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Title: MARVEL’s Agent Carter
Season: 01
Episode: 07 [SNAFU]
Aired: February 17th, 2015
Watched: February 19th, 2015

February 19th, 2015 

Hello there everybody!
I do hope you are going well! My day has been tiresome, but very much wholesome, I believe. I get to see Mewtwo today, and we’re gonna PAR-TAY. Secondly, today is the Lunar New Year for us, even if we’re in the country of Canada, we celebrate it, yes, yes indeed! All right, let’s cut to the chase: here are some of my thoughts on this second-to-last episode of Agent Carter. There are spoilers.

Let’s start with the title, first of all. I don’t always pay attention to the title, but I thought I would point it out today because SNAFU was something I had to Google (maybe not my safest move, Piplup would say). According to both Wikipedia and Urban Dictionary (both websites that are oh so renowned for their trustworthiness), it means: Situation Normal: All F*cked Up. I find the clearest definitions I found on Urban Dictionary would be these: the first one is from someone named Jessica: “A chaotic or confused situation” as a noun or “In a state of confusion or chaos” as an adjective or “To make confused or chaotic” as a verb and the second is from Mark Grenier: “Situation Normal All Fucked Up. Refers to a regular or normal activity or situation that, for a reason or another, turns awfully bad or doesn’t go as planned. Was apparently used in the Vietnam war by soldiers when an unexpected event or attack took everyone off [guard]“. Not only is it extremely relevant since Agent Carter takes place in a military-like setting, but also, it fits this episode utterly, since Leviathan really took the SSR agents by surprise.

The episode starts with Dr Fennhoff (who later become known to us as Dr. Ivchenko), who was reading the play The Tragic Life of Doctor Faustus, written by Christopher Marlowe [as an aside, here’s a reason why the fact that he was reading this is important: as Emergency Awesome mentions, some fans believe that this is a way for MARVEl to introduce Ivchenko as Dr. Faustus himself from the comics, which would make sense, considering that Ivchenko (in the series) and Faustus (in the comics) have similar abilities in terms of mental manipulations. Do you think that Ivchenko sold his soul to the devil? Or is it because he is an Inhuman?], before he was called into surgery. Back in the day, his talents started to be used as numbing agent of some kind, to help ease the pain for patients who underwent extreme surgeries. From there, I believe Leviathan was probably made aware of his abilities and decided to recruit him amongst the other dudes we’ve seen in the previous episode’s flashback. They probably helped him realize the true extent of his abilities [from being an anesthetist to a Leviathan boss, after all, it either takes some brainwashing OR if he blended in so well in his new crowd, it sort of means that he already had a certain tendency towards killing?]. As a side note, I wonder what happened to Private Ovechkin at the end of that flashback.

The wheel and rotation of three agents (Dooley, Sousa and Thompson) in order to interrogate Peggy Carter was incredibly nicely choreographed [and what can I tell you about the SOUNDTRACK that came with that rodeo?! It was BRILLIANTLY ORCHAESTRATED and still gives me chills], I loved watching it unfold, even though they were wasting precious time [but it was necessary for the narrative to have them all to be on the same page at the end of the episode (even if they had to sacrifice someone important)]! They really grilled her good, using everything they could, using guilt over being a ‘double agent’, to betraying their trust, etc. They even used the authoritative figure, Chief Dooley, to actually praise her and compliment her in hopes that she would crack. But she didn’t, quite obviously, since she knew – as we do – that she wasn’t guilty. They used Jack Thompson to threaten her physically – because we all know what his real ability is in the interrogation room (punching), but both Jack and Peggy know what Peggy is capable of [if you don’t remember, I’ll give you a flashback], and it wasn’t like she was going to be impressed with his threats. And then, relentlessly, they used Daniel Sousa [and later Agent Thompson] to implant doubt in her, and in making her think that Howard Stark abandoned her [he even went as far as to imply there may have been a romantic relationship between the two of them (Peggy and Howard, that is)]. Out of all of these men, I feel like Agent Sousa is the one who got to her the most, perhaps because, out of all of them, Daniel is the one Peggy felt most friendly with [maybe not romantic feelings, but she probably found in him a comrade who might see her as a potential love interest, but who still has good senses, great detective skills and doesn’t diminish her abilities (all the time)].

But even more impressive was her ability to have a harsh comeback [with the truth, too] to each and every one of their critics, and their arguments [the lines: “Unless I have your reports and coffee, I’m invisible” and “You think you know me, but I’ve never been more than each of you has created” rang true and must have hurt a lot. The truth hurts, all right? It’s true, they’ve been putting their own ideals of Peggy onto her and don’t see past that]. Truly, Peggy Carter is not only a physically strong woman, she’s a mentally strong human being as well. I’d like to take a moment to explain the comment she had about “a girl on a pedestal” and the “daft whore”. Obviously, this comment is aimed at Agent Sousa, because, out of the three agents, he’s the one who accused her of being completely wrapped around the finger of Howard Stark [and by his reaction when she said that, I wonder if he’s feeling a little guilty, or if his mind is only focused on seeing what angle he can get to her by, to get her to confess her crimes, or perhaps he’s furious that he let himself fall for a spy].

I found myself somewhat unhappy about what eventually happened with Chief Dooley, especially since he’d finally become a little bit more human in the last few episodes [the writers did this by introducing not only his family, but his familial problems as well [oh and hey, HEY! Iron Man suit prototype!]. I really hope that his family won’t see him as a deserter or as someone who wouldn’t come to see them when he said he would, because he totally wanted to. I hope they see him as the hero that he was – but they should also totally know that he was also flawed, because no heroes are perfect, LESSON LEARNED, CHILDREN! LESSON LEARNED], but obviously, not as much as Bayleef was. I guess his death was important for us to understand that Leviathan [and the writers] means business, and they are not afraid of taking out important characters [it really stung when Chief said that Peggy should get out of the SSR, so, am I sad that he died? Yeah, but at least he redeemed himself by entrusting the duty of avenging him (GASP, CAPTAIN AMERICA IS THE FIRST AVENGER BUT PEGGY CARTER IS THE SECOND) to Peggy, of all people]. I wonder if this means that he’s entrusting the SSR to her and that she’ll be the Chief, or if it means that it will be Sousa, or Thompson [THAT ATTA GIRL MOMENT THO, I don’t want Peggy to feel validated because his last words to her were that, but it’s like… the fatherly figure who acknowledges her abilities and compliments her? That’s how I want to see it, anyway]. Oh hey, also: Agent Thompson did some real mad character developments, I wish I could give you a good GIF, but nope, sorry. I’m giving you a clap though!

I’m glad that Jack Thompson and Daniel Sousa finally caught up with Peggy and are now going to be working with her and believe her [especially since she came clean and actually relinquished the last sample of Steve Roger‘s blood, someone they know is very precious to her, did you even see Sousa’s expression when she explained it?]. Also, you’ve got to hand it to Sousa, he really knows how to use his clutch well, especially against a highly trained Leviathan Black Widow (I’m talking about you, “Dottie Underwood), even though eventually, she overpowered him (GIRL POWER, lol), I was very happy that he didn’t end up losing his life [I mean she probably didn’t want to risk going after him and getting a taste of the bullets since he might actually be a good shot].

The fact that Dottie Underwood and Dr. Ivchenko did not touch the vial of Steve Roger‘s blood means they probably didn’t know about it [I feel like they would have stolen it, since we know that Dr who-now wanted to replicate their own version of Captain America by making the Winter Soldier, whom they were never really able to stabilize]. I hope that Sousa and Thompson will let Peggy keep it or something, since they know how much it means to her [although “My girlfriend keeps a vial of her ex’s blood” sort of doesn’t sound appealing, but it would be extremely noble of them to let her have it]. It frightened me that Item 17 was taken, knowing the affect it had in the Battle of Finow, and then finding out what they were planning to do with it when they put it inside of the baby stroller and abandoned it in the movie theater. It’s going to be extremely interesting to see what they’re going to do with it [will they launch it all over the city only? Or will they mass produce it and throw it all over the countries that are against HYDRA and Leviathan? That way, all Americans would kill themselves? Like the people did in Finow and in the movie theater? Obviously, that’s why Howard Stark, who had gone to Finow to test it out, was so distressed when he came back]. Can I just take a small moment to say that scene when she escaped Daniel Sousa was EXTREMELY amazing?! I mean, that is one badass way of going down stairs [also one way I will NOT use, because DANGER, children,DANGER]. It was like trying to get a spider when it wants to escape [hehe, see what I did there, with the whole Black Widow thing? You totally saw it].

Let’s end this bleak episode on a little more positive note: Edwin Jarvis, the Sidekick who believes himself to be the precursor to Jackie Chan or Jimmy Cagney. This gem of a man actually walked right into the SSR headquarters, quite aware of the danger that he risks (and the danger he brings to Howard Stark, of course), to save Peggy Carter from the agents. From being interrogated already, he knew the violent ways that a fruitless interrogation could bring out in agents like Jack Thompson [I was squealing of happiness when a worried Jarvis asked whether or not the agents harmed Peggy the VERY MOMENT she entered the room], and he worried until eventually, he panicked and created a rather poor plan to break her out of the offices. The problem with his plan is that the confession was not truly signed by Howard Stark, and I’m sure that, upon realizing this, Peggy probably felt utterly disappointed in Howard Stark [and maybe in herself for believing in the man]. Let me explain my point of view: for hours, she’s been detained, and grilled on giving information about Howard to the SSR, in order for him to be prosecuted for his crimes. However, she’s been determined to keep his secret and to defend him. The last he could do was to employ any kind of means to get her out of this unpleasant situation [but she’s growing desperate, she wonders where he is, and why it takes him so long. Did he truly abandon her? Did he really hang her to dry, as they say? She’s not dumb, and she knows Howard Stark, and it wouldn’t be an entirely improbable scenario, either]. And so, in this moment comes Edwin Jarvis, with a written confession “from Howard Stark,” admitting to his crimes, and finally “coming clean”. She must have felt like Howard Stark was actually doing something good by sacrificing his good name and freedom in order to rescue her [which also confirms people gossiping about how she fell for Howard Stark and that’s why she worked for America’s mustachioed Casanova, which is also ABSOLUTELY not what she wanted]… until obviously, Jarvis comes clean about having falsified the confession [which prompts her to asking him whether or not he’s ever been hanged and in telling him that it is quite unpleasant]. I see this with a double meaning: She’s been ‘hanged’ by Howard Stark [as in he jumped ship and abandoned her] and she finds it unpleasant, but being hanged and dying is also quite unpleasant – I wouldn’t know, I mean, I’ve never been hanged, so… anyways, it’s really just my rendition of it. Lastly, were you as surprised as I was that Edwin Jarvis knows Morse Code [I’d like to take some time and learn it myself one of these days, it might come in handy, no?]?!

One of the other moments in this episode that made me have goosebumps is when Peggy hands the blood vial to the SSR – namely, Chief Dooley, and explains her reasons. She says that she doesn’t know exactly why she didn’t put it back into the SSR, but that she thinks she just wanted another chance at keeping Captain America safe. [I’m not sure I like that the thing that finally convinced the SSR agents to believe Peggy Carter was the fact that she got a little teary eyed and sentimental. It’s just a minor detail, of course, since it involved other factors that eventually made them trust her, but I thought I’d point it out, I dunno].

Next week’s episode needs to tie all loose ends if there’s no Season 2 [including whether or not Leviathan only has Dr Ivchenko as prime boss (I don’t think so, which begs the question: How is the story supposed to finish if we haven’t seen the big boss?)]; I’m personally hoping there will be a season 2, though. As I’ve said before, MARVEL’s Agents of SHIELD wasn’t doing so well on ratings by the three quarters of the first season, but it was still renewed, was it not [albeit it was also thanks to Captain America II: The Winter Soldier]? I’m wondering if Howard Stark is going to come by in the next episode, since we’re going to see it off – sort of.

As usual, here’s a link to Emergency Awesome‘s episode review, and here’s ThinkAboutTheInk‘s (with Kristin Hackett) video as well.

I’ll see you all next week,
For the last episode of the series!
I’m not happy that it’s ending,
But I can’t wait for Agents of SHIELD!!
✧˖°꒰๑’ꀾ’๑꒱°˖✧ Ponyout!  ✧˖°꒰๑’ꀾ’๑꒱°˖✧

P.S. Anyone else worried that Angie might not come back next week?