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Title: Riddles of Fate: Into Oblivion
Production team: Elephant Games [Official Website, Facebook Page]
Started: March 9th, 2014
Finished: March 9th, 2014
Duration: ~4 hours
Rated: 8/10
Mode: Advanced
Played with: Leafeon

March 9th, 2014

Hello there, boys and girls of the Internet,
How do you all fare? I trust that the sun has come out by the time you read this, and that all’s more than super well! Don’t forget that, no matter what, we always have the internet and other strangers on it to cheer us up (I’m not talking about the trolls lurking around and about). That’s my fail attempt to cheer you up, so I’ll stop now.

This game is the second installment of the Riddles of Fate series, the first one being Riddles of Fate: Wild Hunt, which I had reviewed previously. It seems like Elephant Games has created a LOT of the games that I’ve chosen to play, for example, the Grim Tales series, the Hallowed Legends series, the Mystery Case Files and the Mystery Trackers series. I will be looking forward to playing these games, based on the many games that I’ve already played from them.

So, for this game, both Leafeon and I decided to go for the Advanced Mode, seeing as I thought we could handle it. She didn’t want to, and would have rather a more Casual Mode, so that there’d be Sparkles that indicated where we were supposed to go and where we were supposed to click. I denied her the chance and clicked on Advanced, as I wasn’t sure I had the skills to complete the Hardcore Mode. [turns out I could’ve used it, but…].

The storyline was all right. I was slightly disappointed NOT to see any indication of the previous story.

Some elements DO come back, however, like how ‘we’, the main character anyway, is a renowned detective throughout the Kingdoms.

We may even be a ROYAL DETECTIVE (another one of the series made by Elephant Games which I have yet to try), seeing as, in both games, people of high orders (as I recall anyway), call us for help, to SAVE THEIR KINGDOM (which is actually the premise for MANY, MANY Hidden Object Games (not that I mind, I love feeling like a superhero)).

I kind of wish that the stories made more sense, concept-wise that is. Not in the sense where there SHOULDN’T be impersonations of the deadly sins [I think it’s a wonderful idea in the first place], I just kind of wish that there’d be links between the games (for example, as I recall, we FOUGHT the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse [PestilenceDeath [who was actually the good guy], Famine and War] in the first game).

I would have enjoyed it much more if at least we, as the detective, would have mentioned that we fought foes like that before (or something like that).

Like: “Last time I fought the Horsemen of the Apocalypse, I didn’t have any weapons, so I had to rely on someone to fight for me). Or: “Huh, I sort of wish I had Death‘s weapons here to help me vanquish the sins!”. Yeah, I definitely would have liked that.

For example, the Dark Parables series (which is from another team) has a certain coherence to them and there are some mentions of the previous games, this offers a certain amount of continuity. The same comment goes for this team’s The Mystery Case Files series. So I know that this team can do better in terms of linking the stories together.

The Voice Acting is, as usual from this series, simply well done. I don’t know how they cast their Voice Actors for games like these, but I found it was well done!

The art, guys! The ART! Need I say ANYTHING about the ART when it comes from Elephant Games!

They constantly do such a marvelous job with their design concepts (the research that went into the concept of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse, following that up with the 7 deadly sins, for the same series (Riddles of Fate), is pretty awesome.

I think they’ve consistently done a great job with their art, so that you should never have to worry about the landscapes, the character designs, the effects and even the musical aspects of the games. They do it like bosses.

The puzzles were not incredibly impressive (and this may be because I’m so boss at them now (not really, maybe their difficulty levels were just easier for me to grasp most of the time). Kudos to the puzzle designers for reminding me of Riddle Stones (the Facebook Game, which has a blog-post which will be published in awhile).
Meanwhile, the Hidden Object Boards caused both Leafeon and I to have many hysterical laughs (just because that’s how we roll (and also because she always tries to find the objects before me)). They were very nicely done and I found that, when Leafeon left me, I actually had some difficulties figuring out where certain things were. Bottom line is: the level is pretty difficult if you don’t have a Leafeon there to motivate you.

I’m looking forward for a third installment of this series. Since they’ve done the Horsemen of the Apocalypse, and the Deadly Sins, I wonder what they’ll be talking about next!

That will have to be it for now, folks. See you next 3rd of the month, for another Game Review :3 or next week for a (Web)Comic recommendation!
Until then, take great care of yourselves!

 – Ponyo’s OUT! –