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Title: Go! Princess Precure
Episode: 02
Watched: February 9th, 2015

February 9th, 2015

Hi there readers,
How are you all doing? I said last week that I wasn’t sure whether or not I could find the time to write an episode review for Go! Princess Precure, but I’m thinking that maybe scheduling this can somehow help giving it a boost of acknowledgement for the greatness it’s been so far. It doesn’t mean that I’ll be able to be consistent with it, though. I’m just being realistic with you! Now, let’s start with the Spoilers warning!

At the beginning, as one of the magical mascots made their intentions clear to make the Princess Precures as Princess-like as possible, I got my misgivings. From either knowing me in real life – or perhaps from knowing what my character is like via my webcomics or others – you may know that I’m not the most… girly person, so I thought perhaps that promoting strength, beauty and grace would not appeal to many young girls, because I know that, for myself, I would not really agree to that at a young age. I guess that, the very fact that the word “Princess” is within the title, I should have expected it, however, I guess my definition of Princess is not necessarily the same and does not equate… being what we nowadays call ‘girly’. Should a girl who does not display these qualities be considered un-princess-like? She simply has different sets of abilities that could and should be appreciated for a princess, no? That’s just what I think anyway, I mean, I am also partially all right with this premise because of this post right here.

But of course, there are some qualities to having such ideals, I guess. Especially strength (and I guess grace and beauty too, arguably, because the three of them can be pretty subjective. For example, admitting that you are in the wrong can be seen as a sort of strength, but it can also be seen as a weakness for some people who have different mindsets). Also, when they mean only a princess displaying all three traits… can become their savior… couldn’t it be one person can be the embodiment of a certain trait, and the other, another, and the last one, the other? For example: Cure Flora can be strength, because dang, she works well on that and she’s pretty strong, and then Cure Mermaid could be elegance/grace/kindness (however you interpret that word), and lastly, Cure Twinkle could be beauty, since she’s a model?

It’s okay, Haruka, I’m… also not flexible… I can hardly reach either, it’s ok.

And then the episode shows us a side of the Blue Precure that I like, even though at the beginning, Minami Kaidou (Cure Mermaid) reminded me a lot of Cure Aqua [Yes! Precure 5!] in her manners and in her standing, she shows to be somewhat different – although I’m not sure, since I still haven’t finished that series (I gotta finish a lot of them, ok?). I quite liked that Mermaid showed Cure Flora [Haruka Haruno] that she wasn’t perfect at first, but that she had to work hard and be determined in order to get to the level that she is currently. THIS. This is a moral that I can work with and that, as a child, would serve as my motivation to move forward. Perseverance.

Can I just say that when Haruno (Cure Flora) mentioned how she thought Cure Mermaid was so perfect, I really was reminded of Cure Berry from Fresh Precure? Hahaha. That was perfect. And, on a totally different level, when they open a person’s cage using the key which is their transformation item, they say something very similiar to Lucy Heartfilia from Fairy Tail.

I really love Cure Mermaid‘s Mode Elegant, but I also love her transformation sequence [especially the way she puts her crown, and it transforms her hair, which is, as you can see, also not completely monochromatic and plays on the whole blue precure color scheme]. All of the forms that she made during that particular sequence reminded me a lot of the sea, even when her hairdo is made to remind you of the waves of the sea, it seems to me, anyway. And then, there’s her fighting style, which is so elegant and reminiscent, I believe anyway, of her background as a ballet dancer. Not only that, but she even has the sense of using everything thrown at her to her advantage, which shows that she is quick on her feet. Speaking of feet, could it be that she favours kicks more? To contrast with Cure Flora, whom I distinctly recall using her fists a lot [of course I could be wrong, I really only have two episodes of this series to go for, but I can’t wait till Cure Twinkle comes along and the trio is complete]? And what exactly can I say about her “Sermon Card” at the end of her transformation sequence? I’ll tell you what: IT’S SO PRETTY!

Before I end this post, let’s talk about how Cure Flora basically took the backseat and let Cure Mermaid do the fighting. Granted, she was momentarily amazed (as are all other pink precures when they first start, I think?), AND she was injured (isn’t this the first time ever that we see a precure injured PRIOR to transforming, and still having the injury after she transformed? This is interesting, and I think it makes sense, no? It’s still their body, and if it’s damaged before transformation, it’s bound to have repercussions). But yeah, what I mean by this is… is this some kind of sign that shows to us that our pink precure will not be stealing anyone’s spotlight this time around? I don’t know, I mean, Megumi from Happiness Charge Precure seemed to be doing just fine before that finale, haha. And also, on a side note, I really love how she makes her expressions, they are really, really hilarious to look at, and so cute!!

Seeing as the third episode does not seem to include Cure Twinkle [yet, Aroma already lost the third perfume, will it fall into the wrong hands already at the end of next week’s episode? Or will Cure Twinkle find it just in time to save her two comrades?], but the clumsy magical girl mascot instead, doesn’t that make you think that maybe Pafu (because that’s her name) is pretty important? Like how Candy from Smile Precure and Chiffon from Fresh Precure ended up being pretty important characters by their respective runs?

All right,
That’s it for today!
I’ll see you all next week (PERHAPS)
For another episode of Go! Princess Precure!
Until then, stay safe!
m(._.)m  Ponyta’s out! m(._.)m