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Comics: Dorkly.com

July 31rst, 2014

Hello everyone,
How are you all doing?
This post is gonna be pretty small, but here you go!

I personally love their Superhero themed comic strips [*hunches forward creepily, cackling every so slightly* because I understand it].
For example, in this one, Superman goes back a few years in the past in order to prevent Bruce Wayne from becoming Batman, hahaha. Or this one, which takes a twist on the Batman origin. Or this one, about Heimdall from Asgard.

Some of their comics are more about “life” or slice-of-life, as I would label it [because I don’t follow your definition of slice-of-lice (unless it’s the same as mine, then… y’know)]. This comic strip speaks of the types of anime fans you’ll ever encounter [pssstttt I’m probably part Nostalgic, part Way of Lifer, part The Way Too Into It One (uh oh…)]… I’m in trouble, aren’t I? *galops* Which one are you?
(PSsst) Another good one would be the Ways to avoid getting spoilers. It has dark humour in it, though, you’ve been warned!

They don’t only make comics, but they also create videos! They have videos parodying Pokemon [Here’s one of my favourite ones about battling Arceus]!

They also have this section called pictures. My all-time favourite (for now anyway), would be this post.

Otherwise, I didn’t really explore everything, because I don’t understand all of the jokes (not being in the fandom enough to understand them).

Anyways, I hope that you’ll enjoy their funny comics and videos!