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Title: Gravity Falls
Season: 2 (so far anyway)
Episodes: around 29, I’m waiting for episode 10 and I can’t wait!!!? [20 episodes in Season 1 and 9 so far in Season 2] plus many TV shorts and more.

January 12th, 2015 

Hey there everybody!
So here’s an animated series that I’ve been watching on the recommendation of my cousin, Glaceon. Not only that, but throughout the years, while it was only with Leafeon and Glaceon, the people in my family who are interested in the show have grown to even Flareon, and recently, Jolteon, who made us watch through the whole series again and again, because she was so interested in it.

There may be spoilers in this post, so be careful to have watched everything and maybe even have played some of the games!!

In case you don’t know about this series, it’s basically an animated series (cartoons) by Disney and Alex Hirsh [here’s his Twitter, tell him that I sent you, maybe he’ll make a Ponyta appear in his show and that’ll make me happy, follow him, because he gives off some “leaked” images and news]. I can’t wait for the second season to reprise, so I’ve been watching a lot of YouTube videos [mostly from LewToons, I’ll link them down below], and recently, I’ve taken to reading his Tweets [this one explains how he can’t give any dates until Disney gives an official announcement, I’m too impatient].

Gravity Falls follows the story of twins, “Dipper” Pines (Dipper is just a nickname) and Mabel Pines, a.k.a. the Mystery Twins, who are sent over to their Grunkle Stan‘s Mystery Shack for the summer. One faithful day, Dipper finds this journal with Gravity Falls’ secrets written within its pages. Secrets like magical creatures, or just weird creatures of the unknown that keep popping around the city of Gravity Falls, and creatures that, strangely, many of the inhabitants of Gravity Falls just don’t see or just ignore [although we find out later on that this… ignorance on their part was simply due to or caused by the Society of the Blind Eye]. With the help of his sister and his friends, Dipper seeks to find the author of the journal and ask him many questions. Meanwhile, Mabel (who, alongside other characters, serves as a comic relief but also as a great support to Dipper in his quest) seeks to find the perfect summer romance.

Both of them [Dipper and Mabel], so far anyway, have gotten unsuccessful results in their quests, but hopefully, at least one of them will obtain what he or she wants [arguably, Mabel has gotten A LOT of shots at getting her summer romance, she had so many suitors, hahaha, even though none of them turned out the way she wished, so I guess that’s for the best, it wouldn’t have been very fair for Dipper anyway]. It’s great to watch these siblings try though, and it’s even greater to see them help each other in ways that nowadays perhaps, siblings simply don’t do often on televisions.

It’s also greatly entertaining to see the visual effects [look at the gorgeous landscape, I mean… and then, there’s the adorable-ness of the characters in their demeanor but also in their physical features, just look at WADDLES] combine with the sound effects and soundtrack in order to produce such a great show!!

Not only that, but we HAVE to talk about how they use transmedia to create such a great and sort of interactive and intellectually stimulating show for fans of all ages. Let me explain: at the end of each credit scene [but also throughout certain episodes], there is a almost always a secret code to decipher. Some of them will be hints to what’s to come [like at the end of those Dipper’s Guide to the Unexplained shorts, for example, which sort of foreshadowed to an episode in Season 2], it seems, while other clues/codes will be other nods from the creators to the fans. Nevertheless, these codes are quite entertaining and offer a lot to us fans, so we can speculate. I say that it’s transmedia because they’ve also included certain codes in the games of Gravity Falls on the Disney website (I hear).

Here, I will be mentioning some of my favourite theories about the future of the series, as well as questions that are yet to be explained as well as some more links, so beware of the spoilers:

  • Does Stan Pines have a twin? I’ve seen theories speculating about this on YouTube and I’ve seen also fanart [evidence 1, and evidence 2] about Stanley and Stanford Pines. The evidence is quite compelling, especially when you know that being ‘twins’ is hereditary, so Dipper and Mabel couldn’t be the only twins in their family (right? or is my biology information outdated?).
  • What if the author is actually Soos’ father [why would he leave Gravity Falls? Maybe he told Soos a lot of secrets, which is why “The Handyman” is more than meets the eye]? Or Mabel and Dipper’s parents?
  • Has Wendy‘s memory ever been wiped from her? What about Gideon? What about Soos? [I think she’s too ‘cool’ to call for help, unlike Lazy Susan, who did that and got her memories taken, so maybe her memories are intact, and the same goes for Soos and some of the other characters]
  • How did Gideon get the second journal in the first place?
  • Here’s Lewtoonsvideo about the messages and the codes, check out his channel for more Gravity Falls videos!!!

Definitely check out the series if you can, after all, it’s unlikely that Season 2 of Gravity Falls has continued, so why not?!! If you ever need someone to talk about with the series, leave a comment and/or questions and even better: ANSWERS or SCENARIOS!!

I’ll see you all later, then!
Take care of yourselves!