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Title: Go! Princess Precure
Episode: 03 [Already Goodbye? You are not allowed to keep Pafu]
Watched: February 16th, 2015
Aired: February 15th, 2015

February 16th, 2015

Good morning/afternoon everybody!
How are you all doing? This week, I thought I would indulge and write a piece about Go! Princess precure‘s third episode, so here it is! There may be spoilers if you haven’t watched it yet, so please, do go check it out when you can!

I like how, as Minami Kaido – I’ll more often be referring to her as Cure Mermaid – has her own pillars of support (the secretary of the student council, Ayaka Nishimine, and the vice president of the student council [Seira Azuma], who will probably come back one of these days, I’m 88% sure). These two really remind me of Michiru Kaiou, or Sailor Neptune for your information, and Haruka Tenou, also known as Sailor Uranus, for those of you who are unfortunate not to know, (hey her name is Haruka, just like Cure Flora) respectively. I mean, Seira the vice-president displayed some chivalrous nature there when she caught Haruka when the latter was about to hit the ground, and in turn, the secretary, Ayaka, has this air about her that is very dignified and calm, just like Michiru. In that case, would that make Reiko Kisaragi as Sailor Pluto [also known as Setsuna Meiou [just for you]]? I mean, she does have long hair and she does have a tendency for rules sticking to rules [I don’t know why, but it seems to me like Pluto also has a sticking to rules thing, but I might be mistaking, I’m only following up with my memories after all; in my mind, since Setsuna had to keep the Door of Space and Time, she was probably rule-abiding], after all. Of course, I’m not implying that Reiko is the carbon copy of Setsuna, since I don’t think Setsuna was afraid of dogs the way Reiko is [similarly, I’m not implying that the secretary and vice-president are identicals to Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus].

And meanwhile, Haruka Haruno [Cure Flora] herself has her own support in Yui Nanase, the one who dreamed of becoming a famous writer [I’m still learning their names, so I’m trying to use all of their full name in order to get it right, all right?]. That roommate is hilarious, seriously, I love how they portray her without her glasses [and also I love how she’s there to help Haruka; I hope that she won’t feel too bad when Haruka starts to hang with Kirara Amanogawa and Minami Kaido a lot as well (it really reminds me of Yes! Pretty Cure 5); whereas the potential ‘conflict’ or jealousy sort of remind me a lot more of Sailor Moon, Usagi, and her friend Naru, who was sidelined almost completely once Usagi found her Sailor Scouts]. It might be one of the most hilarious moments in the beginning of the episode.

Haruka Haruno‘s plans to get Pafu integrated into the school dorms show great ingenuity, I found, and I was happy to see that it even won over Sailor Neptune – I mean, Ayaka Nishimine‘s vote. This experience, as Minami Kaido had predicted, has shown Cure Flora about all the different people in the school [kids are gonna have to get used to people having different opinions from theirs, after all, and they’ll have to adapt to and accept these differing opinions, of course, though, Kisaragi Reiko was bound to accept Pafu at some point]. I’m glad that Pafu isn’t an airhead enough to start talking in front of other humans/students after Haruka told her not to. That’s a good difference from a lot of Pretty Cure Fairies I’ve encountered (I think) [although Aroma seems to not be able to shut up, Yui almost found out about his ability to talk (but then again, people mistake him for a parrot, so a talking parrot wouldn’t be as surprising as a talking ‘dog’)]. I guess this episode really shows how Minami can think well on her feet (I mean, using the rule book in order to integrate Pafu into the dorm life means she’s pretty good) and how attached to the Precures the Precure Fairies (namely Pafu) already has become. As you may or may not know, the bond between a Magical Girl and her Magical Fairy is very important – especially in, say: Futari wa Pretty Cure, where the Fairies WERE doubling also as the girls’ transformation items!

This episode really gained points in the fact that it showed us a new villain – one of the Three Musketeers, in fact: Shut, to combine (or compete) with Close, whom we’d met a few episodes back. The advantage of having two villains already shown here gives Cure Flora and Cure Mermaid a chance to both use their finishing attacks, without overshadowing the other, which is really something I worry about ever since Doki Doki Precure.

Aroma has mentioned it already, how the girls’ teamwork was absolutely flawless (or fabulous), despite not having worked together for a very long time [I wonder if they will be having some kind of training or something, once Kirara Amanogawa joins them, or once they discover that the bad guys have leveled up and they need more of power of teamwork to vanquish them], but I have to mention also: I love how Cure Mermaid used one water attack to just knock out the monster she was up against, whereas Cure Flora used her brute strength in order to get the same job done [doesn’t this refer to them being the embodiment of Grace/Kindness and Strength respectively? Because I still think that Cure Twinkle will be representing Beauty].

Speaking of which, have you noticed how conveniently during this episode, Kirara Amanogawa was absent? I guess she was probably busy doing other things since she’s a model, so she’s probably not always on school grounds. Does this mean that they’ll be going in the city for the next episode or something? It seemed, for a few episodes, that the series would solely focus on the Noble Academia, which would have been comprehensible, since the bad guys are only looking towards capturing the Fairies and keeping the Precures from popping up all over the place. However, it would be pretty inconvenient to think that people with dreams only appear in the Noble Academia and not everywhere in real life.

All right, then, that’s it for today!
As usual, I’m not sure if we’ll see each other next Friday,
But I’ll be doing my best, so you too! Have a great weekend!
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