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Title: MARVEL’s Agents of SHIELD
Season: 02
Episode: 9 [Ye Who Enter Here]
Aired: December 2nd, 2014
Watched: December 3rd, 2014
Re-Watched: December 5th, 2014

December 4-5th, 2014

Hey there, minna!
How are you all doing? This is scheduled for the week right after Christmas, which actually happens to be THE FIRST DAY OF THE YEAR! So this post will actually be the FIRST of the year for this blog! HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Such a great year, this blog has seen A LOT of improvement since the first time I posted something here… and I want to thank you for it. Writing here really helps me flush out a lot of stress as well as questionings and thoughts, which I know not a lot of people would actually read through (because I post this way too late), but it doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate the pageviews. Oh no, please be assured that I absolutely revel in it!

All right, let’s go to the episode [I’m TOTALLY crushing it today, writing from episode 6 to now?! I’m AWESOME! *cough*]. Which is actually the last one in awhile. It will be replaced by Agent Carter, which will air in January for 8 episodes, until SHIELD comes back. I can’t wait, I can’t wait, and… well… I can’t wait…!! Since I’ll be doing a field experience (stage/internship, whatever you call them) from January to April, I don’t know if I’ll be mentally present, so I’ll either work on a lot of posts to be scheduled beforehand, or I’ll just go on a hiatus, please be warned beforehand [but I will try to post some thoughts about Agent Carter, I promise]. All right, there are some SPOILERS in below this, just so you know!

Oh goodness, this introduction to the episode is quite appealing to the Phillinda fans. And, as you well know, I am one of those fans. It has so many different facets to it that I had to watch this episode a few times (2 so far) in order to properly get it. The first aspect is the fact that in her nightmare, Coulson and May are like Skye‘s parents. May is the one who pushes Coulson to leave baby-Skye there, because “sacrifices have to be made”, but he’s the one who hesitates, because he doesn’t want to. However, throughout this particular episode, and especially the moment that Ward asks Skye to come with him, May does the exact opposite of what she does in Skye’s nightmare; that is: not let her go. Both May and Coulson are on the same page, they’re not going to let Skye get anywhere close to her biological father [whose name is what, exactly, again?] and also, not Ward (unless he’s locked inside of a cell and can’t harm her). Can I just add, before I go on to pointing out certain things in this ‘nightmare’, that even though we haven’t seen Phil and May around each other that much recently (because one has to mind the bus while the other one leaves), I really treasure the time they spent together in this episode [especially that part where Coulson sort of pays her a compliment (I really didn’t think that May would be pissed off that Agent 33 is wearing her face still)].

  • Skye recognized the sound – which was some kind of music box that Coulson somehow had in her dream. Is it a music box from her childhood? Does she associate that music box with a bad memory, and that’s why she doesn’t want him to touch it, because she’s cared of what’s going to happen to them? [have we even seen this box before?]
    • The music box had the same symbols – alien carvings – as the ones on the Obelisk. So her music box comes from the city of the Inhumans (We’ll just call it that city now, after all, it’s canon, isn’t it?!). Did the parents go to the city to get that box?
  • Dream-May says “Poison tree, poison fruit”, what does that mean, exactly? I expect there to be something in the later episodes! Dream-Coulson calls her “angel eyes”.
  • I think that this part of her nightmare is actually a long lost memory of Skye‘s, of her biological parents; perhaps they were talking about leaving her behind, so that the HYDRA agents wouldn’t find her – or something [after all, the day her mother got captured by Whitehall, the baby wasn’t there, was she?]. I have more thoughts on this, but that’s for a little bit later. [following this theory, then her biological’s father’s nickname for her would be Angel Eyes]

Can we just make a parallel between Skye and Raina? For some dark reason, Skye is the one wearing a Flower Dress and not Raina in this episode. I absolutely love how she even commented on the fact that Raina wasn’t wearing one in this episode, annoyed at almost everything the woman was attempting to communicate to her. I’m glad that Raina is sort of acting as intermediate between Skye’s father and her; attempting to bridge the gap between the two of them the way that Ward failed to do in the previous episodes. I think that, between the two of them (Raina and Ward), their words have succeeded SOMEWHAT in getting through to her, even though Skye still has evidence of her father’s madness right in front of her. Let’s also be honest here, since Raina was raised by Skye’s father, it practically makes the two of them SISTERS [yay, more complex relationships ahead]. I wonder if we’ll get to know more about Raina’s other playmates, the “freaks”, as she called them. Did they survive? How in the world are they ‘freaks’, exactly? Do they have powers of persuasion, like Raina does [because wow, she was able to get a billionaire to follow her every whim in this episode, how… err… natural is that. Then again, it might just be because she has those… feminine charms about her]? I love how the things we know about Raina are more and more coherent [she was raised by Skye’s father, but before that, she had a grandmother who used to tell her fairy tales (as we knew from a prior episode/season), but not just ANY fairy tale: the fairy tail of the blue people (the Kree) who came from the stars; it’s the SAME tale that Whitehall told Agent Carter, by the way, even more points for coherence]. One last thought about Raina: I love the hat she wore in this episode.

I’m super glad that, before she had to leave with the Ward (the ‘the’ here is quite intentional), Skye was able to interact with a few of her besties [siblings] on the ship. I sort of wish that there were more moments between her and Bobbi, but when you have such a wide cast, it’s almost impossible for you to have everyone bond (yet). In this particular moment, Jemma and Triplett were talking about Skye‘s father, and from the way she spoke about him, it seems like Skye knows what her father did to Trip, meaning that Coulson has told her, maintaining his promise of not keeping anything from her anymore. I’m sure that Skye really appreciates their efforts at being… polite about how they feel about her father, but it probably makes her feel… alienated from the others that they do this [I wonder if she, at some degree, also feels somewhat guilty because this happened to Trip-her-best-friend and it, at some point, connects back to her].

Let’s have a great appreciation post for Mack [who’s sensitive to corpses and the dark (and potentially ghosts)]. I’ve told you about how it could take me awhile to get used to the crew having more members in the family. But it was so easy for me to assimilate Mack into this whole thing, just because he is Fitz‘s new best friend and nicknames him Turbo, as a reminder of the first ‘mission’ that they ever did together. You also know from my previous episode reviews that I’m scared that he’s going to turn the “new” additions to the family against Coulson, because of his ‘prejudice’ (?) against aliens [which is really funny because he might turn out to become one of those Worthy]? I’m so scared about what happened in this episode for him, some people have been saying that they think he’s going to become an inhuman, some other people think that he’s D-E-D DEAD, but I think he’s probably survived. Did you SEE the amount of sheer STRENGTH he had? It was unparalleled, and I think that he could’ve survived that fall, for sure. It’s also really upsetting because, like this person has said, Fitz was actually ready to shoot his new best friend in order to protect his family. Our baby Fitz who couldn’t hurt a fly (except Ward because he’s a pain in the butt right now and needed to go through what Fitz went through – partially).

I love how Bobbi Morse (Mockingbird) even acknowledged that Mack is like a brother to her. Not only that, but he has witnessed so many times of Bobbi and Hunter breaking up and getting back together (they were back at it with their whole: “don’t die out there” chemistry/charade! Which is why Mack knows there’s “a storm coming” [note: I can’t find that glorious gif about the car that he made for Coulson, and that makes me really upset, because imagine: Mack disappeared before Coulson could tell him that he’s impressed with the miniature car of Lola!! And when Mack eventually comes back, Coulson will be like: “Good you’re back, someone touched Lola, you gotta fix her” and he’ll be so happy he came back to the good side]). It seems like he and Bobbi might be sharing some kind of secret we’ll nickname “THE OTHER THING – which involves Hartley” (maybe it involves Coulson, maybe it doesn’t involve Coulson [I think it doesn’t, because it seems like they were sharing that ‘look’, as if they’re still pondering whether or not he’s trustworthy and not some kind of alien psychopath out there to kill the world], but it definitely doesn’t involve Hunter, since she definitely doesn’t want the latter to be involved). I think that, if he was able to successfully bring someone on his side – regarding what’s happened to Coulson, it’s gonna have to be Bobbi, because it didn’t seem like Fitz nor Hunter were buying it when he started to mention it to them in the previous episodes. The brotherly-sisterly bond between the two of them is so strong that I wonder if Bobbi won’t turn against Coulson for abandoning Mack and sealing the entrance with him inside [after all, let’s not forget that she’s spent the entirety of her personal field trip with Papa Coulson questioning Coulson‘s motivations and she was obviously against Coulson using his knowledge to make weapons and stuff – like Nick Fury would do].

This is excellent Segway to talk about Mockingbird – a.k.a. Bobbi Morse. You know that I’m really so-so about her choice in the previous episode [the frickle-frackle moment]. It would be wrong to go all out against her for a choice that she made under those circumstances, and it would feel wrong for me to hate on her for doing that. She’s just human. I’m really glad that – since Skye is temporarily unavailable and Momma May is busy taking care of Skye, Jemma can at least talk to Bobbi about her communication problem with Fitz. Sometimes, it helps for Simmons to have someone who doesn’t know how it was like between the ‘couple’ (and I guess, who has love experience like Bobbi’s “roller coaster ride” with Hunter). There’s definitely not a good answer for the problem that Jemma is going through and I’m glad that Bobbi helped her decide to tell Fitz about her emotions.

Indeed, Jemma, in this episode, and thanks to Bobbi (more so than Mack), finally attempts to tell Fitz about what it is that she’s been dealing with ever since his accident; that, as she’s mentioned in the first season, I believe, she doesn’t see him as anything else than a “best friend”, and she would “never be able to live without him”. It really sucks because Fitz himself has decided [I guess that perhaps he’s tired of waiting and maybe he doesn’t want to hear a flat-out rejection] that he would go ahead and leave the laboratory and go live with Mack in the garage [which really isn’t that bad, they have their bromance and the X-box].

Would it be entirely untrue to say that he doesn’t want to hear her rejection? That he fears it? I think it’s partly true. I also think that – like he said in the previous episodes – he wants to know why she ‘abandoned him’, lied to him, and more. He probably feels betrayed, which is something I can relate very strongly to. I guess it’s something that he has to deal with – and definitely not on his own, he had Mack, and there’s Simmons, who’s probably going to explain to him more properly why she’s been on the field, and they’ll patch things up, FOR SURE. Have you ever noticed that Simmons doesn’t call them by their names? Both Triplett and Fitz have called her “Jemma” a few times, but I can’t name one time when she called him: “Leo” [I’m looking forward to this]. Obviously, he feels inferior, like perhaps he doesn’t deserve her because he can’t be on par with her skills anymore, that’s why he decided to let her run the science division on her own. He puts a lot of pressure on himself when he’s around her…

You all know that I just want Jemma to be happy (and Fitz), and this episode, when it started to feel like they were broken up, it made me feel really sad inside, and it made me turn to Triplett, whom I was so happy to see interact with Jemma AT LAST. From her [very much] blatantly checking him out as she sort of checks his wound and recommends that he get as much rest as possible (a SOLID week of bed rest) [this totally means that he might not be there physically for the mid-season finale next week?]… to their adorable hand gestures when the whole team divides in two [by the way, is May checking out Coulson in that same gif?]. Maybe he’s still courting her and we didn’t know, because he’s that awesome and discreet. I’m glad that she has him as a friend (and maybe boyfriend?), because at least he can make her laugh and make her feel comfortable in any situation [did you see how much of a DORK he is?! Trying to link the city to the Bermuda Triangle, and then attempting to through Atlantis in there, HILARIOUS, I love this guy, seriously, let me date you].

I’m glad to know about Simmons‘ feelings about Fitz [and I’m equally glad to see that, as I thought, Fitz was totally avoiding Simmons], but did you see during that episode when they ALMOST had their chemistry back. I mean, she’s back to ‘correcting’ him – especially because Mack doesn’t have the necessary experience or knowledge to fill in the technical terms for Fitz. It’s sad that, in order for the two of them to work better [I’ll just go ahead and predict that they’ll be slowly re-building their relationship starting next episode. But it might just be ME WANTING this to happen], Mack had to vanish the way he did [here’s their 5 languages of love]. [I’M SUPER UPSET THAT THE DWARVES JUST STOPPED WORKING, PLEASE BRING THEM BACK]

So apparently I wasn’t told that the Koenigs had already appeared at some kind of event (SDCC – San Diego Comic Con 2014) PRIOR to the season 2 premiere of the show. They appeared at SDCC to announce the arrival of Mockingbird onto the show. By now we already know, so that’s a bummer. WHY DIDN’T ANY OF YOU TELL ME ABOUT THIS?! [also, these guys – or rather this actor is freaking hilarious. I can’t express to you enough how HAPPY I am that he’s back on board and that they even talked about Ward killing one of their brothers.] Personally, I’m still with Triplett‘s theory about how they are actually clones, not triplets. I mean they NEVER told anyone the truth, they just casually said: “We’re 13” and only laughed it off as a joke. I’m personally thinking that there is probably more than just the three of them *crosses fingers* because how awesome would that be. I mean, if they were actually LMD (Life Model Decoys).

At any rate, I’m really enjoying these fanboys, especially the fact that no one knows how many there are exactly (Coulson and Fury probably know), but the only ones to whom that’s bothersome are Trip and Ward. I wish they were still bros and they could hash out these theories [especially since Triplett is so ‘obsessed’ and freaked out by these brothers]. I also wonder if Triplett and Hunter sometimes talk about how weird it is to have known three Koenigs in the whole universe (so far anyway). Come to think of it, they don’t have a lot of scenes together, and now that Mockingbird is back, Triplett doesn’t have much scenes with either of those two at all… [I got the sense though that Triplett didn’t like Hunter as much – after all, he actually also wanted to shoot him… I’m still waiting for Trip to shoot Hunter as retaliation for what he did, haha, that would be fun if it happened sometime soon]!!

On an even BROADER note, just because I notice now that I have NOT spoken about him in his own paragraph, congratulations to Lance Hunter for having some of the best one liners in this episode. Well, certainly found him funny anyway. I like how, now that he’s been a part of the team more, he’s been following the rules much more – questioning less, even, which is… a little bit out of character, from what we know of him, anyway. I’d ABSOLUTELY watch a deleted scene of where May was in that instant and HOW he found her, that might’ve been funny to watch, too.

Lastly, I absolutely loved the umbrella trick [CLOAKING TECHNOLOGY ONCE AGAIN] that he pulled. It was extremely awesome [not only that, but throwing in a Harry Potter reference AND resemblance to Harry’s invisibility cloak? Even better! It’s like that time (episode 9 of season 1, imagine! When Simmons talks about the TARDIS, which is a Doctor Who reference]. I really like the way they’ve been using this absolutely lovable character with a penchant for lanyards [totally a comic relief, but HOW badass are they?! [They’re really smart, too, to have guessed that the HYDRA agents had come to fetch Raina, not kill her, based on how the agents looked and what weapons were at their disposal] Without even having a single fighting scene! I really thought that they would pull the trigger on Ward for killing their brother]. I hope that they bring him back, especially because I want to see them interacting with Melinda May – since one of them is so excited about meeting with “the Cavalry”. I wonder how she feels about them still calling her that despite knowing (probably) that she dislikes being called by that nickname [also, silly Sam/Billy, how can you hook up with May if she’s already married to Director Coulson? That’s unthinkable!].

Now that we’ve seen Raina have “seduction powers” which are very similar to the Enchantress’ (as well as her sister’s), I wonder if the reason why Ward is so oddly obsessive with Skye (and her father) is actually because Skye likes him. What if she’s activated some kind of power when she realized that she liked Ward, so now he’s obsessed with her? What if RAINA used her powers on him? So what if this weird obsession comes from her? Can that be possible? Or is it just him and his twisted way of saying “I love you”? Man, snap out of it soon, boy. Also, it’s official, Senator Ward is out of commission for good [unless it wasn’t him and it was someone else entirely]. After all, the bodies were found burnt. Could they have identified the bodies using their dental records or something? Seriously, how is Ward POSSIBLY going to get out of this mess?

Skye and her parents

Let me just make yet another May appreciation post, alright? In this one, she’s shown SO MUCH more emotions in this one, and it’s so freaking awesome [was she hating on Agent 33 back there or…? I was scared for Skye out there, because Agent 33 was really tough even for May]. She trained Skye SUPER well [I want to see Skye try to take on Ward next episode, even though Ward has more training, but May is much stronger than Ward, and if May trained Skye, well…], and Skye even almost got through to Agent 33, who’s probably breaking out of her compulsion and is going to turn on Whitehall one of these days. In some way, May reminds me a lot of Raven from the Teen Titans cartoons [or like… anyone in real life, I think, because I can relate to her A LOT]. Let me explain: May was initially VERY, VERY suspicious of Skye, and she made that known very early on [same thing with Raven and Terra], but then, when Skye grows in their hearts, she can’t let them go. Especially because she’s secretly a very maternal person [note before I forget: FFS is for f@ck’s sake and RUFKM probably means Are You F@cking Kidding Me].

Meanwhile, Coulson is having fun with being a hat person and spending time with his new daughter – Bobbi Morse (I wonder if Coulson is aware of what they’ve done in the car… I really hope it’s not a car they use all the time). I really like how – despite really looking up to Nick Fury (like how he wished he could see at least 2 steps ahead of HYDRA despite having only one eye, which he mentions in that one previous episode) – Coulson makes it clear to Bobbi that his motives are definitely NOT like Fury’s [which would be to use a weapon for mass destruction whenever he finds one]. I love Coulson’s ideals (wanting to save the people, and that’s all), but I wonder if… I’m scared that he’s going to turn into Nick Fury. I really wonder what Coulson is going to react when he realized that Skye was taken from them by Ward. Will he be mean with Momma May [oh please no, don’t get a divorce, Phillinda]?

AND WHAT’S GOING TO HAPPEN TO COULSON’S NEW SHIP?! LIKE WHAT?! ARE THEY REALLY GONNA SHOOT IT OUT OF THE SKY?! [but then again, Ward gave her his word, so he’s definitely NOT going to follow Whitehall‘s lead, right? So maybe this is his first step at redemption]. I can’t wait for the next episode, someone, hug me.

All right! Here’s Charlie (from Emergency Awesome)’s video review of this particular episode. Go forth and send him some likes if you liked it!

Lastly, let’s talk about Agent Carter [it premieres January 6th, 2015, as I hear anyways]. Next week, I will be trying to release, at the same day-slot as Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD [meaning: January 15th, 2015], the review for the first of the 8 episodes related to this show. I will try. Mind you, if you don’t see it, then it most certainly means I might not have the ability to jungle as many series, work, school and internship, at once.

imageOnce again, have a great New Year! (unless… for you, this isn’t the new year yet…)?
Ponyta’s out! [probably singing some Karaoke songs to celebrate the New Year, because that’s how awesome we are, AM I RIGHT?! AM I RIGHT?! *gots to practice my Colors of the Wind impersonation [this is a Pocahontas reference, boys and girls]*]