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Title: Love Chronicles: Salvation (Collector’s Edition)
By: Vendel Games
Started: January 1rst, 2014
Finished: January 2nd, 2014
Rated: 9/10
Difficulty: Hard
Played with: Leafeon (for the first 1/10 of the game)

January 2nd, 2014

Greetings, humans from the planet earth!!
I hope this post finds you in good shape and good health! The new year (2014) has started with… actually, it was pretty normal (in my opinion). What have you people been up to? Have you decided on any new years resolution yet? I don’t have any for 2014, so I don’t think I’ll have any by 2015, when you read this…

I’ve just finished playing this game (started right after I finished its prequel, Love Chronicles: the Sword and the Rose), and I felt inspired to write a review about it, so let us start, people!

I chose the Hard difficulty because, well… I thought I’d be able to pull it off (which I was able to…!), but it was TOUGH! I’m just warning y’all!

In this third installment of the game, you reprise your role as the prince who sought to find his true love and defeat the evil witch whose been plaguing many lands in his travels. Very nicely written plot of the story and it tied everything nicely.

Despite my being able to predict the very end of the story, I still very much liked the story (perhaps because I’ve been following the prince since his beginnings, and so I’m glad that he finally gets his ‘Happily Ever After’ (because Ponyta is a sucker for those Happy Endings).

Finally, after two games with voiceless action, they have added some Voice Acting in the series! Like I said before (I’m sure that I’ve said it, anyway), I don’t mind that the games don’t have any voice acting [I loved Jak and Daxter (the first game), even though the main character had no voice], but it was nice to have voices to the characters as you read the dialogues. It made things easier to follow if I wanted to look elsewhere to check on Eevee, for example!

The Hidden Object Boards presented themselves in a plethora of amusing ways. Some objects were shadowed and you needed to find them in the board. Once, you had to take the objects inside this one board, and put them inside this second hidden object board (that one was UNIQUE to this game (so far anyway).

But, well, I must say that I was slightly disappointed, because I loved the previous games’ concept where everything that you find has a meaning and will be used to create something. Don’t get me wrong, in some of the hidden objects boards, you were supposed to assemble the objects together to make one useful item for your inventory. However, perhaps due to lack of time or to some players’ complaints [not mine, mind you! I would never complain to that!!], you as a player did not construct them. Once you found the objects, the game automatically put them together for you. It was… rather disappointing, because the process of building made you plunge even more into the character!

Popular references/notions that deserve mentions:
– Cheshire Cat-like cat (Alice in Wonderland)
– Gorgons, Medusa-like spell (turning people into stone; Greek Mythology)

I liked the idea that they referenced the previous games [they basically tipped their hats to us players who have played the previous games, winking at us by giving us some ‘flashbacks’ of the previous games (not video-cutscene-flashbacks, but items that reminded us of the previous games)]. For example, there was a board where you had to find a rose that was embroidered on a handkerchief, EXACTLY the same one as in the Love Chronicles: the Sword and the Rose. And then, there was a running hidden object to find in many Hidden Boards: the Maple Leaves, which is a reference to the Love Chronicles: the Spell.

The game designers can boast for having a great art team, as the visual effects were simply marvelous to look at [as usual, coming from the Vendel Games, actually]. Truly, it was so beautiful that I spent some time just admiring and looking through all of the animation that they took the time to add in the landscapes.

I very much enjoyed playing this (and perhaps it is because I’ve played the previous games). I am pretty sure that this marks the end of the prince’s story [even though… well, who knows? Perhaps we’ll get to play another game of this series one day…! Only the game designers can tell us (and time, and inspiration)], and I’m glad that it ended this way (I even saw it coming, too (hehehe), and I’m glad that I was able to predict it). I recommend to you this game, once again, if you don’t mind the cheesiness in the title and the story line which could be seen as ‘predictable’.

See you all next month or next week! Or soon for an impromptu post! 🙂

~ ! ~ ! ~ Pony’s out! ~ ! ~ ! ~