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Title: MARVEL’s Agents of SHIELD
Season: 02
Episode: 10 [What They Become]
Aired: December 9th, 2014
Watched: December 10th, 2014

December 4th, 2014

Hey there, minna!
How are you all doing? I am going to be so sad when this is over…!!
So here’s to catching up with MARVEL and Ponyta. There are spoilers in this episode, so you’ll be careful for them!

Coulson is so dramatic and awesome in this episode [everyone is, seriously, I don’t have anything bad to say about this…]. [I wonder what the Theta protocol is, is it something about LIFE MODEL DECOYS?! Is it about granting May access to all the director stuff? Is it to name Nick Fury the director once more? Is it to CALL Director Fury back into action?! SO MANY POSSIBILITIES] Seriously, I loved the Father-to-Father hand-to-hand fight between Calvin and Coulson, where the latter released his inner Black Widow [that was seriously one epic moment]. Technically, he has Kree blood flowing in his veins, so why would Mack even attack him back in the basement, I wonder. I mean, it’s true that he’s not Inhuman, but the Kree made the Inhumans, did they not? Respect the Kree!

May is so freaking awesome. I love that Coulson made sure that she knows he’s aware of the good calls that she’s made [that fancy and awesome narrow escape they made, as an example]; in order to get every other agents (other than Skye) unhurt, even if he knows that she’s blaming herself for what happened [shall we call the parallel between her and Bobbi, who, in turn, feels really guilty for Mack‘s ‘disappearance’?].

I really hope that Bobbi is not going to stop trusting Coulson as their director because he wasn’t ‘there’ to save Mack, because he totally was… even if she didn’t see it [but she’s gonna be so happy to see the two of them emerge from the tombs (with Skye in tow)], I mean, she does know that SHIELD has to make sure the world is safe, so no personal feelings should be interfering with their missions, even if it includes losing Mack (I’m sorry). I wonder what’s on the USB stick that Bobbi was keeping from Hunter, will she tell him what is inside? It’s probably related to Hunter, though… even though he ‘trusts’ that it doesn’t concern the two of them [while I don’t care for their relationship as much as I care for FitzSimmons, I found it cute that they got to spend a lot of time together this episode, and how Bobbi admitted that their ritual of telling themselves not to die, despite being implicit, might be a little weird].

I’m sure that, after all of this, [and especially despite the fact that Fitz wishes to leave the laboratory with Simmons in charge, so that he can live in the garage with Mack], Fitz and Simmons are totally going to be back to being best friends (and maybe will cross the line to being romantically involved, who knows?). I mean, it’s not because I’m biased or anything, I just hope it happens, because that one moment when he revealed to her that he wished to ‘leave’ and she was crying there, it left me really sad for the two of them [WHY MUST YOU DO THIS TO MY BABIES?!].

Trip is such a sweetheart for going after his best friend in order to save her! I really wish that he didn’t die! Here’s a mission to all of us: Tweet or write anything online with the hashtag: #TripLives, Coulson demands it!. Everyone wondered what it meant that Mack had let Trip through. Perhaps it meant that he was also Inhuman or something, but… isn’t it just because Mack was occupied with Coulson? However, the Temple didn’t make Trip (OR) Coulson become zombie-ants like it did with Mack, so doesn’t it mean that something is going to happen to him? I can NOT forgive him for dying, I feel like it shouldn’t have happened, and I’m so sad that it did, because his character didn’t deserve that [especially because, the change happened and he didn’t have to save Skye at all], and now, what?

Skye actually shot Ward when, a season prior, she wasn’t even able to pull the trigger on Quinn [comparison in GIF done here]; this really shows that she’s grown extremely since the first season [once again, May, you should be proud!]. It’s also a parallel; she was able to shoot Ward without any hard feelings, whereas she wasn’t able to shoot her lunatic father even if she wanted to, as she tells Coulson. She must be so sad, though, despite all of her resilience; she found it difficult to process that her father really was a monster, and that he’d gone crazy when her mother had died… I really hope that she called Coulson “DAD” not “Calvin” [although Calvin mistook her calling his name and that’s what compelled him to stop, I think she might have been confused and just called both of them ‘Dad’ or something]. So now, she has the power of generating earthquakes or something, seeing as, the moment she got out of her cocoon, she created an earthquake that sent Trip’s statue crumbling to dust, and everyone else above ground and everything crumbling around [what the heck happened to Raina?].

It’s hard not to feel sorry for Calvin, Skye’s father. I mean, he really did lose everyone he loved, and now, his sweetest little girl doesn’t want to call herself Daisy, which is a name that he knows her by, and calls herself Skye instead, and hangs out with the people he believes took her (and her mother) away from him… and then, Coulson goes and kills Whitehall, which is something that Calvin really wanted to do, by himself. I can understand the rage he feels inside, although I cannot commend nor forgive what he did to all those people. I wonder what gave him his powers and whether or not it will be shown in the later episodes [more on this guy later]. He feels like he was a failure as a father, and it really saddens both him and Skye, probably… I hope he comes back and she’ll eventually forgive him and he’ll become a good guy again… or something…

Can Whitehall die, if he took the immortality of the Inhuman who is Skye’s mother? And also, since he was wondering if Skye was as special as her mother, doesn’t it mean that her mother had gone through the change? If the gift that she got was immortality, then how is it that the mother got into the temple in the first place? Is that how Cal knew so much about the Diviner? Because his wife told him everything (so that eventually, if anything happened to her, he could tell her everything)? So many questions. And is Whitehall even worthy of getting into the city?

That’s the actor’s Twitter, I know right?!

I wonder what Ward is going to do next now that he kept his promise to Skye, thus reuniting the father and daughter together (for however brief a moment), and now picking up an agent who just like the woman he used to hook up with. How will he free her from her compulsion? What will he do with her? Will he use her to create some kind of mercenary who’s going to work for him, or something? Does he still plan on following Skye and being her soulmate? Are we finally going to see why he’s so obsessed with her and with fulfilling his promise? I mean, I know he’s a bit cray-cray, but somehow, the reason seems so… fake to me…

What happens to Raina, after she got changed by the Tyraggin Crystal, because that was totally a Tyraggin Mist and Crystal, right?!? Will she get picked up by the Inhumans, and will she be taught how to live with her… current aspects? Or will she be locked up by SHIELD, because they could also totally do that since they have Mack, Coulson and Skye against her [and maybe Trip, who knows?!].

So, Skye’s father, huh. He’s Calvin Zebro [thank you to Emergency Awesome, I did not know about that]. Let’s look it all up together, shall we [links here as well as here]? I sort of guessed it would be something related to Mr. Hyde and Doctor Jekyll? It wasn’t too much a big reveal for me, although, after reading these articles, I am most interested to see what’s going to happen next, what he will be doing next, because he’s quite unpredictable. He’s totally going to appear in the next episodes, just because he’s waiting for her, and spoke about the Change, about how people wouldn’t understand her [I don’t think that Coulson and the team wouldn’t understand her, I just think that perhaps he knows more so he can help her?].

Then Skye is actually Daisy Johnson [links about her characters here and here] which mean that she’ll be the superhero who’s also an Agent of SHIELD, who is called Quake. Her powers are going to be freaking amazing. In the comics, as I gather anyway, she’s not an inhuman, but we all know that the MARVEL Cinematic Universe changes a few things here and there. Because I haven’t read any comic about her, I’m pretty all right with the origins of her powers so far [EARTHQUAKE GENERATION, REALLY?! THAT’S FREAKING AMAZING]. [I’m also going to add links here about the interview of the writers of the show]. They really did try to make her look as MUCH like a superhero as possible in this shot, even though, the moment she realized that her powers had killed her best ‘sane’ friend, she was probably extremely sad and realized that, even though she’d found superheroes and having superpowers as super cool in the previous season, it really is a bunch load of responsibilities and that’s why SHIELD has been rounding up and training superpowered beings, in order to make sure they are… safe to be around normal and regular people [and she’s probably hella confused, too, like: why’s Trip disintegrating in front of me? What’s happening? Wasn’t I dying?! Do I have powers now? But no, my best friend!].

There are other Inhumans!! Is he going to track down Skye and Raina? Will they be teaching them how to control their powers? They’ve gone through the Change already, which means that they’ve FOUND the map and they’ve already BEEN to the temple! This begs the question of how many there are out there – SHIELD has a history of tracking down Gifted individuals and either locking them up or helping them use their abilities, so hasn’t SHIELD already taken some of them? Is that why they have to “take care” of “the new one(s)”? Because they have to make sure that SHIELD doesn’t get to them first?

Here’s Charlie‘s video (from Emergency Awesome) review about this episode!! Let me give you YouTube’s Avengers’ video [they’re freaking hilarious].

imageAnd that’s it for my reviews today,
I’ll see you next week for an Agent Carter episode review (it’s actually 2 episodes long! Can you imagine how utterly awesome it’s gonna be? I’m excited!), but that doesn’t help the fact that I really really really want to know what happens after this episode…!!
Till then, be careful and take care of yourselves