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Title: MARVEL’s Agents of SHIELD
Season: 02
Episode: 8 [The Things we Bury]
Aired: November 18th, 2014
Watched: November 19th, 2014
Re-watched: December 4th, 2014

December 4th, 2014 

Merry Christmas, people [or what your holidays is!]!
Whoa, did you think I was gonna take a break? I guess not, huh… well, considering that I’m writing this when I should be focusing on doing my final assignment as well as studying for my finals… and you’re receiving this in December [on an important holiday for my religion, too, hahahaha]… I dunno… I’m taking a nicely deserved break, all right [I’ve already written two episode reviews OOPS]? Hahaha! So what did you think about this episode?

There are SPOILERS below!!!

This episode was really full of flashbacks, and it’s not that I dislike it, far from me that idea!!


It was interesting to see what Whitehall went through, after all these years [I think that means that it’s the things we bury]. It seems to me like, more than just a general, I thought that he was also a scientist [especially in his way of speaking and thinking: “Discovery requires Experimentation” to only provide you with one example other than the more morbid one; of him dissecting and killing Skye’s mother]. I was happy that the Asian woman was “chosen” by the Diviner, but I was hoping that, by touching it, she would receive some kind of superpower (from the Inhumans, perhaps), which would help her escape.

Of course, we didn’t KNOW in the first flashback that she was Skye’s mother, I mean, after all, she was living back in the time of the WAR, back when HYDRA was still in power, back in the time of Peggy Carter, and yet, how in the world was she able to survive for so long? She should have been old and disheveled, which means that Skye would have been born a LOT earlier in History, and yet, she’s so young in the Present day! I wonder if everyone Inhuman (or everyone who has touched and survived the Obelisk) becomes immortal (or at least, that they stay young, after all, the mother succumbed to her injuries).

Speaking of which, I’m very glad that our Agents of SHIELD were able to find the connection between Whitehall and the officer named Werner Reinhardt. I mean, we as the audience already knew, but it’s no fun when the characters themselves don’t know, it’s making us die inside to keep up with them having to find out.

I bet the “special person” who takes the Diviner back to the city will be Skye (I sort of wish that everyone in the team could become Inhumans, but I don’t think that’s possible, it wouldn’t be very fair nor would it be… logical… that such a high number of people survive it). If her mother was worthy, then Skye must be worthy too. Was her father worthy? Is that how they met? I wish we knew more about them. [although when the Diviner comes to the city, would it destroy the world? Since the blue aliens (Krees?!) came to conquer/end the world? According to Whitehall/Skye’s father anyway].

I wonder how Skye’s father knows about the city and everything. Is it because of his wife? Or is it because… why? I wonder… I also wonder if he wants to kill Whitehall since the latter is the one who killed his wife… I think he’s jealous of Coulson, a lot. That’s why he’s so curious and he really dislikes Skye’s new name (Skye), but it’s something that she herself has chosen, so I wonder if he’ll even come to like that about her. He cares so much about her that he wants their first impression to be good… but… would he go ahead and kill Coulson if he wants Skye to be happy, he wouldn’t kill any of her new family. I was happy that the two fatherly figures meet [I mean, he’s her biological father, but Coulson is her spiritual father, all right?!].

I was SO HAPPY to see Peggy Carter here! I can’t wait to see more of that series, they better not disappoint me [You already KNOW that I’m easy to please, so… yeah…]!

I was really surprised when Whitehall explained the “neat trick” with the pen and all of its possible uses. It tests out the prisoners’ psychological abilities [or their thought processes], doesn’t it? I was happy that Peggy Carter doesn’t think that Whitehall doesn’t deserve to get any redemption.

Meanwhile, in the present day… 

With the Agents of SHIELD, May is stuck far away from her husband Phil and she’s handling the base while he’s gone (because one of the parents ALWAYS has to be home; that one time they had an outing, someone actually impersonated her and almost succeeded in fooling even the husband!).

I love how Coulson mentions his admiration for Nick Fury (his ability to see five steps ahead – despite being a man with only one eye).

Fitz and Coulson are on a magical field trip together (with Trip and Skye)!!! YES! I love the quirky things that he makes them do, and I love even more that, by the end of the episode, the whole watch (that might leak fluids) and the button that will earn Trip a blue tie (the thing which he shouldn’t put in his pockets if he wants kids in the near future (THAT PART MADE ME CACKLE SO BADLY, I need that pin or whatever it is in my life)) actually make sense afterwards. The fact that Fitz asked to be back on the field makes me wonder if it’s because he can’t stand being close to Simmons or if he can’t stand not feeling useful anymore. I’m glad that he speaks more with Skye and Trip during this episode. The task that Coulson has Fitz doing involves his muscle memory, something we’ve seen in the previous episode as well as in the previous season, I love these connections.

I’m quite certain that Simmons is probably worried about Fitz, but I was so happy that she found something to do (be useful and help Momma May find some useful information about Whitehall). Her moment of fangirlism about Agent Carter made me guffaw so badly [that she’s British]. I’m very happy whenever we see her quirkiness, because I feel like we’re missing that, especially since she’s changed so much because of Ward, but don’t get me started on him, just read one of the previous posts I wrote.

During this field trip, Triplett gets to talk a little bit more, even though I wish that he had more to say. He has so much wisdom to impart his fellow siblings with, to be honest! For example, telling Fitz that if Coulson has him in the dark, it’s for a good reason. It shows you that, no matter how much Director Coulson will keep him in the dark, Trip wouldn’t hate him for it. I wonder what would make him do that though. I guess that what I’m saying is… ever since Garrett lied to him and everything, can Trip really trust anyone? I was REALLY sad when we saw that he almost died out there on the field, protecting his little brother (Fitz). I mean, did you see how happy and utterly PROUD of his brother he proved to their father that he could do it?! That smile is freaking adorable! You know if you’ve been following my posts recently that I have been feeling like Trip doesn’t receive enough screen time love. I mean every single time that he appears, he’s FREAKING AWESOME, let’s get that one out of the way, BUTT, I still feel like he’s missing a lot of action and bonding time with all the other characters (other than Skye). I was happy that he got some moments here, BUTT did it have to turn out to him almost dying?! DON’T DO THIS TO ME ANYMORE, OKAY, WRITERS?! TRIP BETTER COME BACK REALLY FAST! OKAY?! TRIP, COME BACK!!!

At the interrogation table, I love that Bobbi Morse (aka Mockingbird) is using interesting investigation skills to find out so many things about Bakshi (whom Ward captured as a gift to everyone on the team). Her methods reminded me of Black Widow, who was able to find out so many things during the Avengers movie; from interrogating Loki to that one general at the beginning of the movie. [I really like how she was able to speak to us (through speaking with Mack and Hunter and Simmons) to tell us her thought process] I like that Hunter keeps track of how she’s doing in her interrogation and knows all of her frustration tics as she thinks (like twirling for example), although, just like Charlie from Emergency Awesome, I’m not sure that I approve of that one scene they share together, which sort of, I guess, the way they can express that they still love each other, except wishing for the other not to die [although, I wasn’t all right with Skye’s scene, nor Ward and May’s scenes either, so you know how I feel about that [back in season 1, if you wonder]].

I wonder if Bobbi really got herself stressed by thinking that her friends and colleagues wouldn’t respect her anymore for whatever she did to be integrated in such high ranks in HYDRA. I called it, didn’t I, in one of the earlier posts?! I told you there would be repercussions! Ok, no, I think all I did was wonder what exactly she did for Bakshi and others to believe her. She pushed his buttons too much, and it really feels like perhaps she fears not their judgement, but someone who’s not from SHIELD, who couldn’t possibly understand the lengths she went through to be undercover and save Jemma at the end… Hunter [maybe, it’s really only a guess at this point]. She mentions how he’s always nervous around lies, because he can’t bring himself to trust her. I wonder if we’ll see more about that.

I also didn’t like the way Mack was starting to show that he has doubts about Coulson‘s thinking abilities and everything. He’s starting to plant seeds of doubt in Hunter this episode, what’s to say that he’s not doing the same for the others [not the core members of the team from Season 1 though, because, like he’s seen with Fitz, no one in that team can doubt their father, although would that work on Bobbi?]? I just hope that, by the mid-season episode (episode 10, I believe), Mack and Coulson will have a good talking to and Mack will be able to trust Coulson again, because let’s be honest, we can’t have Fitz‘s new best friend mistrusting Fitz’s fatherly figure.

On the very last note, I want to be honest with you: I’m happy that Coulson doesn’t hide anything from Skye anymore. When she asked them what happened out there, he was going to tell her exactly what they found… or rather, who they found. I’m a bit upset for Skye… she was RIGHT THERE close to her father…! Well, at least I BELIEVE that he will be telling her what happened, I really hope so, anyways.

I really don’t like Senator Ward, I mean, he cheats on his wife, he (presumably) did all these things to his brothers… I don’t know, I can’t find myself to like Agent Ward anymore, but I certainly wouldn’t side with either of them in a fight. I don’t like people who cheat [I mean, why in the WORLD would you do that to your wife and children?!], so that’s why… I didn’t feel bad for him for whatever Ward did to him…

These twisting tricks that they put on themselves REALLY doesn’t help me believe either one of them. I don’t know which one is telling the truth. I don’t even know if, even if Christian admitted to doing it by the end, whether or not he was lying because he was attempting to save his life, telling Ward what he wanted to hear, or if he was telling the truth, confessing to disliking Thomas (their other brother) because their mother doted on him much more.

I honestly couldn’t care less if Ward killed his brother or not.

…because of the reasons that I mentioned, I really couldn’t care less… I know, I’m mean… but we haven’t seen enough of his character to feel sorry for him. As for Ward, I can only really hope that Ward will be able to prove to us somehow that he’s going to turn a new leaf, because going to HYDRA… he better be killing it from the inside if he wants us to accept him back in the family.

Before I leave completely, let me give you Emergency Awesome‘s video review of this episode! Charlie announced a few Netflix series that MARVEL is thinking of doing right now. I can’t wait! I’m thinking of watching DareDevil, even though I know that it’s pretty dark and gritty… it’ll have to be seen more… Also, I read the Original Sin storyline? It’s not bad!

All right, that’s it,image
Have a great holiday,
whether or not you celebrate Christmas, peeps!
Peace, Ponyta’s out!