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Title: Garo: Honoo no Kokuin
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Episode: 02 [Divine Flame]
Watched: December 18th, 2014

December 18th, 2014

Hiya there!
Welcome to our “Ponyta watches something that’s R rated and isn’t sure if she’ll like it” segment! As usual, I hope that you’re doing well!

Please be aware that there will be spoilers ahead.

From what I understand in this episode, the Watchdog is the one who sends orders to the warlocks, witches and knights [probably about Horrors], who then go and dispatch the Horrors. One faithful day, someone [presumably Mendoza] cut all communications from the Watchdog to the warlocks/witches/knights, then, he (or she, it could be Octavia) sent a fake message to go to Variante, where they were all rounded up and executed due to the Witch Hunt of Variante [led by yours truly, Mendoza himself].

Mendoza was once, according to the Watchdog, a Makai Alchemist [what is Makai? Demon? The same way Youma meant Demon in Claymore?] who was once supported by the Council [what council? the Council of Witches/Warlocks/Knights?]. It’s strange that he would want to hurt Makai blood and hates knights and alchemists, when he was himself a Makai Alchemist [it seems like German alludes to the Watchdog or the Council having done something to Mendoza to make him hate them so much. On the other hand, the dude had markings appear on his face when Octavia touched him. Is it because SHE is special, or is it because he is a Horror, simply? What if that’s what they did to him? That alchemists actually become Horrors? DUNDUNDUNDUNNNNNN]. Speaking of which, it seems like Makai Alchemists dislike knights. I’m not sure why, but it just seems so, especially as German was trying to get Ema to be an ally, but Leon‘s actions led her to reject them, as he said himself. It seemed like it wasn’t something unusual, either, for alchemists to dislike knights, despite the fact that they’re sent to protect them. I like that Ema could fight. I wonder what the difference between Alchemist and Knight are [because they can both fight, so is it because the Knights have their armors? It seemed like Ema (I hope she re-appears again) was going to make an armor appear, what with that strange circle that appeared when she snapped the cord].

Alfonso has my blessing for being such a good and nice prince to his people. He shows to be an excellent knight, and it’s hinted that he’s going to become a Makai Knight alongside Leon, right? Wouldn’t it be so crazy if the two of them ended up becoming brothers? Then, he would be… German‘s son? After all, Mendoza did imply that Alfonso wasn’t the King’s legitimate son [I believe that he is, though, she seemed outraged by that, but who knows, I mean the show is so… mature that I could be wrong]. The pendant means that he’s got Makai blood, but it doesn’t mean that he has the armor, right? Maybe German is going to die and he’ll give his armor to the prince? Perhaps you just need the blood, not to be of the bloodline, to get the armor? [also I hope nothing happens to the Queen, because she seems too fine and awesome to die there and then]. Also wow, in the course of one day, Alfonso went from being pretty cute to being handsomely serious. I approve.

It would be great for Leon to have a brother – albeit a brother in arms. It seems like he is traumatized by what happened to him – being born in the fires. It seems like he’s got this bond with his mother, even though she’s long gone and he’s never really met him. I wonder if the excess power that he has is symbolized by the ‘carvings’ or the ‘tattoos’ that invade his body. Is it remnants of the fire, or his powers? In the next few scenes, he’s shown to be consumed by his power, which makes him go over the top and lose control altogether. I wonder if having a friend like Alfonso might help him, even if it’s a little bit. What kind of things can help him recover from his trauma? What can help him control his power?

Who knows? So many questions. I definitely want to know more, so I’m going to end it here and watch the next episode!
See you all later!

Ponyta’s out! ( ・(ェ)・)