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Title: Garo: Honoo no Kokuin
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Episode: 04 [Bloodville]
Watched: December 22nd, 2014

December 22nd, 2014

Hey there everybody!
How are you all doing? Since I finished my 20 day music challenge for now on my main blog, I decided to continue my adventure into Garo: The Animation. I call it an adventure just because it’s rated R and there’s scenes. Hahaha, so please, before you read on, there are spoilers in this episode, please! Also please be aware that the amount of blood in this one was really bad.

It’s SUPER funny that German had to take a break from chasing girls, simply because the women in the village are not appealing to the eye [even though, at some point, he discovers a supposed Witch, who’s quite beautiful for someone who lives in such a village with her son [who turned into a creepy little son [or rather, a Horror took his form] ever since he found a little statue in the forest], and German was immediately suspicious of her, and even made his ring make a sound in order to draw the Horror out of her, but it didn’t work]. I should take offense, just because maybe they have nice personalities… although I mean, the guy is looking for a one night stand, after all! German assumed the villagers were actually Horrors, but it seemed – due to the fact that they did not react to the bell – they aren’t, even though they have weird hobbies, especially about the ceremony they speak of. Through this episode, we discover a few things about Horrors: they can actually take the form of inanimate objects [the thing was possessing a wooden doll for goodness’ sakes, and it was fueled and fueling Alois‘ need and hunger for revenge, which is something that ultimately, Leon can relate to, I wonder if he understood his father’s words in that moment, even though I doubt that’s going to stop him from trying to get his revenge on Mendoza, whom we haven’t seen of in two episodes now, I’m very suspicious about his whereabouts, I must say]! I wonder if we’re going to see these two characters again one of these days…

By traditions/customs/ways of the Makai Knights, if one of you are possessed by a Horror, then if you open their eyes wide open and ring or make them stare at your Makai Knight’s Ring, they’ll manifest or something. That’s… very good to know [however, German used this about two-three times in this episode, but we haven’t seen how a Horror is supposed to react. And I assume that this is what the “bell” that Alchemist Gael has created at a young age?], German. I think I know why the latter is so laid back and so… much of a womanizer [other than being forced to produce and heir in order to transmit his Makai Knight status and powers and overall legacy to]: intense negative emotions attract the Horrors, right? That’s why he doesn’t wish for his son to take revenge on Mendoza. It also seems like, whatever punishment the church or other humans deem worthy of certain people, the Makai Knights are simply going to overlook, as they do not pass judgement on them; their duty solely lies on finding and killing off the Horrors. I think that’s just. Imagine if a Makai Knight abused his power, passed judgement after judgement and thought he/she was a god or something, that would make his benign Horror turn into a bad Horror or something… or HE would turn into a Horror!

By the way, no flames have engulfed Leon as he fought on against the Horror today, so does this mean that the flames were really just a secondary effect to not having a demon ring (or just Zaruba) inside of his ring and overusing his powers all by himself?

Oh yeah, and meanwhile, with Prince Alfonso, because seriously, he has NOT been appearing for long enough, he’s been saved by a Makai Knight FOR SURE [I mean the way his armor just vanishes that way makes you think that it is a Makai Knight], whom he mistakes for Variante’s Knight of Light (or some variant of that title anyway). Said knight seems to be leading him to safety or something, and I’m still expecting him to train the prince in the art of being a Makai Knight (or at least reveal to him his true identity; secretly, I’m still hoping for Alfonso to be German’s son, but it’s impossible, I mean… the Queen said she wore the amulet since she was young). I’m expecting a full on episode about Alfonso, just because he was left out BIG TIME in this one, haha.

All right,
I’ll see you next week!
(o・ω・o)?? Ponyta’s out (o・ω・o)??