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Title: Big Hero 6
Released: November 7th, 2014 [you just KNOW that Disney is celebrating my birthday with these kinds of release dates!!!!]
Watched: December 16th, 2014
Rated: 8.9/10

December 27th, 2014

Hey there everybody!
Today [as you see this anyway] marks the day [according to my best friend, Wikipedia, anyway], that the DVD and Blu-Ray of Big Hero Six are coming out. I was already so excited to watch the movie long before it was released, but I wasn’t able to get there for the premiere, which is a bummer, really…

Careful for spoilers, I’m not sure how much I can make this spoiler-free!!

So first off, let’s make work with some background information before you start watching the movie, the same kind of way that I did when I watched the Guardians of the Galaxy movie [even though I must say, my friend Bayleef watched this and she quite enjoyed herself without having to know the more intricate information like where the Big Hero 6 come from and where they fit in the MARVEL comicverse]. Here’s ItsSuperEffective‘s video of origin story of the Big Hero 6 as well as VariantComicsvideo of the same team! I’ll even throw in a WatchMojo.com video of the characters and their origins, just because I find these videos so complete with whatever little information we have of them!

Big Hero 6 is a movie that I went to see in the movie theaters, alone, because both Bayleef and Munchlax saw it without me. I was initially so psyched about it, mostly because of the trailers that we’ve been seeing, and also because they’re superheroes from the MARVEL comics, as you’ve seen from the videos above. I already knew from watching the trailers that the movie would have a different setting than in the comics [San Fransokyo doesn’t exist in the comics, for example, I believe, but I could be wrong, feel free to correct me], and even when the cast was different from the first cast in the comics, and Baymax‘s abilities were equally different, it didn’t bother me as much, it was entertaining! I loved the story, even if some parts were predictable. It really redefines my definition of “emotional roller coaster“, because I cried at least twice, and laughed an infinite amount of times.

Note: This is a superhero movie and even though MARVEL didn’t really put its logo there [it’s true, you only see the Disney logo on the promotional poster], and it was DISNEY almost through and through, don’t forget to stay for the secret ending, no spoilers, but Stan Lee even makes a cameo!!

The soundtrack of the movie was simply amazing and does its job well of pulling you further into the story. I strongly associate the song Immortals by Fall Out Boy with Big Hero 6, even though the official music video certainly isn’t as impressive as How to Train Your Dragon 2. And what to say about the visual effects? Stunningly awesome!

Let me leave you with some fan comics that appeared on my Dashboard over these past few weeks/months, just to quench your Big Hero 6 cravings. This first part and this second part are a crossover between the movie and the Rise of the Guardians movie, which I haven’t watched yet, because I still have a lot of them to watch… This other one is about the effect of gravity on nerds. And this last one is a comic that is canon.

So I’m going to bring this to an end, and focus on January’s posts, because everything is chaotic with me!
See you next month/week, depending on what you’re tuning in for!
Take good care of yourselves!
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