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Title: Go! Princess Precure
Episode: 1 [I’m a Princess? The Birth of Cure Flora!]
Aired: February 1rst, 2015
Watched: February 4th, 2015

February 4th, 2015

Everybody! How are you all doing?
Here, as I’m writing this, it’s not as cold as it was yesterday, however, there is a lot of snow today… it’s… not that bad, hahaha. Please be aware that there may be a LOT of spoilers!

The show starts off with a very neat flashback of a young girl – our Pink Precure protagonist, obviously – who is being bullied and picked on by the boys of her class, because she dreams of becoming a Princess. There’s really nothing wrong with that. While crying, Haruka Haruno meets with Kanata [a prince? The equivalent for Blue in Happiness Charge Precure? I guess he went around the world and gave the Dress Up key to the three girls, perhaps? In hope that the Perfume Transformation Item would find its way to them at the right time…?], who ends up giving her a ‘charm’ which will be a reminder for her dream [to become a princess]. As far as I know, there’s only three Precures in this season, which is a good number, and I hope that Haruka (Cure Flora) won’t be overshadowing the others. [as a sidenote/complaint: did the Princess that she admire REALLY have to be dressed in pink, too?]

It’s like a keychain collection key ring, hahaha

As she grows up, Haruka decides to enroll into the big school called Noble Academy (or something, I think?) where she’ll have to stay in a dorm. I think this may be the first time where the Precures are staying away from their own home? Together with a girl who will be her dormmate, apparently. From the reactions that she gets about how the school functions, it is evident that Haruka comes from a small town or perhaps even a village of some kind. I wonder if this friend [Yui Nanase] who would like to become a famous writer will eventually turn out to be either a bad guy or a support like Seiji Sagara was in Happiness Charge Precure. I hope she doesn’t get picked to… be transformed into a monster too often.

We even already get to see Haruka’s next teammate, the student council president, Minami Kaido, who is called Princess of the Academy and even another transfer student who’ll also be her teammate: an idol from what I saw in the designs here and there [her name is Amanogawa Kirara and her Precure name is: Cure Twinkle [I rather LOVE that name, don’t you? It’s so cute and everything, I can’t wait to see her powers and how she compares to the other yellow/orange Cures out there]]. It seems like the next episode will be about Cure Mermaid, Minami, who is also a ballet dancer, apparently [I just know their names from the rumors and other things, it’s not like everything was revealed right off the bat in the first episode, hahaha]. I don’t know if I said this, but let’s hope that Cure Flora doesn’t outshine her teammates as much in this one than in Doki Doki Precure and in Happiness Charge Precure.

I LOVE how Haruka actually catches the (future) magical companions [Royal Fairies from Hope Kingdom; Pafu and Aroma] of this season’s Precure. If I recall correctly, all previous seasons of precure have been playing on the fact that every single Pink Precure gets hit on the head by the magical companion, which is a gag that even comes in the movies – which adds to the hilarity of it, too. This “parody” was welcomed, it’s sort of fresh, isn’t it?

The villains for this season are pretty interesting… the first one that we see is really… interesting. He reminds me of a rock star or something… someone who might be into punk, haha, it’ll be interesting to see more about his cohort and about his people.

Makes you wonder if she learned how to fight by standing up to her bullies huh?

I love not only Cure Flora‘s transformation sequence [especially how she puts on her tiara (or crown) and her hair changes color following that, I wonder if the others will have the same kind of sequence, that would be neat! And I love how her hair is not ‘monochrome‘ and has highlights, very ‘modern’ as a Precure], but also her end transformation, when she presents herself, that’s very classy. Her design as well is quite something to look at [go see down below]. Her fighting sequence is also shown to be pretty badass. She has fighting in her blood – if it wasn’t already emphasized by the fact that she could keep the Fairies from hitting her face. I always love it, to see the Precure’s find out the very extent of their abilities and their enhanced physical strength. I also liked how Cure Flora in this episode actually had some kind of Sailor Moon-like “sermon” to give to the villain [you know the one, when she’s like: ‘Well that you should not be doing this because the dreams of girls are precious! In the name of the moon, I’ll punish you!‘ sort of, well that was a nice callback to Sailor Moon, I thought], that was also good enough to give her an applause.

Impressive visuals

This season’s morale seems to be about dreams and how, if you lose sight of it, you might fall into despair. Dreams and despair remind me a lot of the Smile Precure season and the Yes! Precure 5 season as well. I haven’t finished watching the others, so maybe I’m just mistaking. The fact that the Transformation Item is perfume related reminds me of HeartCatch Precure, too [I felt like the transformation sequence was also very reminiscent, since they use the perfume thing to spray themselves some indestructible precure fighting clothes]! Also, just like Happiness Charge Precure, it seems like to do certain finishing moves, the Precures in this season will be able to “change” clothes, although in this one, it’s justified by calling it the Elegant Mode and it’s justified because these are the Princess Precure, after all, so Cure Flora is the Princess of Flowers, and, as a Precure, she protects the dreams of people.

This season proves to be very promising, and I can’t wait to see more. The ending dance and song are pretty good, I wonder if we’ll be seeing people dancing to them soon on YouTube. If you find them, please feel free to send me a link! I love to get those!

All right everyone!
As I said for the Happiness Charge episode review last year,
I’m not sure if I’ll be able to make an episode review every week,
But we’ll just have to see how it goes, really!
Till next time!
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