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Title: Blip Comic
By: Sage
Read it: official website

January 5th, 2014

One of the first ever webcomics that I’ve ever read, I believe… It was created by the very talented and awesome Sage (I don’t know what happened to him/her, and I’m very sad, but if I talk ‘webcomics’ here, I cannot just IGNORE this masterpiece [yes, in my most humble opinion, I believe that BLIP is quite a masterpiece comics-wise].

It even has a freaking awesome TV Tropes page, just like the Todd Allison and the Petunia series [which is here, I sort of forgot to mention it], so does Mokepon and SAKANA.

I love the Blip comic because it has so many popular culture references, and I’m quite sure that if I understood some, there were even more that were said and I didn’t catch them. Some references are anime (Fairy Tail, for example), some are real life people (Keanu Reeves and even Alan Moore, guys!) and some are from cartoons (Azula and Korra from the Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra series, etc).

Sage has a way with storytelling that is state of the art!! The last we ever heard of him [or her], he or she has gotten into an accident of some sort, and Sage has not been updating since… awhile! But I am patient. Whatever Sage is going through, we can only send him/her our support by being patient and sending encouragement!

Not only that, but the fact that the female characters, even K, are quite powerful and strong, is something that I very much like.

The concept of this story truly makes you realize that, well… maybe this world is available to you, you can totally be in K’s shoes and perhaps your best friends aren’t exactly who they’ve told you they were, all this time! [all right, guys, I like to think my life is full of weird things like what happens to K… hahaha]