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Title: Garo: Honoo no Kokuin
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Episode: 06 [Black Knight]
Watched: December 23rd, 2014

December 23rd, 2014

How’s the month of March treating all of you? Hi there!
I hope it’s treating you right! I know that I’m pretty stressed out right now in regards to what’s going to happen in March… but yeah, let’s concentrate on the sixth episode of Garo: The Animation, instead, because I can’t wait to see what happens!!

This episode, once more, really mostly focuses on Leon Luis and German Luis, which is sort of understandable, seeing as in this episode, Leon doesn’t have to sacrifice a day to give to the Zaruba [does it mean that the demon takes away a year or so of his lifetime each month? Or just for one day, it feeds on his spirit? His energy? How does that work exactly? Why is it during the full moon? Why does it happen so much? If Anna ‘knew’ about it, then does it mean that she used it? Or she knew from her father, so that she could transmit the knowledge to her son?]. They arrive in Santa Bard, which is where the castle is, and where his mother got burnt at the stake. In a previous episode, Ema also said that she might be going there, or implied that they might meet up there, so it didn’t came as a surprise when she came and helped him out [he’s so cute, seriously, I’m glad that, despite being raised by his… rather promiscuous father, Leon has such romanticized ideals [Look at him, he looks so tragically upset, it’s adorable]. Four for you, Leon Luis, Four for you (it’s an expression, people)]. It’s funny that, during all these episodes, both Ema and German have been saying (or even implied sometimes) that they want Leon to grow up and be an adult as soon as possible.

It’s too bad that the blacksmith ended up being consumed by the Horror altogether (I mean he was such a nice character and a good man, after all, he took in Julio as his son and he raised Sergio so well that, even though we only see him in a flashback, we absolutely know that Sergio was a good man). I guess this shows the depth of how horrible Horrors are, right? They consume even the good people, even if they had a bad day and are feeling intensely negative, but otherwise are good people… How is it that such Horror came from the sword though? Is it because he was attracted by the intense negative feeling of SORROW that came from everyone in the blacksmith’s shop (and especially from the blacksmith himself), and that’s how he was caught? When German Luis says that “a portal has been opened”. What portal? So Horrors come through portals and need physical bodies to blend in and eat people? I thought that Horrors just appeared when there is intense bad emotions, no? Or is it that when a portal/GATE is opened, there are even MORE Horrors that can come through WITHOUT the need of bad negative feelings? Arguably, fear could be a negative feeling though, as those knights who tried out for the Knighthood were clearly pissing their pants over the monsters that appeared in front of them… Next episode, will they go and investigate the Knighthood in order to disband it [or they’re going to fight that one black knight… who is a Horror… and is allied with Mendoza]?

I wonder if this episode wasn’t mostly done so that we can see how awesome German Luis really is as a Knight, since most of the fighting was done by Leon in the previous episodes [I guess he really wanted to finish this guy off because he felt like it was personal [he looked so sad as he approached the battlefield, like he was sad that even such a good man like the blacksmith would be consumed by Horrors, like it wasn’t a fate that should happen to good people… not that I would wish that to bad people as well], or because he didn’t want Leon to have such a good man’s life on his hands? Or because he didn’t want Julio to see Leon kill his [Julio’s] adopted father?]. It’s also really funny to see that, despite them being in front of strangers and being guests, father and son would still bicker like they’re home everywhere. It shows how, since they are both together, they feel at home anywhere?

The episode was also a lesson for Leon what people who are “left behind” from Horrors consuming their loved ones, need to move on [it’s sort of totally pointing that Leon should move on and not think too personally about what happened to his mother]. I’m glad we got to see Leon Luis be so nice to children – as he was with Alois in that other one episode [whether it was with Julio or that unnamed orphan/slum child]. This world – especially in the slums, as it is for every episode – is really difficult on the children, so it’s good that Leon is aware that he’s a lucky one. I guess he feels like he can relate to them, at some level, too.

imageAll right, I’m gonna go and get going!
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