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Title: MARVEL’s Agent Carter
Season: 01
Episode: 01 [Now is not the end]
Aired: January 6th, 2015
Watched: January 8th, 2015

January 8th, 2014 

Hello there everybody!
How are you all doing? I’m sorry that these few months will NOT be as scheduled… I’m still recovering from getting sick back in December… Yeah, when I get sick, I am sick for… AWHILE. I’m a zombie…

Anyways, like I promised, here’s Agent Carter’s episode 1 review! Next week, you’ll get episode 2’s review, just because I’m… yeah. prolonging the fun… SPOILERS! Careful!

I wish I could say that I was surprised about how life turned out for Agent Peggy Carter after the war, after she lost her (boyfriend), Captain America, but I’m not… all those men doing all those sexist jokes on her and diminishing her as if she couldn’t do tasks as well as them. I wonder if they’ll connect the dots about her being at the party, or if she’ll keep them from finding out where she was somehow [I’m 100% sure she’ll find a way, I mean, they think she’s so dumb, when she’s not… and that will be their downfall… by the end of this season, she’ll either have formed SHIELD with Howard Stark and others, OR she’ll have stepped on them and proven them that she’s the freaking boss. NO! I want her to do this not by the end of the season, but by the fourth episode. I GIVE YOU TILL THEN, AUTHORS!].

Poor, poor Colleen, I’m really sorry for Agent Carter, also. I wonder if it means that Agent Carter has to live elsewhere now. I think that Colleen may have died from tuberculosis (if that’s what she had) even if she hadn’t died from the dude, so… yeah. I think her death put into perspective what Agent Carter thinks about associating herself with people. Or what she must think. I hope that, in the future, she’ll be more careful about being followed (or not). Speaking of people close to her, I wonder if Daniel Sousa is the one that Steve Rogers rescued as Captain America… and the one who ended up being Agent Carter‘s husband later on.

Leviathan… I love that name, I wonder what they’ll come up with and who they are. It was interesting to see that those men with the marks on their throats really couldn’t speak, and were not just being stoic, as I had first found them to be. Is the mark a mark due to them having surgery? And are there more than just two of them? Are they both a part of Leviathan? Are they the HYDRA of their time, the same way that SHIELD is enemies with HYDRA? Hydra and Leviathan are both water-based mythical creatures after all, I don’t think I’m too far from the truth.

I wonder what Howard Stark talks about when he (and Jarvis) say that Peggy won’t have “any suspicions at all“. Is this Howard Stark underestimating her and choosing her to help him out… once again, only because she’s a woman? Or because she’s blinded by the opportunity of having a real assignment and being treated like a real agent? I hope that Jarvis will tell her what Stark has been hiding from her, that way, they’ll be more honest and everything, I’m sure she’ll be happier too that they trust her more [but I don’t think they’ll tell her unless she confronts them].

I feel like perhaps she and Jarvis will end up having a connection, a friendship that will make him want to tell her, instead of just hiding things from her. I really hope so, because I don’t want Agent Carter to be misled by Howard Stark for whatever reason. Also I really like the banter going on between the two of them, even if I know that he’s got a wife and he’s really, really cute with her (Anna). I’m also curious to see if we’ll actually get to see Jarvis’ wife on screen one day! Maybe Agent Carter and she can become friends or something, too!!

Last to be mentioned here will be… the impressive amount of gadgets that Agent Carter uses. She’s a spy after all, so she gets a lot of goodies that I’d love to own, like that watch! Seriously, that watch, and the lipstick, the lipstick [I wonder if there’s something like that in the world, it’d be awesome to own… you know… for… emergencies…]!!! I wonder if those are just her toys or if they were given by Howard Stark, or if the SSR give her access to the devices even though she’s not technically a ‘field agent’. That would actually be a good reason for me to to wear lipstick, hahaha [no]. Then, there’s the few flashbacks with Captain America [those flashbacks weren’t necessarily new scenes that we haven’t seen in the movie, right? I think they were just shots taken from the movie and put there, because it shows how… no matter what, Peggy will always and still think about Steve Rogers… maybe this is a story also of her moving on… no?], who will be a part of Peggy’s life for a very long time still, despite his… ‘disappearance’. I can’t wait to see more…!!!

For now, and until next week,
I’ll ask of you to take care of yourselves!
See you all later!
(✪㉨✪) – Ponyta’s out! – (✪㉨✪)