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YouTube Channel: World of Heroes
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January 9th 2014 

Hey, Superhero fans!
How are you all faring this winter [as I write this, I really, sincerely hope that December 2014 won’t be as crazy as January 2014]? This month’s YouTube recommendation comes in the form of another superhero-related channel! It’s called, as you can already see, World of Heroes.

When I found this, in 2013, I thought: “WOW! For MARVEL‘s Stan Lee to have a YouTube account and to update things? WHO THOUGHT OF THAT? THAT’S JUST BRILLIANT!” and I subscribed to it, sharing some of their videos with my fellow superhero fan Growlithe. 

I will admit that I am not always watching his videos, but the Superheroes’ Bad Days videos make me laugh a lot. [Here’s Season 1, and there’s Season 2, which, I will admit, by the time I’m writing this, I have not watched yet, but I see the various names from the Playlist and… well I haven’t watched the Walking Dead, Star Trek, I know Namor only by name, etc. BUT I will no doubt be catching up with these]

I also love his Who would win? videos, because sometimes, I wonder the same thing! What if She-Hulk and Wonderwoman were faced in a battle (I think that’s the first V.S. episode I ever watched).
My opinions differ ALL THE TIME, especially when I’m all alone, thinking about these things, and I often just think: “Well, it’d be an EVEN match”.
But when there are other fans who are rooting for different heroes and present sound arguments, I can’t help but approve with them (I’ve told you how very easily someone can influence me, right?)

Now though, I’m much better at judging (whenever people like these fans, or Arris Quinones from Variant Comics or Erin Robinson from ClevverMovies give me good arguments, I can say: “Oh, I think that this superhero would win!”. But of course, I’m also quite biased. The last time I took a vote was when someone asked: “Black Canary vs. Black Widow”? And, because I have a certain attachment with Black Canary, I voted for her (because I truly think she stands a chance), hahaha.

All right, that’s it with me, I’ll let you discover this channel at your ease!
See you all next week perhaps! Just in case I don’t schedule anything for the 24th, I’d like to wish you all a very happy Holidays!

By the time you’re reading this, I’ll probably be studying for my finals,
So I’ll go and get to them! See you soon and take good care of yourselves and others!

✎ ✎ ✎ Ponyout! ✍ ✍ ✍