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Title: MARVEL’s Agent Carter
Season: 01
Episode: 02 [Bridge and Tunnel]
Aired: January 6th, 2015
Watched: January 8th, 2015

January 8th, 2014 

Hi there, people!
How are you doing? Here it is, the second episode review of Agent Carter!! Like I said last week, I’m sorry that, for this semester, I’m likely only going to be posting my Agent Carter/Agents of SHIELD review posts as well as the monthly posts. It’s unlikely that I can keep up with the workload with school, I’m sorry, but I do have a few anime episode reviews here and there starting February, so I got that going!!

Please be aware that beyond this point, there will be spoilers.

I absolutely love how we get to see the sound foley being done during the Captain America Adventure Program radio show [brought to you by Roxxon Motor Oil, I guess it was really made to be the bad guys?], it’s quite funny [my Movie Soundtrack class really helped notice these things, I think my teacher has successfully brainwashed me…]. It’s also equally funny how they named the heroine Betty Carver, which is so reminiscent of Peggy Carter. What I didn’t like, and I guess they make it so obvious so that we do not approve… is the fact that Betty Carver is such a… damsel in distress, which is the exact opposite of Peggy Carter herself [I absolutely love how Peggy was able to dress herself as a health inspector and carried on inspecting all the milk trucks with extreme efficiency].

From what Peggy (and I) understands, the two people who cannot talk are working against each other [one’s working for Leviathan, and the other, against it, even though he used to be with them]. I really find it amazing that they made such technology for ‘chatting’, with the… engine. This means that there’s already two parties going against each other, then there’s Howard Stark and Peggy Carter (third party) and then, there’s the SSR (fourth party), while Sousa didn’t find exact evidence of Peggy being the Blonde [Peggy], they’re going to link the car’s license plate probably to Howard and Edwin Jarvis [so the SSR is probably really going to think that Howard Stark is in on the action for sure, but then again, Jarvis got rid of the car, so maybe this will make it even more suspicious, or it will lead them on a goose chase for someone else, for now], but I don’t think they’re going to link Peggy to the case, they don’t even think her capable (except Sousa, so I think he might become an ally for her soon). I just hope that Jarvis [he’s hilarious, wanting to sabotage the car, which actually worked, even though it didn’t quite impress Peggy, haha] doesn’t keep on underestimating Peggy [or maybe he doesn’t, he just wants her to be safe, because she’s someone who is important to Howard Stark, both for his reputation and because she’s his friend].

I love their friendly banter!

I wonder if the Scott McFee will be able to identify Peggy Carter in the next episode… that wouldn’t be ideal for her… but she’ll probably find a good way to explain herself [or perhaps to bribe Mcfee into not talking]… Or perhaps they’ll say that it was the Blonde woman all along, since McFee might not have gotten a closer look at Peggy when she beat him up. I wonder if the Nitramene was properly dealt with, couldn’t it hurt more people? Or was it properly drowned in the bottom of the water? If so, wouldn’t it pollute the waters?! Is that even safe?!

I also expect that living with Angie and the other women, while it will have its privileges and advantages (like asking those women for information/knowledge that she wouldn’t be able to find elsewhere for example), will greatly hinder Peggy Carter. It’s the moment Miss Fry mentioned curfew that foreshadows this, and I’m quite certain that Peggy had the same as well. I’m sure that Angie will help her out, and even perhaps become an Agent herself, who knows? I kind of like the idea of Angie just being a friend and supporting Peggy in whatever adventure she gets into. I’m so glad that Peggy has accepted a new friend in her life, even though she knows how dangerous that will be for both her and for her friend. I feel like Angie was probably so hurt when Peggy kept refusing her attempts at helping. This mirrors Jarvis‘ attempts to make Peggy understand that she needs people to support her, just like how Steve Rogers used her (Peggy) as his support [for courage, strategy and moral guidance, the perfect liaison that the SSR doesn’t believe she can be (except maybe Sousa)]. As evidenced by the fact that she actually decided to rent a flat from Miss Fry, Peggy is slowly accepting it, it seems. I just really hope that nothing bad happens to her new roommates.

You just know that she’s not gonna be staying in that place for a long time anyway [she does get married and she does have a niece waiting for her in the present, speaking of which, doesn’t that mean that she has a brother or a sister or a cousin somewhere that we should be seeing soon? I hope so because I caught this beautiful gif from Captain America: The Winter Soldier, which I was dying to show you: here’s the link], so that’s going to be fine, I’m almost 100% certain [and if she gets booted out of the place, I guess she and Angie could find another place together OR Sousa can invite her to stay with him for awhile, HAHA! No].

Oh Jarvis, if only I didn’t know you were trying to doublecross Peggy…

Here’s Emergency Awesome‘s video review for the two first episodes. I’ll also leave you with these lovely pictures of Hailey Atwell (Agent Carter) at the set of the show, it’s quite funny how well she can photobomb.

With this being said, I’m going to wish you all a happy week!
Take good care of yourselves,
Don’t become sick for a month or two, like I was!
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