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Title: Go! Princess Precure
Episode: 04 [Sparkling Kirara is Cure Twinkle?]
Watched: February 23rd, 2015
Aired: February 22nd, 2015

February 23rd, 2015

ごきげんよう みなさん?[how do you do, everyone?]
I hope this post finds you in good shape! It’s a great week to look forward to, what with the finale of Agent Carter promising to be pretty good – from the previews I’ve seen, and with a little bit more hours for sleep every day, for the rest of the week anyway! All right, so, without further ado, other than warning you there will be spoilers, let’s get started on this episode!

I couldn’t wait until Cure Twinkle joined the ranks of the Precures, because I loved her character designs (at least the ones that I’d seen before the series started). Also, the whole concept is nice (to have three precures instead of four), since they represent the earth (Cure Flora), water (Cure Mermaid) and the sky/air (Cure Twinkle). Recently, Growlithe and I had a small talk about the future of the series, and it seems like rumors have been going around about a fourth Precure that will come from the bad side (the same way Eas was in Fresh! Precure), I don’t know where she would fit in there [emotions? negative emotions? Could that count as another ‘plane’?]. We do see a different “Fairy” coming out of some kind of tablet in the Opening, and she can transform into a human form, so it wouldn’t be ludicrous to believe that she could be the fourth Precure. We also could have guessed it based on the “dark-ish” character who faces off with Cure Flora in the Opening sequence as well. I look forward to it; but I hope that, as usual, the Pink Precure won’t overshadow the others.

The episode starts with Haruno Haruka and Minami Kaido who have still yet to find the Perfume. Haruka comes to realize that one of her idols, Kirara, actually goes to Noble Academy thanks to Minami. Not only that, but the foursome (Pafu and Aroma included) discover that Kirara is the one who held the Princess Perfume after all this time. Pafu is the one who suggests first that they make Kirara into the third Precure they need, and, after meeting her, Haruka – being the Pink Precure, with all the intuition of a Pink Precure – agrees to this in the end. I find it funny that it’s really Pafu who suggests this at first; surprised because I think that usually, the one coming up with such outlandish propositions would be the Pink Precure themselves [from watching Smile Precure and Yes Precure 5], but then Aroma himself also points out that she’s quite fierce (based on the photographs) and could well embody his definition of Princesses [I still don’t buy that the Princesses have to fit such description]. This makes me believe that Pafu is indeed an important character who probably be used soon – or at least, near the midseason episode.

Since the very beginning – in the first episode, even – we’ve seen that Kirara Amanogawa is a pretty busy girl!! She didn’t appear as often, either, until this episode, most likely because she always has to leave right after class for her work as a model – either for photoshoots or for shows. I like the fact that they showed her as indifferent to Minami Kaidou’s presence, she didn’t even face her outright and refused to speak to her after class or while she was studying moves she could use for her show [the first one to be unfazed by Minami’s somewhat intimidating calmness was Haruka, when she asked to be tutored in Ballet. Of course, Haruka is different; she still saw Minami as a Wonder Woman type of character, and is still amazed by the extent of her skills, but it’s nice to see how the two characters differ from the rest in terms of their interactions with Minami, I’m sure that the latter will benefit from this and will like to be surrounded by people who don’t mind her ‘presence]. Even throughout this episode, she showed this by refusing to become the third Precure that they need [although we just know that she’ll become one by the end of the fifth episode, next week]. It was funny that she even shocked the otherwise calm and serene Minami Kaidou (Cure Mermaid). And so, I can understand that Kirara Amanogawa decided to refuse the position as a Precure. She’s been busy with her career as a model ever since she was in elementary school, after all, she really doesn’t have much time for friends and others [probably especially since she might not have friends who like her for the person that she is]. As Haruka Haruno (Cure Flora) has realized herself, Kirara is ambitious and works hard for her dream to be accomplished, which is why she couldn’t accept being a Precure (probably at the beginning). Like I said, I trust that she’ll be back in the ranks one way or the other, it’ll be interesting to know how Haruka convinces her next week.

Growlithe and I both noted that Cure Twinkle‘s transformation sequence was pretty good. She even said that it was rare to see such quality animation and effects used for a character. I have no idea because I really loved all of their transformation sequences, even from the first series of precure, so… yeah, I don’t really have a good input for that, but I really like it. Of course the first things that I’ll note is the background – made of stars because she’s the Princess of Stars (and Twinkle, I mean, that’s a reference to the song, isn’t it? Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, How I wonder what you are…), and also the hair, because I like the way they animate hair. I would also note the… happiness that emanates from her when she transforms. I don’t know why – I mean, when the other Precures from any series transform, they always do smile despite their dire situations, however, I really like this particular sequence in her transformation, it’s really quite pretty and joyful [it’s probably a combination of her almost always winking and her playful like nature?]. I also love her lecture card, I think it’s quite nice that she’s playing with a ‘star’ as she’s saying her line, it’s a nice addition, haha. I like how her design differs from the others in the sense where the degradation of Cure Flora‘s and Cure Mermaid‘s hair begins near the end of their ponytail/hair, whereas her degradation begins at the top of her hair. I don’t know why I pay attention to these

And afterwards, what can I say about her fighting style? I love that she already knew what to do based on what she’d seen Cure Flora do a few days prior [I only wished that she’d seen Cure Mermaid fight and ‘purify’ the heart of the person, but that it was Cure Flora who shared the donuts with her. That way, it would even out the connection she has with both girls – who are going to be her teammates after all]. I also quite like the bravery she proved when she faced off the Monster all by herself, without her transformed state, and used the building’s machinery to get the better of the monster for a time [of course she wouldn’t be able to vanquish it without her true powers].

I’m glad that, once the monsters are gone, the buildings that it destroyed go back to normal, just like in many other Precure series. I’m glad this happens because there’s no drama about the Precures not owning up to their mistakes, like in the superhero series. Of course, those are aimed at an older audience, and are also from a country with different values, so yeah, but I thought it was a nice contrast.

do love that Cure Flora and Cure Mermaid spent good time together before Cure Twinkle shows up. Their teamwork is pretty much on point – I mean, to be immediately thinking up of strategies, that’s really something. I can’t wait to see them go on some kind of training – I’m pretty sure there’s a training episode of some kind. After all, those kinds of episodes are a must in order to get teamwork and friendship going. Something else that’s quite noteworthy, I find, is the fact that there’s finally another food that they introduce and that will be “the mascot” for the show. I think there was a lack of noteworthy food that constantly appeared in the previous seasons. Someone on Tumblr actually expected some of the previous precures to make some kind of cameo appearance in the background – that would have been so amazing, especially this early on, haha.

Don’t you find it amazing that they already are announcing the release of the All Star movie for this season?! Here’s an image I found about it, I’m glad that Cure Twinkle arrived in time to be starred in the movie, and it seems it’ll be about a Carnival of some kind [it seems to play on the fact that the Princess Precures have to demonstrate their… ah… grace, beauty and strength, and it seems like Minami and Kirara are quite used to it, but Haruka seems to be quite stressed out (it’s gonna be so funny to watch, I can’t wait)]? I can’t wait to find out more!

All right, then, I shall await for next week’s episode with impatience!
I’ll see you all next week for another PreCure related post!
Now, I have to go back to studying!
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