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Title: MARVEL’s Agent Carter
Season: 01
Episode: 04 [The Blitzkrieg Button]
Aired: January 27th, 2015
Watched: January 28th, 2015

January 28th, 2015

Hello there everybody!
I do hope your week (of wait) has been productive and/or good? Here’s the fourth episode of Agent Carter, as my review/thoughts/predictions! Please note that there will be spoilers ahead, so you’ve been warned!

Howard Stark‘s arrival into this episode was pretty unexpected, I must say, but I was glad for his company, all the same. After all, who else was going to reveal to us that Jarvisgoulas is good (or bad) and that Peggy can do 107 one-armed push-ups? I totally knew that she would have to smuggle someone into the Griffith – I had expected it to be Jarvis, so Howard was totally unexpected. It was funny that he knew about Myriam Fry [who reportedly, and I must write this somewhere because it is GOLD: “who is left to defend young women from compulsions because these young women do not know how to govern their impulses” I sort of wish that I could have lived at the Griffith to see if I would have any problem living there, I guess] and he knew the place – meaning that he’s smuggled in and out before, which is either reassuring or disappointing [I’ll opt for both]. Even more disappointment arrived out of Howard Stark when he revealed to us what he had really come back to New York City for… Steve Rogers’ blood, which, to Peggy, means that he will probably be trying to sell for his own wallet (because he was born poor, what he probably wants is to keep gaining money? Because he never wants to have to go through poverty ever again?). Peggy’s line right there (about reminding her what she aspired to be), reminded me of that particular line she said in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, when she said that: “even when he (Captain America/Steve Rogers) died, he still changed [her] life” [source here, sort of]. It was a very nice and subtle nod to the movie, I think. What really bothered me with Howard Stark was that one argument that he couldn’t trust her emotions – because he knew that she cared A LOT about Captain America (Steve Rogers) – and he couldn’t tell her so that she wouldn’t have to go into emotional turmoil and whatever. It made me upset because it means that seriously?! All the men in this show really do underestimate her and they consider emotions as weaknesses when… well it shouldn’t be like that, right? What kind of message does this send to children?! That being attached to someone is bad?! Well, I guess they say these things because it’s how it was in those times, so I should forgive them, but it really annoys me deeply inside.

Yes, Howard, you’re a jerk.

To have, or not to have Jack Thompson as in charge of the SRS office/team/building/thing… I don’t know. I would have rather the Chief Dooley [I don’t like how he duped Colonel Muller and gave him a breath mint… that’s just… mean…] choose Daniel Sousa, after all, isn’t he the only one who actually is informed enough to know about their fallen comrade’s middle name? Is it just because he’s handicapped that he won’t be able to do a good job as a chief of a department? Is it because Agent Thompson has a good record of kicking butt [as well as underestimating both Peggy (calling her MARGE [NO MAN WILL EVER CONSIDER YOU AN EQUAL?!]?! REALLY, REALLY?! I CALL FOR YOUR BLOOD, YOU HEAR ME?! UNLESS YOU CHANGE YOUR MIND ABOUT TREATING THEM ALL RIGHT, YOU ARE ON MY BLACKLIST!) and Daniel Sousa [but at least he offered a few compliments to Sousa in this episode]] and cracking teeth out of a person’s mouth in order to get answers out of him/her? Because that’s… utterly disappointing… I mean, have you seen him ‘fight’?! Daniel Sousa can kick butt just as well as Jack Thompson, ok? I’m sad that, now that Ray died, Thompson is relegated to being the one who constantly puts Daniel Sousa down… I am SO down for someone standing up for these two characters… In the next episode, though, I guess the episode will more be about Edwin Jarvis attempting to get on Peggy’s good side, even though I have no idea how he’s gonna pull that off (let her try some Goula?).

Now, let’s go full circle and go back to the Griffith hotel? Haven? Dormitory? Renting place? Appartment? I must say that Mrs Fry really is a master – although she wasn’t careful enough and got Mr. Minsk (?) into the whole picture (although he was taken care of by Dottie). I’m very glad that Howard pointed out that Peggy works too much, and subtly suggested that she should spend more time with her ‘roommates’. It was funny to see that everyone actually sneaks food back into their rooms, Peggy actually looks so thoroughly impressed, like this is some kind of thing she should get herself into also [this whole business about secret pockets into clothes and bags is not new here, but I wonder if it’ll help Peggy some time in the future episodes, of course, it wouldn’t just be for food storing purposes]. Just a small note that, for three episodes, Angie has been a constant and I’m glad she appeared, but I sort of wish, I guess, that there’d be more interactions between her and Peggy [the pepto joke is FLAWLESSLY executed, though, I’m glad they included that]. Now, because I’m BOUND to be talking about it, let’s move on to Dottie Underwood, shall we? I’m very glad that it wasn’t long until we see her display her true colours. If she was a ballet dancer, then we can IMMEDIATELY link that to the Age of Ultron trailer that we’ve all seen (yes? If you haven’t seen it, GO, FIND IT), which has flashbacks related to Black Widow‘s past. It freaks me out how obsessed she seemed to be with the man’s gun [how in the world is she going to react when she finds a stash of Howard Stark’s Vault of weapons?]. So perhaps she’s with HYDRA?! Or is she with Leviathan [if they want the weapons from Howard Stark, then her weapon addiction might be pretty good?]? What’s her deal? I wonder if she’s going to take a hit on Peggy in the next episode… what do you think? In a battle, Agent Carter seems like she would use a lot of brutish strength, whereas this ballet dancer is trained and looks a little bit more graceful [it sort of makes sense, I guess, I mean… ballet and all that probably makes your legs extremely good]… did they have Black Widow-like system of training recruits before even before our Agent Romanoff? Obviously, I hope that, in a fight, unaided by the men in her lives, Peggy might win against this trained assassin [who obviously doesn’t know that she shouldn’t be hiding a dead body under her bed, but whatever, I guess we’ll give her that].

Last but not least, what should I say about the Stan Lee moment? I was expecting Stan to have a little bit more lines, I’m sure that he would have loved to get more lines to say. He could have said some nice anecdote about how Howard Stark should never take women for granted, he could have chewed his ear off, and Howard would be like: “Oh no… not this guy again…”. Maybe they don’t have enough money to pay for him to say much? I doubt that… and plus, Stan Lee loves these cameos… Meanwhile, according to the sneak peeks already out on YouTube, the next episode will reunite Agent Carter with a few of her fellow peeps: The Howling Commando, which I’m DYING to see… especially if she’s going to Russia, perhaps she’ll meet with these ballet dancers, and suspect her neighbour or something…

I’m going to leave you with this episode review from ThinkAboutTheInk [link here] with a different host than Grace, Kristin Hackett. If you’ve already seen it, here’s also EmergencyAwesome‘s video response to the episode as well.

All right, I’ll end this week’s post for now!
I’ll see you next week or later this week!
Take good care of yourselves!
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