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Title: MARVEL’s Agents of SHIELD
Season: 02
Episode: 7 [The Writing On the Wall]
Aired: November 11th, 2014
Watched: November 12th, 2014
Re-watched: December 4th, 2014

December 4th, 2014 

Hey there everyone,
How are you all doing? I wondered whether or not I would have time to write another episode of SHIELD review… let’s hope that I do, before I have to go back to work! Please be aware that there are SPOILERS in here.

Okay, so do I think that this episode’s introduction was weird/odd? Yes. Yes I do. However, it’s a great attention grabber for someone who might be bored… I guess? The fact that the man says that they both share so much pain and the fact that he’s going to inflict even more pain on her (as evidenced by the knife, the hard cut and the scream), sort of also sets the mood for how we’re going to perceive this character, I believe.

The Woman is a SHIELD agent [Agent Rebecca Stevens]… and she carved, and even painted… not only that, but she had carvings that Coulson was missing, so does that mean that every single person who was injected with the GH formula will have different carving design portions that are not accessible to the others? How will Coulson find all these people and protect them from this one guy? How did this one guy remember?

The fact that Coulson would have brought her back to life [after she died 5 years ago from cancer] while testing the GH formula and wiped away her memories (probably because she also didn’t want to live anymore, just like Coulson did when he was brought back to life) makes sense, actually. I wonder if he did it on a lot of SHIELD agents.

I wondered whether or not the woman that he’s found carves as much as Coulson and Garrett as well as this guy does. Oh and how twisted is that? He actually CARVES on bodies!

I can’t believe Sebastian Derik was an assassin from the dark side of SHIELD. I wonder if his brain was already so… particular that that’s why he didn’t show the same degenerative signs as the other patients. We discovered via Fitz and via a bit of what Derik said, that he lost his connections, but he was actually able to find them somehow? I wish I could know HOW in the world he found these connections again (is it because his mercenary aspect really helps him out? Will this be further explored? Oh wait, nevermind, PAIN helps him remember).

I’m glad that the patients are actually glad that they’ve signed up for the procedure which would bring them back, it means that they were CONSCIOUS of the process. All of the patients have really different reactions right after [degenerative effects to the serum]. Except for one dude [although, perhaps it was because he was a mercenary, that he compartmentalizes better everything, so that’s why he was able to keep it together for so long?]. I also wonder how that other dude/agent/father/husband [also known as: “Hank Thompson” speaking of which, the man had his muscle memory, of when he was a SHIELD agent, that would be so cool if we could relate this to Fitz as well, I mean… isn’t that what sort of happened to him? It also reminds me of Coulson when he had difficulties with his gun in the first season: everything is related] was able to know that it was actually a 3D model, not a 2D thing. I hope he comes back one of these days (or maybe he won’t, it’s not that much a loss, but it’s too bad such a skilled agent doesn’t want to come back). I’m not sure how I feel about the compulsion to carve and become CRAZY magically DISAPPEARING when the patients find out what the carving is all about. I mean it’s a very good thing that Coulson’s not going to become crazy anymore, we don’t have to fear for his life anymore either, but… still, it feels so… easy

The transition between the hard cut (and the scream) to the audio of Coulson‘s music was pretty nicely done [yeah, that’s right, my Movie Soundtrack class is paying off]. In this particular scene, we discover that:

  1. May trusts Skye enough that she would actually let Skye monitor chaperone Coulson in his “episodes” with the carving (although it doesn’t seem like Skye was given a camera to take the pictures that May usually takes).
    1. Totally a side note, but I love that Skye says an “everlasting gobstopper of firewalls” is a hacker’s worst nightmare. It’s good that they haven’t forgotten that Skye was originally a very capable hacker.
    2. Skye has been trying to tie the carvings to constellation maps, navigational charts and even genome diagrams. She’s really trying to do as much as she can.
    3. Skye has been having trouble sleeping because Ward’s free and she’s probably scared that he’ll come to get her [after all, he is still pretty strong].
  2. May is out looking for Ward with Triplett and Bobbi.
    1. I like that, even if Coulson mentions that Ward’s brother wants him back alive, May only cares about what Coulson wants.
    2. It’s smart to use Hunter and Bobbi since Ward has never seen the two of them.
  3. Coulson has been carving the wall every night and every day now [this increase of occurrences worried me a lot, I was scared (I think I mentioned this before) that he might be written off the show [aka that he DIES] because of this, but it was impossible since Coulson is such an important character!!].
    1. Coulson has a lot of knives to carve on the wall.
    2. Coulson doesn’t sleep, so one of these days, he’s totally gonna snap and start going to sleep for a long period of time… there’s only so much stress you can put on a body… unless… the alien blood in his veins will help him function?
  4. Senator Ward (Ward’s brother) is covering the fact that his brother has escaped federal custody, but it’s probably his fault, I mean… there wasn’t enough soldiers to keep Ward away.
  5. Triplett‘s got a trigger finger that needs some love. This part REALLY makes me laugh, simply because Triplett is just so funny and awesome [I remember last week, people said that he probably still had beef against Ward for what he did]! I am really mad that Triplett still didn’t get enough scenes and had NO FIGHT against Ward!!


Skye and Coulson got a father-and-son field trip to Rebecca Stevens’ apartment, even though I’m not sure that May would approve of Coulson going on the field. Remember the last time she threw a fuss [a la May, of course] about that? I wonder if each and every one of the children will be having field trips with their respective parents [I mean, in the previous episode, Momma May was taking care of Bobbi and Hunter while Coulson was taking care of Ward, and a few episodes back, Coulson was taking care of Simmons]. That would be so sweet and cute!!

MORE Mack and Fitz moments! I love this! Especially how these two actually managed to acquire a corpse, which is NO SMALL FEAT… I would have absolutely loved to see the two of them grab it and walk out of it like they own it. That would have been marvelous to see, especially with the new Fitz [of course the bromance is sort of ruined by Simmons who says that, if you want something in life, you’ve gotta work hard and earn it; is it some kind of new relationship that the threesome has together [she keeps glaring at him throughout the WHOLE episode, does she resent him? Or resent the way he speaks about Coulson now?]? I love how Mack was quite unabashed about not wanting to see a woman’s body be cut open (this brought forth Fitz’s hand and Skye’s) Hahaha, it’s so cute that a buff guy like him would be scared of something like that (ok it would also have bothered me) I also love that Jemma is the only one who feels all right with dissecting the corpse of a deceased woman, and is almost SURPRISED that no one else is all right with it, also, throughout the episode, I really wished that Coulson could have told everyone what the carvings were about, after all, this ignorance left Simmons to believe that the murder was done for ritual reasons, which isn’t THAT FAR off, but still].

I love that Mack is having second thoughts, and Fitz is just like: “No, he’s lost his memories, GEEZ don’t go all melodramatic on me”. I love that Fitz can talk so fully to Mack, and he listens to Mack when the latter hands him the remote, because it’s good for his hand-eye-brain coordination. Nicely done, Mack! Also, I love how Mack’s nickname for Fitz is TURBO. THAT’S JUST SO CUTE. I ship this BROMANCE so much.

Because of Coulson revealing to them about the GH formula, Mack started to disbelieve him a little bit. I’m scared of what the next episodes will entail. I’m scared that Mack doesn’t want to trust Coulson anymore. It’s too bad, because I really like Mack, but I like Coulson too, I look forward to a field trip between Mack and Coulson, where Mack discovers that Coulson is still the same Coulson –  A HUMAN. I mean, out of ALL the team, there HAD to be some kind of tension about it. Not everyone in a family can condone the actions of the others, so this is really realistic, even though I’m sad that it had to happen. I’m also happy that the team now is FULLY aware of what Coulson has been going through. If anything, perhaps the others will be more accepting of what they’ve been chasing after for such a long time (after all, Fitz seemed to have accepted it).

Hunter actually STAYED with the team! I’M SO HAPPY! There I was, thinking he was going to leave his new family! I’ll tell you, I’m very glad to see him back… with a COWBOY hat and an accent to boot [something that Bobbi is totally dissing him about, and, poor May (and Triplett) have to listen to them rant and bicker, which is still cute, I mean, I can’t get over how funny they are together]! That one made me laugh. I mean… he’s sort of replacing Ward in terms of brotherly figure to Fitz/Simmons/others, BUTT he’s so different than Ward at the same time [I think I’ve mentioned this before in another episode, or at least I have thought about it]… it would have been SO FREAKING cool to see him fight Ward [but I think that EVERYONE should have a go at K.O.-ing Ward before he joins their team as a GOOD GUY again, even Simmons. They should throw him in the arena and everyone gets to punch him for as LONG as they want, WHEREVER they want, if he was able to withstand that without doing anything to parry or anything to block/cushion the blows, I would definitely forgive him]. Speaking of which, since Ward also evaded Hunter, does this mean that Ward knew that Hunter was following him? Or was Hunter actually good enough that he wasn’t detected?

May has so many things to keep track of in this episode, and the fact that she has to keep it a secret from everyone, even babysitter Triplett makes it even tougher for her. She has to keep track of Ward, but she is SO worried for Coulson!!

How does Skye know how to use an access point to memories (that moment when she’s helping Coulson navigate through his lost memories using Raina‘s machine; what I mean is that, while Skye is mighty strong and intelligent, Jemma and Fitz had difficulties just figuring out how it works, and all, so how in the world does she have access to the information on how to use it? Did Raina give her a manual?!)? I was really sad that, despite the fatherly relationship that they had, Coulson actually locked Skye into Vault D and left her there until Simmons, her sister, who’s the only one who noticed her disappearance, came to find her. [on a side-note, I REALLY enjoy the SASS in this episode, the way he says that he’s hard to replace, etc.]. On the other hand though, I understand what Coulson‘s been going through [but it still made me think that he had gone all PSYCHOPATH on us when he locked Skye up]. Not only is he responsible for the whole SHIELD teams here and there around the world, but he also was responsible for the TAHITI project at some level, and he feels responsible that one of them are targeting the others to the point of killing them [he even mentions it himself]. I guess he also wants to have a piece of the huge puzzle BEFORE HYDRA does, because let’s not forget that this is a whole RACE against HYDRA still.

In which Ward proves that he’s still a badass [even though he’s freaking mean and bad].

I mean, that he was able to easily detect Bobbi, whose badassery we’ve already established AWHILE ago. He was also able to ‘show’ very discreetly to Triplett that he knew he was being followed.

I personally prefer him without his beard. Men with facial hair are repulsive for me. It makes me feel like he’s more… clean, this way.

I’m losing all of my fear/wariness for Bakshi at this point, seriously. I can’t believe that Ward was able to subdue him as well as his whole bodyguard team things and to send more bodies towards Coulson (for his own benefits of course). I think Ward really wants to be back in the family, like the Prodigal Son. He wishes to prove to the others that he can do this, and that’s why he’s sending gifts to Coulson here and there. It’s THE VERY SAME way that Coulson is pacifying Talbot, if you recall; when Coulson said that SHIELD would keep dropping by “presents” in the form of criminals here and there, for the General’s benefit. I think Ward took a page out of that SHIELD book and is doing that now. I look forward to seeing more ‘gifts,’ for sure.

If you think about it, the reason why Ward let Hunter follow him was so that they could find Ward’s present to Coulson?! That’s actually really smart of him… so I can’t quite… hate him…

It’s also going to be SUPER interesting to see Simmons and Bakshi interact in the next episode.

Let’s talk about something else. Ward casually mentioned SOMEONE else who has reigns on the HYDRA facilities, who is currently overseas; Baron Wolfgang Von STRUCKER [for those of you who don’t know him, I’m going to link you here]. IS NO ONE GOING TO TALK ABOUT HIM!? He’s also the one that you see at the end credit scene of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. He is the one who ‘experimented’ on Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch… and he’s set to appear in the Avengers: Age of Ultron. I cannot wait.

All right, so here’s where I take my leave and wish you a great week until the next SHIELD review (or the next review in general). I’m going to leave you with Emergency Awesome‘s video review, and, as usual, take good care of yourselves! He has a good idea of WHAT the city is. We think it’s the city of the INHUMANs, of which MARVEL already announced a movie in the next years.

(⊙⊙)(☉_☉)(⊙⊙)  Ponyta’s out!  (⊙⊙)(☉_☉)(⊙⊙)