably used to be an orphan.
  • She believes in fairy tales.
  • Her grandmother (presumed dead when Skye’s father found her) used to read her fairy tales.
  • She has some kind of skill with technology and hacking? If she was able to find the email addresses of every HYDRA person and was able to send an automated message to all of them with a picture of Simmons… I’m just saying… I don’t know how to do that…
  • She wants the fairy tales to come true [speculations that she wants her GRANDMOTHER to come back to life].
    • During her conversation with Coulson, she says that he should believe her when she says that they’re both working towards a common goal. What could this goal be, exactly, if it’s not to get her fairy tales to come true?
  • She’s probably going to work with Coulson in order to get back at both Whitehall and Skye’s father.
  • She can do something to keep him sane and keep him together [because he is totally going crazy and he knows it].
  • She’s really determined to keep herself from dying [who doesn’t, right?!].
  • She doesn’t know that Coulson’s Director of SHIELD, does she? She only calls him agent all the time).
  • Of course she doesn’t prove to be that dangerous as the episode comes to a close… I wonder where she will go now that Coulson has refused to help her, that Skye’s father has abandoned her… and that Whitehall could still go after her. Personally, I hope she helps out Team Coulson… just to spite the two men.

 Here’s Emergency Awesome‘s video review of this episode! I’m also going to leave you with a GIF set about how Ward‘s actor says that his best friend is actually Fitz‘s actor [MY OTHER HEADCANON].

imageAll right, so here’s my exit cue, as usual!
I hope to be able to update next week for MARVEL’s Agents of SHIELD, if there are new episodes by the end, so you know!
Ponyta’s out!