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Title: MARVEL’s Agent Carter
Season: 01
Episode: 06 [A Sin to Err]
Aired: February 10th, 2015
Watched: February 12th, 2015

February 12th, 2015

Good morning everybody!
How are you all doing? I’m doing well, I think things are finally starting to become… better. Somewhat better. Are you ready for this week’s Agent Carter [technically, I mean “last week’s”, when you receive this, but “this week’s” as of the writing of this review/opinion]? In case, somehow, you haven’t watched it, please, DO be aware there are spoilers in here.

Can we just LOVE how Dr Ivchenko starting answering Peggy‘s questions, with the fact that Leviathan trains young women – girls, even – to become agents for them. He comments on how they can slip easily through a man’s defenses, they are basically invisible in that day’s society [I wondered of Chief Dooley might actually make a point of investigating that, since it might be pretty important, but it seems like he only sees that Agent Carter has betrayed the office, using those exact means… it’s a bad thing that Ivchenko actually came and… well… he can BRAINWASH people?! See what he did to that noob agent?! That’s VERY upsetting, and I totally called it, by the way, I totally called it last episode, when he made his first appearance, I TOTALLY CALLED IT]. It parallels RIGHT into how Peggy Carter herself is used in the SSR, and in general. Additionally about this dude, he’s obviously came from being especially chosen – that is, KIDNAPPED – to work for Leviathan to being one of its leaders, even going as far as to order Dottie Underwood herself – who had been stationed in New York way before his arrival – and yet seemed to know about her being stationed there and seemed to know everything already. He’s risen up the ranks and has become brainwashed perhaps into serving Leviathan. We all know – except you, Bayleef, haha – that it’s quite possible this happened.

Dottie Underwood seems to have been present when Ivchenko was taken prisoner and taken to work for Leviathan. I don’t think that they have anti-aging serum of any kind, so here’s the question: how can such short amount of time have been spent between Ivchenko’s capture and his rise to become one of the most important – and probably brainwashed – people in Leviathan?

I like that Chief Dooley has FINALLY decided to give Peggy Carter a chance [it was probably thanks to her good work in Russia, and VERY MORE PROBABLY because Jack Thompson gave her a thumbs-up recommendation? OR, and more likely: he wanted her OUT of the office so that he could interrogate Ivchenko] – by giving her the chance to chase after the hunch that she’s been having. I quite like that idea. It’s really too bad that he’s being brainwashed by Ivchenko. I wonder what will happen now. Will he uncover the secret between Leviathan and Peggy Carter in the next episodes (or will Daniel Sousa do all the job and then show him?)? Or will he die trying [I don’t think that’s likely to happen, I think Peggy will do something in the next episodes and prove her worth to the SSR, Season 2, if we are lucky enough to get one, might be about how they’re going to weed out Leviathan/HYDRA from the surface of the earth [and got them scared enough that they became HYDRA inside of SHIELD], and Howard Stark and Peggy will be the founders of SHIELD]? I really hope that, like Jack Thompson, Chief Dooley will realize Peggy’s true worth.

We’ve seen – while Jack Thompson was speaking to Daniel Sousa, how surprised he was that Carter could be a bad guy, BUT that Sousa knew she’d been hiding something from them. I like seeing this dynamic duo working together – I think I may have mentioned that already before, especially when you notice the few signs that they make to each other while on mission [do you see Jack Thompson’s gaze when Daniel Sousa just looked at him? “Don’t even think about mentioning this when this is all over, man. Not cool” That’s HILARIOUS and GOLD]. Too bad the two of them are probably going to consider Peggy as a bad guy until next episode (at least). I can’t wait to see how Peggy’s going to gain back their trust. I’m fairly sure that Sousa‘s naturally inquisitive nature is going to wonder about the fact that Peggy Carter was not ‘awake’ when they found her, and all clues will point him towards investigating Dottie Underwood, and somehow, he’ll be utterly convinced of Peggy’s innocence.

To see, or not to see, Dottie Underwood at work, was really quite fun… even though I didn’t quite expect it to be that bad. Now, as Angie has found out at the same time as us: Dottie is completely on the run, and she’s gone. I wonder if she decided to leave because Peggy no longer lives at the Griffith, so her cover there was no longer needed, and so, she simply decided to leave without telling anyone [You might think that’s presumptuous of her, but after all, she knows already that Peggy knows her secret: that she’s the Leviathan secret agent sent to terminate her. If your cover is already blown, you don’t go and stay where your enemy (in this case: Peggy Carter) might find you]. I wonder if she’s the one who took on the role of Ida Emke, also, giving Howard Stark a false name would not be completely impossible for them. I mentioned on my blogging Tumblr, I’m totally not against them showing two women kissing on the show. I think that was very nicely done and I think, I’m not sure, that’s the first ever moment that you see that on an American show (it deserves a clap just for that). I’m all for Peggy Carter being bisexual, I mean, even her actress sort of tweeted that! I like shows who are open-minded like that. I should even mention how much I liked that Peggy even had a remark for that: “You… you’re wearing my brand.” It probably means that Peggy knows what happened to her room key (or rather, who took it). I was really scared when we saw that scene when Dottie took out her small knife – which we know she used in the flashback to kill someone who was unwilling to work for Leviathan. It was quite terrifying, thank goodness she reverted back to ditzy Dottie the moment Agent Sousa came by to save arrest Peggy.

Angie Martinelli has taken on the spotlight, seriously, with her academy award winning performance [in my opinion anyway], which rendered Mrs. Fry speechless, Daniel Sousa, completely flabbergasted and Jack Thompson, under-self-confident upon what to do. It was SO funny to see the two men completely at a loss as to what to do. It completely plays on how difficult it is for men to know how to deal with women when they lose it. Or rather more specifically, when they cry [I love how this show demonstrates how easily women can manipulate men HAHAHAHA]. I’m a girl – some people might say ‘woman’ but y’know the drill – but I feel REALLY awkward when someone cries, too [and it happens REALLY often, too, actually! I make people cry on a daily basis when I go to work]. I love how, despite the fact that she knows Government agents are looking for Peggy Carter, Angie Martinelli just marches up and supports her friend completely, despite the fact that Peggy HAS been lying to her, or has been keeping things from her, rather. It adds a whole new layer to their friendship, which I love. As we’ve all mentioned before, I’m sure, Peggy REALLY needs such a friend figure in her life right now, and forever. I mean, do you remember Peggy’s niece (or descendant) who actually came back to find her during Captain America the Winter Soldier [I remember posting it somewhere in the previous episodes]?! Can I just mention how I would love to just ship Jack and Angie together? Yeah, that’s right, I’m shipping them almost as much as I ship Peggy and Angie together as friends!

I’m also happy to see Sheldon and Daniel Sousa talking together [I mean, it makes sense, seeing as Sheldon is one of the only ones who actually saw Peggy’s face… I guess she should have done something to mask herself… but then again, she was so used to being invisible at the office she probably didn’t think that anyone would ever believe the man who believes he got knocked out by a woman, because THAT is so outlandish and impossible], but it’s really especially Sousa working towards pointing all evidence to Peggy Carter before reporting her to Chief Dooley, because he does his job before he goes after her as a romantic interest, he is dutiful, which is something you’ve got to admire in him – and something she might, too, if she ever has to consider him as a significant other [Sousa is so heartbroken, and you know what? It’s so funny that he carries a picture of Peggy… I wonder if he took it from her file and just kept it in his wallet, giving as an excuse that he needs the picture for picture evidence, not because he likes to have her picture nearby]. I wonder if, as this picture suggests, Peggy knows that Sousa has a crush on her and that’s why she knew he wouldn’t shoot her. I’m 100% sure that she thinks it’s based on their friendship as outcasts at the office, though. As I mentioned previously, I give him until next episode to close in on Dottie Underwood and ask Peggy for forgiveness for doubting her word (lol).

Let’s jump to Edwin Jarvis, who has been absent besides Peggy Carter for awhile (okay, for like, maybe one episode). I missed their friendship, to be honest, so it was really fun to take a look at – especially watching the other women punish Jarvis in the stead of Howard Stark, who left them [it was probably really nice and satisfying for Peggy to see that, because she never was able to get… revenge (not that she needs it, but she did say that it would be fun) for Howard and Jarvis tricking her into helping them]. There were many moments in the episodes revolving Jarvis that I loved. Another one of which was when he let Peggy go out the back of the diner, and smashed a plate on an SSR agent’s head and looking very satisfied with it [I’ll direct you to this interview moment that his actor said about him thinking that, in his head, he’s actually Jackie Chan]. Another noteworthy moment was definitely when he faced off with the would-be mafioso, just because it was so funny how obviously desperate Jarvis was to get rid of him (and obviously, that got taken advantage of). It would be GOLD if we could get even more moments like this one, hahaha.

Here’s Kristin Hackett’s video review about the episode (she’s from ThinkAboutTheInk), I really liked her paralleling Peggy and Dottie, because I felt much the same about the two ‘Agents’. Comic Drake also released a video today about Leviathan, here’s his video, it’s really interesting, because you get to know more about the comic verse of the group! And last but not least: here’s Emergency Awesome‘s video.

All right, I’ll see you all later!
Have a great week and catch you in the next!
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