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Title: Le Monde Secret du Pere Noel” or “The Secret World of Santa Claus
Season: 1
Episodes: 26

December 18th, 2014 

Hey there everybody!
Did you think that I would take a break for Christmas Eve? Well technically since I took a break for my province’s special day last June, but I don’t know, I felt like making a post today, especially since it gives homage to one of the greatest Christmas classics of my childhood!!

Here’s the French Wikipedia version of the series, as well as the English Wikipedia version. The series originated from France and I absolutely adore [the French voice actors simply make it even better]. I used to watch it when it came on Tele-Quebec as a child with the Eeveelutions. I’m the only one who still actually tries to wake up as early as possible just to catch it on TV [if you follow me on Twitter [shameless plug], you might have seen me use the hash-tags #TheSecretWorldofSantaClaus or #LeMondeSecretDuPereNoel and that I’ve even said that I wouldn’t mind buying the DVDs of the series].

Impossible n’est pas Pere Noel.

In this cartoon, Santa Claus is quite modern and yet still retains the classic good guy look and attitude that we know him as. Each episode takes place a few days or weeks before Christmas, where Santa Claus receive a “special” request from good children (or even bad ones, if memory serves), and he, his elves (three of them), his polar bear and many more friends attempt to solve the child’s problem using various means which range from gadgets to magical potions. There’s a great moral to learn from each episode [the classic one being “Be confident in yourself” for example (I watched that episode quite recently so I remember that one the most)].

As mentioned before, the series mixes magic and science very well together. Even if I know that he doesn’t really exist, I still love the series very much. You can’t help but wonder, really.

I also happen to love the lyrics to the opening song [found here]:

Père Noël, comment fais-tu pour deviner
Les jouets qui me font rêver,
Comment peux-tu bien savoir
Que mon vélo doit être rouge et noir,
Et trouver la cheminée
Dans le blanc des toits poudrés.

Comment ? Je ne sais pas !
Je ne sais pas !
Pourtant je sais que dans les neiges éternelles
De ton monde secret, Père Noël,
Tu penses à moi, tu penses à moi.

Père Noël, je ne t’écris qu’une fois dans l’année,
Pourtant tu ne m’oublie jamais
Quand moi je t’attend dans le noir.
Mais si j’fais semblant d’pas y croire,
Tu gardes ta vie bien cachée,
Je sais que tu m’aimes à tout jamais.

Je pense à toi, Père Noël !

And that’s all out of me today, sorry for the short post!

imageimageDo you know about the series?
Who’s your favourite character?
Are you going to try it out?
Hahaha, I’ll see you later! Happy holidays to everyone!
Ponyta’s out!