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Title: Garo: Honoo no Kokuin
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Episode: 05 [Gaia]
Watched: December 23rd, 2014

December 23rd, 2014

Hello there!
How are you all doing?

So, no thanks to German, we know what happens when a Horror hears the bell of the ring of a Knight; its eye pupil will turn red and it will be compelled (maybe?) to abandon its human form and turn into its ‘monster’ form [I can’t find a proper GIF, but I wonder if that’s the only way to reveal a Horror. Do the Alchemists, Witches and Warlocks also get the ring? I mean, Witch Anna had it, so I guess she probably did use it to find Horrors?].

We’re revealed that Horrors can also be controlled, as Rafaelo believes anyway, the Horrors [didn’t the Watchdog/House say something about not knowing for sure whether or not Mendoza was using it?].

The Knight of Defense is named (or titled) Gaia, I guess it’s just as the Golden Knight is named (or titled) Garo, which is what Leon Luis is learning to become! Please let it be that Sir Rafael/Rafaelo Banderas doesn’t die throughout this series, please! He seems way too badass to just perish [as I thought, he’s going to teach Alfonso how to become a Knight, right, right right? I wonder how it is that he’s going to train him, and whether or not Leon had to go through the same kind of training… since he was young]. I also wonder if he’ll also join with German and whether or not the two of them are friends…!!

I’m glad that Queen Esmeralda was revealed not to have cheated on her husband after all [Mendoza really was sprouting lies off his back]. On top of that, she’s a Luis, which means that she did, as I had believed, have connections with the Makai Knights, even if she hadn’t been aware of it, simply because she’d been adopted by an aristocratic family.

So here’s the question: was this choice (of giving her a normal life outside of the Horror world) due to the fact that she couldn’t be an Alchemist since that’s what her sister is [so you can be born with/without the power to fight against the Horrors even though you come from Makai Knight blood?]? So then when you are siblings, only the eldest can earn the armor [or ring or just plain training?]? Doesn’t that put the Makai Knights even more at a disadvantage, as they couldn’t even get more people from their immediate families to fight alongside them? Or was this choice (made by Rafaelo (and maybe Anna), and by the way, WHO is Rafaelo in terms of relatives with Anna and Esmeralda? How is it that he – and not Anna’s father – chose the fate of the girls? Is it because he’s the big brother? But then if he’s the brother, the Garo ring would be given to him, no?) unique in the sense where only Esmeralda was cast off from her family so she could live a decent life away from fighting? I really hope Esmeralda doesn’t die…

Throughout this episode, Alfonso really proves to be such an altruistic character, he really has the traits to become a Knight, in my opinion, in the sense where he thinks about his people and any way possible to help them [the fact that he feels so helpless sort of parallels on Rafael’s helplessness, I feel anyway, as the humans are all hunting them down as witches and warlocks, but they, as such noble people, can NOT lay hands on those humans…], he would try it, especially going through the trials of becoming a Makai Knight! I think that, as he has the skills to beat humans, given the proper training, he can probably reach a good and decent level to summon his own armor [although, will he have a ring? His mother’s blood is the same as Anna’s, but Anna’s blood determined that Leon would get Zaruba (which he did), so then Alfonso can’t have Zaruba, will he contract with another Horror? Will he SHARE the power with Leon, or will he simply have an armor that will protect him and that’s all? I think it will be the latter, but IMAGINE!] and his own heavy sword [and then, he’ll join arms with his cousin, Leon, and uncle, and they’ll be best friends forever, and Leon will protect Alfonso while the latter is reigning as rightful king of Variante].

It seems like the Garo Knight is quite different from the other knights, even special ones like German and Rafael! That’s why German wasn’t completely sure what would happen on the day of the full moon, which is the only day the Golden Knight never appears [do all Horrors get stronger on that day? Is that why Rafaelo told Alfonso to be careful, because all Horrors are dangerous? I bet this is gonna become a problem in the future, like Mendosa is gonna attack everyone on a FULL MOON just so that Luis will be down for the count] and mentioned how he should have asked (his wife) Anna more details about the transition [it’s not like he knew that something like HER DYING AT THE STAKE would happen, so…].

I think that Luis met up with the previous Garo Knight [his grandfather], which is why he mentioned the old man to his father.

It seems like Octavia has some kind of obsession/crush on the King of Variante? She’s obviously charged with poisoning the man, but what else? Is she just human or is she also a Horror? Is it possible for a Makai knight [a good one, like German or Rafael, not a low-life like Marcelo (yes, I hate his guts for killing Gael)] to become a Horror? Or to be consumed by negative emotions? Is it possible for him/her to just be bad? But then, that would be dishonor to his family and to his family’s legacy, right? What do the Watchdog House or the other Makai Knights do when that happens, exactly, when one of them betrays the others? So many questions, I look forward to watching the next episode!

See you next week for some more Garo: The Animation!
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