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Title: MARVEL’s Agent Carter
Season: 01
Episode: 05 [The Iron Ceiling]
Aired: February 3rd, 2015
Watched: February 4th, 2015

February 5th, 2015

Hey there people!
How are you all doing? Ready for Iron Ceiling? I hope you’ve watched it [I mean, people, come on, it’s been well over a week now], because here comes a ‘review’ full of spoilers!! I’m going to take the time to say here already that there are now… what? Three more episodes (six, seven and eight, that’s right, I know how to count) to go until Agent Carter Season 1 finishes. I’m… not necessarily ready for this, but… I’m glad there will be a season 2 (unless there was a problem or something and I misread the news).

Since we sort of ‘ended’ last episode with Dottie Underwood, I thought it was pretty befitting that we’d start this episode with Dottie and the Black Widow program, because surely by now, we’ve all realized that is indeed the Black Widow program [and it’s obvious by now that Leviathan and HYDRA are linked together, at this point, HYDRA hadn’t even been formed yet, probably, no wait, no, no, by the first Captain America, HYDRA still lived… so technically perhaps Leviathan should actually be a DEPARTMENT or a schism of HYDRA, that makes more sense…] that we’ve been seeing [they shackle their ‘students’ to their beds to keep them from running away [they start pretty young, as you remember that Black Widow Natasha Romanoff has told Bruce Banner (Hulk) in the Avengers] {I wonder if they showed Dottie still shackling herself to the bed because she’s scared of running away, or if it’s because she’s simply so used to it that she can’t help but to do just that, or perhaps she’s doing that because it’s to prove that she’s still brainwashed into following the orders that she was given, meaning that she WAS indeed asked to pursue Peggy Carter}, they brainwash the young Widows using Disney movies [Can I just say that I love how now that Disney owns MARVEL, MARVEL can now use these Disney references… just like how they did with the Pinocchio song in the Age of Ultron trailer] and other cartoon, animated things [I wonder if the fact that the girls had to repeat every line was because they needed to learn how to ‘act’ and what better than to learning by imitating voice actors? Learning English? That would explain Dottie’s amazing abilities to copy a person’s accent and seemingly demeanor], they let students fight each other to the death]. I had been starting to think, during the episode, that perhaps Dottie wasn’t working for anyone, that she’d broken out of the brainwashing program and was seeking for a new life in America, but obviously, as we’ve seen, it is not so. I wondered if the SSR – namely Daniel Sousa – will be able to either think that the blonde woman at the party was in fact actually Dottie impersonating Peggy impersonating the blonde lady who killed the man, or if he’ll just believe Peggy to be the bad guy [but judging by the next episode preview, it seems that is unlikely]. I wonder if she was sent to infiltrate the SSR [by impersonating Peggy] in order to retrieve one (or all) of Howard Stark’s weapons, or if she was sent to just retrieve the typing machine, or if she was sent to kill off every single agent that works for the SSR.

Let’s also talk about how Dottie Underwood imitated Peggy‘s accent, how she got the ‘trick/straw/piece of wool’ for the lock that Peggy added (in order to see if someone opened the door to her apartment while she was away [I really thought that Peggy might have had more than one ‘trick’ since her apartment is so precious now that there’s a vial of blood from the Captain America in it]. It scared me that she figured out the trick with the drawer, but didn’t find what was behind Peggy’s paintings [it seems to me that there’s almost always something hidden behind a painting, so that would have been somewhere I would have looked first]. I wonder if Peggy had realized that she’d lost the key to her apartment, and how Dottie will be returning said key to her owner. How long will it take for Peggy to realize that Dottie isn’t who she pretends to be, and why aren’t we getting more Angie time [I miss Angie, okay? I’m glad she’s coming back next week]?!

While I’m on the subject of “villains”, let me just point out that I finally know why that name: Dr Ivchenko, was so familiar to me back when he first introduced himself [also can I just say that I think Nikolai the Engineer might be an Inhuman? What with his natural abilities?! Too bad he died…]! I thought at first that he might be related to some of the villains in Ironman, just because there was already Igor Vanko who appeared, but perhaps this might be one of the leaders of Leviathan in disguise? Goodness knows that I’ve been pretty suspicious of some characters – even Dottie. What if that’s why Nikolai was “tired of listening to Ivchenko”? Because he knows that Ivchenko is bad? But then again, would Ivchenko have said that the blueprints of the weapon were stolen from Howard Stark? Would that help his getting closer to Peggy? I mean, the mission did feel a little bit… easy? Then again, no, two of the men in the squads died, so it wasn’t that easy, it was trap, and if the agents weren’t as good as they are, they would have gotten toasted.

So remember last week, when I was calling for Jack Thompson‘s blood? Yeah, I’m sort of glad that we got more insight into his character – that he was faking being a jerk because he thinks that’s what’s expected of him… or rather because he has gotten a Navy Cross and didn’t feel like he’d deserved it. It made me feel sorry for him, sure, but it doesn’t excuse his a$$holish behaviour, either, in my opinion [it certainly explains why he became the man he became, but it doesn’t excuse him for changing that way and knowing that what he’s doing is bad]. I really liked that, out of everyone, he’s the one who found out about her badassery [arguably, I think Sousa also knows, but more on that]. I’m not saying that I want him to end up with Peggy, by all means, I still ship her very much with Sousa, but I guess I wouldn’t mind that bad… especially if he keeps his character development up and treats Peggy better than he has… and if he stops bullying Sousa, because seriously, that was not a cool thing, to make Sousa appear like a peeping tom and seeing a half dressed Peggy [NOT COOL, JERK, NOT COOL THAT’S WHY I DON’T LIKE YOU]. Seeing as what’s going to happen to Peggy in the later episode, I wonder what his attitude towards her will be like now. It will be very interesting to look at [seeing as he didn’t spend a lot of time trusting her abilities as he did, you just KNOW that it’s in my opinion he might not trust her ever again, but then again, there’s always the I could have left you to die out there if I was the bad guy but I didn’t card which she could use, but then he could pull the Yeah but you could have known that I would be a good ally if your cover was blown so you kept me alivecard to counter… so…].

Now let’s talk about Daniel Sousa, since we’re on his topic. I’m glad that he FINALLY is going to catch up on what Peggy [Margaret] Carter has been up to, and it was all thanks to Jack Thompson who played a prank on him, too [I think the Peggy should have known that he was coming, but it was probably her first time in the locker rooms, so she probably didn’t know that the Locker 42 was on her side instead of the boys’ side, which is why such hilarity that you usually find in shoujo mangas and animes occurred (I’m not complaining)]. Is it a birthmark? A gun mark? Something that perhaps Dottie can maybe replicate in order to impersonate her? I’ll just say that I don’t like where this might be going? He might be thinking that she’s actually the bad guy and that she’s the one who got Agent Krzeminski killed not so long ago for them [let’s not forget that he sort of vowed he would take the responsible (Howard Stark) down]. I hope that next episode, Peggy will clear everything out and they’ll return to being friends – or she’ll just K.O. him and he’ll wake up not remembering or something like that. That would be fine by me, it would be quite fine by me.

I’m going to admit that I hadn’t noticed how the Howling Commando was missing some of its characters from the movie and the Agents of SHIELD show until I watched the IGN video which I will leave a link of below [I hope that we’ll see them again – whether going on missions or within flashbacks, because seriously, if the SSR don’t treat her right, Peggy could always go and form SHIELD with them!!], I had really only noticed Dum Dum Dugan, who, let’s be honest, is already one of the most important characters in the Howling Commando anyway [did you know? Union Jack is the United Kingdom’s version of Captain America! For more Easter Eggs, try clicking here]. I enjoyed the STARK difference between the way Peggy Carter is treated at the SSR and how she’s treated by the Howling Commando, who all – every single one of them – know her and know how badly she can kick arse. I mean, Peggy proved to the SSR that she can be trusted, and she even proved to them that she can truly be a better asset to them than just fetching coffee for them. Plus, she knows the Howling Commando – excuse me, I mean the 107 Regiment, the one that escorted and helped out Captain -freaking- America out on his raids [Can I just mention how I love that they’ve kept mentioning Captain America in this episode?! ESPECIALLY in that context, and they still listen to Cap’s ‘best girl’, haha TRUST]. I mean, Bucky Barnes [a.k.a. The Winter Soldier] even used to be a part of that commando, after all!! Jack Thompson wasn’t able to get them to work with the SSR, but one simple call from Peggy, and the Howling Commando is running to help them out!! That’s not nothing! Since Thompson saw just how much they all trust Peggy and how much they respect her and don’t even think about having to babysit her on the field, perhaps the others’ opinion of her will change also – although with the reveal that Sousa will give the Bureau, I am not so sure that would happen but if Thompson hadn’t played that prank, then Peggy could have been quite safe…

Do NOT piss her off.

OKAY, now let’s just talk for a second about Edwin Jarvis, I’m glad that he came by, but I thought that perhaps his involvement in this episode was extremely meager. I get it, though, Peggy gets to be with her besties from “back in the day” [Howling Commando] so her “friends back in the present” (Angie and Jarvis) have to take a step back somewhat. I wonder if he’ll convince Howard Stark to come out of hiding and talk to Chief Dooley, and I wonder if that card that Dooley gave Jarvis doesn’t actually contain some kind of tracking device or listening device (somehow), and that that’s why Dooley told Jarvis to ‘stay dry‘ [because no device is waterproof in those days I guess]. Sort of wishing we’d know more… The way that he keeps pulling the They Treat You Badly, Come With Us, We Trust You Now card makes me feel like he doesn’t truly believe in her abilities to make the men in her office change their minds about her, and that’s just plain… sad… Well it’s one way of interpreting it of course, but it’s there nevertheless, and it makes one feel even BETTER when you notice that slowly, things are shifting at the office, in Peggy’s favour… in the next couple episodes, I expect.

All right, that’s all out of me today, I feel like I’ve spoken way too much, but that’s how good the episode was? As usual, let me share with you ThinkAboutTheInk‘s video response to the episode, with Kristin Hackett as the host! Here’s also the IGN‘s talk about the episode as well, just because I thought it was pretty good. And as usual, because it wouldn’t be a proper conclusion if I didn’t include a link to the video thoughts of Emergency Awesome.

All right, that’s it for this week,
imageI hope you enjoyed this episode as much as I have!
See you next week for the continuation!
And happy Valentine’s Day, or Single’s Awareness Day, whichever one you celebrate [personally, I’m not above going to get instant noodles to celebrate]!