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Title of the series: The Ascendance Trilogy [link]
First: The False Prince [link]
Second: The Runaway King [link]
Third: The Shadow Throne [link]
By: Jennifer A. Nielsen
Rated: 4.5/5
Started: September 2014
Finished: January 2015

January 13th, 2015 

Whoa! We’re already one out of 12 months done with the year 2015! How are you all doing, everyone?! I’m doing all right, I think. I’m as stressed as I usually am about this semester… and… that’s about it…

Today, I’m sharing with you all a trilogy that I had the pleasure of reading these past few months: The Ascendance Trilogy. I will attempt to put no spoilers whatsoever, so feel free to read through!

I don’t know what exactly got me into reading the first novel of the trilogy; The False Prince, I think it was recommended to me via Goodreads. The synopsis/summary sounded brilliant and the first few pages sucked me in quite completely. The concept and thrilling feeling when you read through just makes you want to continue turning page after page.

I loved the characters [especially the main character and his incorrigible arrogance, but also all of his friends and allies that he learns to make and keep throughout the series, obviously though, I didn’t love the main villain, it felt like he was too… bad, that he wasn’t fleshed out enough and was only ‘evil’] and their development through adulthood, because surely, that’s sort of what they go through throughout the series. Bonds of friendship and love are born in-between the many characters, and some of them even go through the process of mourning deaths of other characters, which make you also go through the grieving, because you felt connected to them [at least I did, anyway]. I also loved their character’s voice, the narrator did a fantastic job at divulging the right information at the right time! I feel like, because of the tone and the characters, this trilogy can appeal to a wide array of readers, and maybe it can even interest more young readers into reading novels, who knows?!

I feel like the author knew where she was going, there was no ‘filler’ novel in-between the beginning and the end (not in terms of how I felt about it anyway). She knew when to end it and she ended it well. I approved of this emotional roller coaster wholly.

As I read the third novel, I heard from the author (she answered a question on Goodreads about it) that there will be a movie adaptation (potentially) about this series. My best friend Wikipedia sort of confirmed this on the page of the trilogy. I’ll be looking forward to watching the movies [maybe not in theaters, we’ll see]. The announcement, according to Wikipedia, was made back in 2012, so I don’t know how long we’ll have to wait till the premiere of the first movie, and I’m not sure how they can weave the visuals together with what happens in the story, with the way it was told, but it will certainly be interesting to find out.

If you enjoy action, kingdoms, intrigue and adventure (as well as a subtle hint of romance which I revel in), definitely think about reading this novel [hopefully before it comes out in movie adaptation]!

Tell me what you thought about it,
If you’ve read it!
I don’t do enough novel reviews, I think, maybe I should work on that!
So, until next time!
Ponyout! (◎_◎;)