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Title: Garo: Honoo no Kokuin
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Episode: 03 [Zaruba]
Watched: December 18th, 2014

December 18th, 2014

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I hope you’re doing well! Already almost done with the month of February! Aren’t we all glad it’s coming to an end? Well I’m glad, it means that the semester is almost half-way done, isn’t it? It also means… midterms… urks…

There are Spoilers in this episode review, please be aware!

This episode gives us more exposition about the world of Variante, and yet, still opens up more questions about the whole concept. This one talks about Madou Ring Zaruba, which is basically a benign Horror which works alongside humans (by forming a pact with it, in which the benign Horror will give the human power to defeat other monsters, as long as the wearer of the ring gives him his life energy in exchange. At least that’s what I understand anyway. It also explains what the Makai Knights are; beings, or rather hunters who kill the Horrors, as we’ve previously understood anyway. As much as I understand from what we understood in the first two episodes, however, this resembles highly the Witches and Warlocks, does it not? What makes it different? What’s the difference between Knights and Golden Knights, who seem to be able to summon the armors and make pacts with the demons? Is it exactly that? It’s in their blood? It’s not a title earned from being a good and skilled knight?

These benign Horrors seem to live inside of rings? That might be transmitted from generation to generation; meaning that the Horror follows the family bloodline [as seen when that one dude whose name shall be forgotten (Marcelo?) was unable to summon Zaruba and became himself a Horror, meaning that Horrors are born (or can come to the Human world) from intense negative human emotions?]. Leon inherited his Horror [specifically, Zaruba] from his mother’s side [which creates a problem for his father, since he can’t give Leon his ring… I guess you can only have one Horror per ‘body’, since you’ve only so much life span to spare], doesn’t this mean that his mother, even though she’s a witch, also had a ring, or something? What makes it different from Warlock/Witch to Knights?!? Also, there seems to be some kind of hierarchy between the Makai Knights, too, as Marcelo was called a Makai Knight (rather, an apprentice) by Gael, but was not “Golden Knight” material to summon the Zaruba [HOWEVER, he was shown to have an armor which he could summon, although it certainly didn’t have the same brilliance as German’s or Luis’]. I wish to know more… Speaking of the rings, Alchemist Gael [who used to be a genius, I mean, he created a Madou Bell, what’s that? Are we going to see it?] is old and is the one who ‘makes’ or ‘repairs’ the rings, is that what alchemists are for? What other things can they do, other than hide places with ‘magic’ and be blacksmiths to the knights? The Alchemist, Ema Guzman [or Emma?], is able to fight both the Horror from the previous episode, this one, AND Leon himself, too! What created animosity between alchemists and knights [also what is it that she can do with the ring, since only the Golden Knight can summon the Zaruba demon?]?

It’s very ironic that, even amongst the ranks of the Makai people (I’m just gonna call everyone “Makai-” since they seem to all have a common goal, I’d like to know where the name came from), there’s going to be discord. It seems like even lesser knights, or rather, apprentices, can also succumb to getting Horrors consume their hearts. Considering that their numbers are dwindling, I don’t think it’s a good thing that they fight amongst themselves, I mean, that puts them at a direct disadvantage, does it not?

I wonder how Leon Luis was able to fight and summon his armor (even if it’s broken), despite not having his ring – or the demon inside of said ring. Is it because the armor is something they can summon with their ‘blood’ and will and strength, but to control said power, they need to form a pact with the demons? It seems like his mother was a witch, but she still inherited the ring and the Golden Armor. Is she called that simply because women cannot be knights? I’M INSULTED.

Leon Luis‘ father, German Luis, used to be called Roberto, I wonder why he changed his name. Is it only because they were on the run, or is it because he wished a new start with his son [who, by the way, seems to already have had flames on his body back then, too, perhaps due to being born in the fire?]? Or is it because it hurts him to be called Roberto, because it reminds him of Anna? In the flashback, it seems like he’s such a good father and worried father, too, I wonder what transformed him into becoming such a laid back guy. Did he become like this for his son’s sake? And what is Garo? When did Garo came to be?

Meanwhile, prince Alfonso, yep, I bet you forgot about him, huh? He became acquainted with one of the Garo Knights – probably – since he has a purple armor that shines the same way that German‘s or Luis‘ do. I wonder if this guy will take him in and train him as another golden knight that he’s supposed to be [why wasn’t his mother aware that she had that blood inside of her? Why did her father/mother hide such heritage from her? Or was her memory wiped clean from the whole thing? Perhaps she was the Witch Anna’s friend? Or perhaps she wiped her own memory clean so that she could be of service to the crown in a better way?]. I really hope that Alfonso and Luis will become good friends as soon as possible. What if Alfonso has diluted blood or something and can’t be a knight, but that amulet summons a Makai Knight to protect him in case of danger? Then damn, his mother should have kept it. I hope nothing bad happened to her.

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I’ll see you next week for another Garo: The Animation episode review!
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