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Title: MARVEL’s Agents of SHIELD
Season: 02
Episode: 06 [A Fractured House]
Aired: October 28th, 2014
Watched: October 30th, 2014
Re-watched: December 2nd, 2014

December 2nd, 2014 

Hey there everybody,
How are you all doing? So, December is finally here, which means that NaNoWriMo is done, which then means that… why YES! Yes indeed, I have completed the challenge! I’m so happy! I thank everyone for being so understanding and patient! I’m slowly starting to get back into the review mode, and I’m starting with this HOG that I played with Mewtwo, and I’m continuing with Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD. I think they’re going to go on hiatus for the holidays soon? This needs to be verified, but I’ll probably also start a Agent Carter review. Okay, enough of my ranting: I’ve missed you.

Beware of spoilers, la-da-di, la-da-da, let’s start:

When General Talbot [it’s very nice to see him work for once] mentioned how SHIELD only revealed themselves to the world after the events of the Avengers, as they attempted to defend the world from the alien race brought forth by Loki, I thought: ‘Huh! So they were still undercover when they met with Tony Stark in the first Ironman movie!‘ and it actually makes sense, I don’t think they were as grand as they are now.

I was really scared for Talbot when we saw the mercenary throw his weird tech towards him. And I know that I’m not the only one who thought: “How in the world did he SURVIVE with only a broken arm?!!“. After a few weeks/months after watching the episode and re-watching it, I can only assume that he got out of that by evading the sh@t out of that disk and crashing into some kind of wall or something, thus resulting in a broken arm. I was really happy to see that, even though we sort of picture him as a bad guy (“HE WANTS MY BABIES DEAD, HE’S A BAD GUY!“), Talbot really cares about the people. That’s why he made sure he was one of the last ones to leave the scene, to make sure that there would be no more casualties. After all, he’s not really one for politics, right? He’s more of a protector than a charmer.

Not only that, but Talbot actually has a head on his shoulders. He knew that it wasn’t the type of Coulson to just send his men against politicians and kill people. I was really happy about this, and I was even more happy when he proved to KNOW about Grant Ward being related to Senator Ward (I wonder when he made that connection, I don’t think that Coulson told him or anything), not that he would USE this information against the Senator…

La Familia del Shield

Let’s just talk about these brief moments of sisterhood [because ever since Simmons left for HYDRA, Skye only had Momma May as feminine presence, so it’s quite refreshing to see them catch up]. I’m glad we saw Skye and Jemma together at the very beginning of the episode. I love how they discussed the sacrifices that they both had to make for SHIELD. <<Namely: Skye having to go interrogate Ward because he’s the only one who can give them intel, and Simmons who had to infiltrate HYDRA and even almost died a couple of times.>> The fact that the latter still watches over Ward while he’s in imprisonment really reflects on how she considered him like a big brother [which he sort of was, for the whole team]. And then of COURSE who can NOT comment on that 180 degree turn heel she did on Ward at the end of the episode. A lot of people have said that she wanted to protect her sister/Skye, and that seems to be super true, it looks like she hid Skye from Ward… but not only that, I feel like I should add that Simmons probably has a lot of resentment for Ward, because she blames him, most of all, for what’s happened to Fitz, and because Fitz has that condition now, he won’t ever get better with her by his side, and that… it seems like that is what makes her hurt the most [and she can’t even tell Fitz that what’s going on, and that’s why she pretty much abandoned him when he needed her the most [and she knows how hurt he feels, I mean, look at his face], because she and even Mack know that she’s left him because he gets worse when she’s around]. And now, still because of Ward who did this to Fitz, Simmons realizes that, by distancing herself from her other half (I still ship them, even though I can also go for SimmonsxTriplett), he’s learned to cope without her, that he has a new friend (Mack) and she’s probably unsure whether or not he’ll ever forgive her. On a REALLY sad note, have you never noticed how much they drink coffee/tea together? It was a routine that they shared and that now, they don’t anymore.

This begins our Ward-Related Segment

On another note, I wonder why Ward was given such a segment. I think that it’s likely that it was in order for us to know that he’s preparing, despite being in containment, he’s preparing to leave and exercises in order to keep his body ready for the escape. I remembered May when he was rubbing his thumb [here’s a reminder as to when she broke out of the handcuffs by breaking her wrist or something in the previous season]. It was INCREDIBLY  refreshing to see him display this strength that he was always known for as an Agent of SHIELD (and also of HYDRA). I mean, I’m as much a fan of him as a puppy and loving Skye (even though I wonder why he’s so obsessed with her at this point), I really missed Ward being awkwardly warm Ward (towards other characters than just Skye, I mean). Speaking of which, let us get a moment for that “note”. It really upset me that Ward would really open up only to Skye before. I don’t think I’ve hidden this from you. It upset me because, more than just Skye, he had a nice relationship with Coulson (his father), Fitz (his little brother) and Simmons (his little sister). The fact that he gave Fitz some valuable information was good, and was a good progress towards being a good puppy. HOWEVER, it really hurt Ward’s moment for me when Coulson reveals to us later than he was in front of Ward every day for 3 months [that’s a lot, I wouldn’t be able to do it]. It must have been so difficult for Coulson to do this [to be in front of someone who has betrayed all of them, who has almost killed Fitz, and whom nobody likes at all anymore, completely. Did you see Ward’s face when Coulson said that (see the gif here)? It was like a return to reality (although Fitz almost killing him by asphyxiating him must have been pretty eye-opening and should not be extremely surprising for him)]. It’s like being a father [Coulson] to a child [Ward] who did something REALLY bad, like… selling your family out to a bunch of crazies (HYDRA) and who still actually CONSIDERS that he’s a part of your family, even though he doesn’t wish to talk to you (father) or your… ‘wife’? (his motherly figure, a.k.a. May, sort of). 

Something else bothers me about Puppy Ward, it’s the information that he was able to get from Raina about Skye‘s father. How in the world does he know all of that [was he fishing for information to make Skye doubt? Was he actually speaking a little bit about himself? To justify what HE has done? Everyone tells Skye to be careful with Ward [It makes me wonder whether or not she’s just gonna go against whatever everyone says and trust him anyway, because some people can be rebellious like that… and also I don’t like how everyone keeps warning her against Ward, like she herself doesn’t know how dangerous he is… STOP BABYING HER], because his words can twist someone’s thoughts and stuff… that’s very upsetting…]? Did they show this information in the first season, or is it really just me? Speaking of which, I really felt it, poor Skye, when she learned that her mother had perished… We have to take what Ward says with a HUGE grain of salt, I guess, because… well… I personally still don’t know whether or not I can trust him.

Something else that is Ward related is really scary: his brother (Senator Christian Ward). I don’t like how the two of them are speaking about the story and twisting it around to their own benefits. What really happened, I wonder? I bet that’s going to be the catalyst to telling us if Ward is coming back on the good side (after all, Skye is there), or that he’ll be forever a third party who can be used by HYDRA or SHIELD but ultimately does whatever he wants (sort of like… a mercenary?). I am under the impression that Coulson isn’t really believing the man, much the same way that he doesn’t believe everything that Ward tells him either. Like he said, Ward is a bargaining chip and Senator Ward can be useful for SHIELD later on, which is why for now, Coulson is probably going to take the lead and make use of that (especially since HYDRA is so much more resourceful right now than they are).

This ends our WARD related segment

I’m going to take this opportunity to talk about Skye because WOW. She’s showing SO MUCH resilience to whatever life throws at her right now. She’s also really cold towards Ward right now, and I really liked the SkyeWard ship, all right? I was still shipping them, but then at the end of the first season, when he turned out to be a bad guy and even now, when he’s still a little puppy-in-love-obsessed Ward, it makes me feel REALLY uncomfortable for Skye to see her this close to him still (for valuable intel). Even more than this, what makes her badass is her ability to concentrate and focus on what’s important to her, even though she discovered that her mother is dead, and that her father is a monster [I mean, he really did murder a lot of people there]. To be fair though, as we’ve seen in the first season, SHIELD provides these people with a ‘new’ family. Sort of. May is totally her S.O. but also acts like a motherly figure, and Coulson is almost like a father to the whole team (and now, being the director, he’s sort of the father of the whole SHIELD members now [more on that later]).

I absolutely loved that Coulson had a Grumpy Cat mug at the beginning of the episode, and even had a funny line to come with it [I wonder if it’s actually the actor, Clark Gregg’s mug that HE himself brought from home, that would have been even more funny]. Not only that, but the fact that people keep coming to him and ask him (because he has to compartmentalize everything, so they are used to NOT knowing what’s happening) directly if the attack on the U.N. was really SHIELD or if it was someone else. It hurt a little that even TRIP thought that it might have been them, but let’s be honest, it’s quite plausible [although it totally goes against what SHIELD stands for].

Speaking of Coulson, I have mentioned before about how many friends he has lost over the course of these years (and also especially these seasons). He lost a few unnamed Agents, and for this, he must feel so hurt because he is responsible for them, after all [and he feels so worried about them right now, due to the Witch Hunt that Christian Ward wants to do]!!! As a director, he has so many things to consider. I hope that Nick Fury comes back soon, or something. I’m so sad about what happened to Agent Walters, mainly because she seemed to be so friendly with Coulson, like they knew each other, and now, this means that he’s lost yet ANOTHER friend from before he went to “TAHITI”. I fear the only “old” friends he’ll get to keep are Nick Fury, Black Widow (maybe Hawkeye) and May.

We have to give it to the MARVEL Agents of SHIELD writers for knowing how to introduce characters in the family. At first, I was annoyed at Hunter, but as the episodes progressed, he didn’t make me feel like killing him. The same thing happened with Bobbi (Mockingbird). Making her wear a Star Wars t-shirt [meaning that she’s probably a NERD, or that she had to borrow the shirt and outfit from someone else in the SHIELD-verse, who happens to be a nerd] AND making her mention that the mercenary almost killed Hawkeye (Clint Barton)?! Not only that, but letting her show off her badassery by saving Simmons (her new baby sister) and bring her back home safely? YES, this is the best way you can introduce a character to us without making me feel uncomfortable [other than being a She-Devil Beast who married and was able to endure Hunter for as long as she did]. She really handles herself well in this episode [plus, I love to see her fight with her ‘sticks‘ which are, as I recall, Mockingbird’s signature weapons], and plus, she rocks that outfit of hers. I also love their relationship together, Hunter and her [despite this unease that she feels due to his presence in her team, she doesn’t say anything… much, whereas Hunter voices his opinion via questions a lot… which proves, I guess, who’s the most professional in their relationship, sorry Hunter, but you’re losing points, even though you were a really good soldier according to Talbot].

I wonder if Bobbi and Hunter will get back together when this season comes to an end. Will they [I sort of really love their banter]? Or will they just be epic great duo that fights SHIELD? Either way, I love their super awesome teamwork. I mean, have they worked together before like this? Their synchronicity is so freaking awesome and amazing [even going as far as disputing each other AS they fight the bad guys and protect each other’s backs]. I was actually sad that Bobbi said that if he wanted to leave SHIELD, he should. They had a lot of banter going around [they still REALLY MUCH love each other, it’s SO apparent, especially since they go back and forth about not wanting the other to die], and I wonder if the reason why the split wasn’t because of them disagreeing and actually disputing each other so much, what if it was actually because Hunter was always ready to pack up and leave, and that she was always keeping secrets from him (being a SHIELD agent and all, but she sort of thought that since now she didn’t have to keep secrets from him, that everything would be fine?). I really hope he doesn’t leave… because SHIELD has provided him with a family (a mom who doesn’t like him, brothers in Trip and Fitz and Mack, sisters in Jemma (who he REALLY should talk to soon) and Skye, and a father in Coulson). PERFECT FAMILY.

Speaking of them, I really love how Mommy May and Papa Coulson have decided to just let the two of them [Hunter and Bobbi] be and I wonder if they’re shipping the two [click this link, seriously, I mean like THAT SLY LOOK the two parents both share], since they sort of put them together on the same assignment. Poor May though, she’s the one who has to listen to their nonsense… but then she gets one of the most badass fight scenes ever, not just because she’s awesome, okay?! Let me remind you that this man almost got to Hawkeye once (presumably before the Avengers movie), and yet, May bested him. That’s right [although I REALLY wanted Agent Walters to be the one]. Yes. Agents of SHIELD has super BAMF female characters. Speaking of which, you discover in this episode that May was MARRIED once. WHAT?! WHAT?! HOW?! WHEN?! WHO?! DOES COULSON-your-current-husband KNOW ABOUT THIS?! Oh and to end her paragraph on a cutesy note, do you realize that this is MOMMA MAY giving one of their new babies [a.k.a. Mockingbird who’s just as badass] relationship advice? But she doesn’t even NEED to talk! May is so taciturn it’s awesome. She’s awesome. She’s a badass.

I’m so sad for Trip because he doesn’t get as much screen time or anything. He’s that trustworthy dude that everyone loves having around, a bro on whose shoulder you can cry on, a wingman… but he really doesn’t get enough time… except for this one scene when Ward is taken away. Can you just SEE the look of HATRED in his eyes? Like… “You, bro, you broke my bro Fitz, and now Jemma (the girl I still love) is HEARTBROKEN and I’m the one who has to stick by both of them, because that’s how cool I am, but YOU, YOU BROKE THEM“. I hope we get to see him and Ward fight, and I REALLY hope that Ward LOSES against Trip. Because Trip deserves more badassery time. He really needs more love, so here’s a post that appreciates his muscles and awesomeness [I mean what? No…].

I should also leave you with Charlie (Emergency Awesome)’s video review about the whole happening. Here you go!

Here are some behind-the-scene goodies that I’ll share with you while you wait for next week’s episode review! I hope you’ll enjoy! Here’s one about Agent May (or rather, Ming-na Wen, because seriously, she’s actually the OPPOSITE of May) and here’s another one of Agent Coulson (or rather Clark Gregg) dancing, and another still of funniness, and here’s an awesome interview. And lastly, here are other stills of Hunter, because he’s so funny.

All right, so this all been said,
imageI’m gonna go ahead and take my leave now!
*mock bow*
See you soon and take good care of yourselves!
Ponyta’s out!