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Title: Dream*Scar
Author: Heather Meade [I know her as Hchano]
Link: Website, Facebook [Author’s Facebook], Tumblr, DeviantArt, Spring.me
Warning: There IS gore and a bit of nudity and language…

July 23rd, 2014 

Hello people,
How are y’all doin’? [reverts back] I hope that you are doing well and that December hasn’t made you feel depressed about the snow yet (if you receive snow during the winter, like I do here).

Let me recommend to you one of the many first comics that I started to read when I was interested in webcomics (I still am, I mean). It’s called DREAM*SCAR.

The concept is very interesting for anyone who is new to the whole idea of supernatural beings living among humans. They call what I call supernatural beings (werewolves, vampires, empaths, hybrids, angels, etc.) as Unhumans (because they’re not specifically humans).

Have you ever heard of X-men? The X-men have a difficult time living with non-mutants because the latter (or the majority of humans anyway) are scared of them and wish to annihilate them. When the humans found out that Unhumans live among them, there’s a lot of segregation going on and stuff.

It’s such an interesting concept, despite the fact that I’ve read many stories that revolve around this topic. It may be Hchano’s way of drawing, of making her panels, of story-telling, but the combination is there and it makes for an AWESOME comic.

The main character, Vix, is someone who happens to be an Empath, and this is easily hide-able compared to… say… vampires or other creatures whose ‘unhumanity‘ physically show. She has these dreams and something happens at school that suddenly changes her life and her friends’; she realizes that she’s more than just a simple Empath.

Hchano even has a Character Page which you can find here. I think she updates it pretty regularly, too. Not only that but she is also very ‘present’ on Facebook, replying to asks when she gets them, updating us on problems with the website, etc. She’s very nice!

Her art style is so good, even back when she was making it into a graphic novel (or a novel?). She sometimes posts the sketches that she’d made back then. Not only that, but since the first official page of the series, compared to the latest page, do you see the significant change in style that she underwent? It just goes to prove (just like with mangakas for one series, even) that all artists improve!!

Something else that sets her QUITE apart from other webcomics I’ve followed is her… errr… reminder that her comic is updated. She has these images that she posts that parody the page itself.  It’s LUDICROUS. I’ve spent days laughing at those troll faces.

All right, I hope that this post has interested you into reading the comic!
If you have, or if you already read it, what do you think?

(❀ ❛ั ۝ ❛ั)۶
(❀ ❛ั ۝ ❛ั)۶