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Channel: The Ellen Show
Link: Youtube and Facebook Page

January 9th, 2014 

Shall I compare thee to the hours spent a day, 
Through thy channel lovely and O so funny, 
A breeze of freshness like the month of May, 
Bringing with thee admiration and hilarity.  
- I'm like, a modern failed Shakespeare 

Where has the TIME gone, people? We’re already in February 2015!
I hope I had a good year of 2014…
How have you all been, actually, it feels like a long time since I’ve seen you!

Can you believe that in two days [after this is posted on my blog that is], my Year [of the Horse] will already be done, replaced by the Year of the Ram, Jolteon‘s year [and many other of my friends’]? I’ll have to wait another 12 years to come back!

Just like so many YouTubers I’ve shown each month since 2014, I feel like Ellen Degeneres is so popular that I don’t really need to promote her YouTube page, but I’m going to do it anyway, just in case!
You know what Channel we’re gonna talk about, let’s get to it, shall we?

When I was in high school, Ellen Degeneres was an icon, but, at that time, my brain was less developed than my fellow students. I was (and still am) into mangas and other less popular things. I didn’t know what the hype was about this one person who talks and might be funny.


I love Ellen’s Show because she is not only funny, but she’s also the sweetest and kindest! Truly, this is probably why she won the People’s Choice Awards in 2014 [for Favourite Talk Show Host].

See? She has a pretty good sense of humour and doesn’t mean to hurt anyone at all! She’s so humble and she’s nice, too!!

I love seeing her give gifts to those spectators who take the time (and money, mind you) come to the show.

I like how she has games and star guests with whom she talks.
She even has guests that are not that well known, like young children! And she even gives them gifts at the end of their performances! That’s just awesome how she encourages their talents the way she does.

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