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Title: MARVEL’s Agent Carter
Season: 01
Episode: 03 [Time and Tide]
Aired: January 13th, 2015
Watched: January 14th, 2015

January 14th, 2015

Salutations from the cold Canada,
How are you all doing today, people? I hope this post finds you in good shape, I hope also that, by the time this post arrives on whatever device you read this on, I’ll be also in a good shape [not counting too much on that]. So, on to the third episode of Agent Carter! You can be SURE that there will be spoilers in this episode review!!

Living with other women? Maybe not the best idea LOL

I’m so glad that, right in the beginning of the episode, we find out what the Griffith building was like for Peggy Carter and the others (like Molly, even though we didn’t get to see her for long because of Jeremy, her boyfriend who came to see her on the first floor, where that’s forbidden, I truly hope something like this doesn’t happen to Peggy… I wonder who reported Molly to Mrs Fry, I hope it wasn’t either Angie or Peggy). Not only that, but our Agent Carter reveals to the other girls that she’s ‘married with her work at the moment’. I don’t know about you, but it made me relate to her so much [mostly because that’s what I end up answering to my aunties and uncles when they ask me the same question she was asked]. I think that anyone in many different circumstances would feel the same and relate to Peggy in that moment if not in any other moment in this episode.

What makes me unhappy is how Peggy‘s ‘odd’ job makes her such at odds with the other women, especially Angie Martinelli, who wanted even more to be friends with Peggy [asking her about her crappy day to make her feel better about her own]. To be completely fair with Angie, in the previous episode, Peggy DID warn her that she wouldn’t be a very good neighbour, so you know, she had been warned. Of course, however, later on, Peggy comes to Angie on her own and asks for that Schnapps [although that was because Agent Ray Krzeminski had passed away on duty and it was sort of her fault, and she mourned, even though he wasn’t always a nice coworker]. I sort of just hope that every episode isn’t going to be: “at the beginning, Peggy rejects Angie” and then, “at the end, Peggy and Angie are friends again” and everything is happy with the world (except that one sexist dude died). Because that would be way too redundant [and has been done this episode and the previous one, all right?!].

Dorothy Underwood sort of sounds very fishy, especially the way she came right up to fill up the place that Molly left [and an aspiring ballet dancer? I dunno, it seems too good to be true]. She’s so happy to be there and seems so very much positive, I thought that she would be a great friend to Angie [even though, when they met, the latter was feeling too vexed by Peggy‘s brush off to be friendlier about their new neighbour]. If Dorothy turns out to be one of the bad guys somehow, I would totally have called it [although I heard that it was actually Angie who was supposedly perhaps a part of HYDRA, people have their theories, I have mine, haha (even though that would be a lot of gold)]. According to this article though, she isn’t necessarily an Easter egg for the Marvel readers [because back in one of the Captain America stories, there had been a ‘president Underwood’, according, again, to the article, I’m just scared that one day the article is going to be deleted and no one will understand what I mean when they click on the link].

Edwin Jarvis: Getting Cocky

I’m so sad that Edwin Jarvis had to face Agent Thompson in the interrogation room. Jarvis is such a nice and loyal butler, I was very happy that Carter risked her neck for that, even though she got chewed off good by her boss, Chief Dooley, who views her as even more incapable [something that, I’m sure, wears on her even worse now, especially knowing that she’s been playing double agent against the SSR]. I’m glad that Jarvis revealed at least a little bit of his history with Peggy, specifically, about what happened between him (and Anna) and Howard Stark that had almost gotten him branded as a traitor [back during the war]. I was quite surprised when he started to fake-interrogate her about how she found the goods, in order to make her see how much of a folly her personal mission to get her colleagues to recognize her as a real agent was [because it wouldn’t clear Howard Stark’s name any more than it would make her be recognized. If anything, as he puts it, it would make her put under even more suspicion]. He has talent as an actor [even better when you hear him disguising his voice and put on a ridiculous American accent].

Can I just point out how un-graceful and realistic Agent Carter‘s fight scenes are? She has none of the elegance of Agent Melinda “Cavalry” May [from MARVEL’s Agents of SHIELD (although I mean look at this post) I take this from this moment], but she gets the job done, and it won’t matter if she uses dirty tricks, she really just bashes the guy’s head in and/or uses Howard Stark‘s inventions against them (as she used the nitramene to get rid of the Leviathan assassin, and then the fake-massage device in this episode to ‘dispose’ of the guard) [I read it in this one post on Tumblr, I hope to find it one day so I can share it with you].

I’m so glad that we get to see even more of Daniel Sousa [he’s got a good sense of humour and he’s smart, what’s not to love?! To be able to know that someone is giving them the answers and all of the real investigation was done by someone else. I’m almost 100% certain that he’s probably going to be the first who finds out (and who’s going to stay alive) about Peggy‘s private investigation], and Ray Krzeminski [I’m not happy that he got disposed of, because he was going to find out about Peggy, BUT I’m glad that he was, just for that stupidity he pulled with Sousa, advising him NOT to pursue Agent Carter just because he’s handicapped. I dislike! I dislike so highly that I dislike!]. The worst part about that one particular moment was that you know that Sousa thinks the same thing, that he doesn’t live up to Captain America, and he probably can’t vie for Peggy’s heart [every non SousaxCarter shipper dies on this show]. SOUSA, DON’T! SHE’S LESS SUPERFICIAL THAN YOU ALL GIVE HER CREDIT FOR, I’M SURE!!

I sort of wish that there was a man on the show who didn’t LOVE Peggy Carter romantically, but who still defends her as a capable Agent. I guess that’s what Howard Stark and Edwin Jarvis are for. Daniel Sousa is going to be there for love interest (or Damsel in distress), I guess [I’m kidding, I’m kidding, it’s mostly because of this post that I thought about it]. Let me leave you with this other post.

I guess that the Agents of the SSR might close in on Jarvis quickly… I mean… he did sort of lose his American accent with the “Have a Lovely Night” (or something about that).

Here’s ThinkAboutTheInk‘s review about the episode [it’s not Grace’s, she’s also quite good! I agree with most of her opinions!]. Here’s another post about Steve Rogers [Captain America], Sam Wilson [Falcon] and Natasha Romanoff [Black Widow]!!!! While I wait an extra week for Episode 4 (because you’ll be reading this a couple of days after episode 4 is released), here’s Emergency Awesome‘s episode review [he says that there’s gonna be a new episode next week so… WH00T! I’m actually glad I won’t have to be waiting]!

All right!
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