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Title: Garo: Honoo no Kokuin
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Episode: 07 [Sorrow Beast]
Watched: December 26th, 2014

December 26th, 2014

It’s boxing day here as I write this, but I don’t know what I should go and get! Hahaha, how are you all doing, dear readers?

So, here’s the 7th episode’s review/opinion/whatever it is I’m writing! Please be aware that there are spoilers beyond this point!

It seems the Black Knight knows German, and he knew his fighting stance [I totally called it, he has a Makai Knight-like armor!!! Has he turned on the Watchdog House thing? Is that why he tells Leon that it won’t break his Makai Knight code if he (Leon) kills him (Black Knight)? Because he’s looking for a challenge and because he wants to defeat the Golden Knight? To measure his strength or something? How macho…]. What exactly is their relationship together? Did German know that this guy would be there at the castle? When Leon finally came back and German told him he wouldn’t help him out, it would have been nice to see some kind of exposition on their relationship [or perhaps does German only call him the Black Knight due to the rumors and the Black Knighthood thing from the previous episode?]. I wonder if we’ll see that explanation in the next episode. Will it be German who takes the guy down [maybe the reason why German was in prison in the first episode was because he got brought in by the Black Knight? And then due to his capture, his wife Anna got taken and burned at the stake?]? Or will it be Leon, ultimately [although shouldn’t Leon (and Alfonso) take on Mendoza? Leave the Black Knight to German, geez, let him have some action too]? What’s Leon supposed to do now, will he go and train some more, WITHOUT German? Or will German stay in the city and Leon will go through some kind of special training without his father, in order to get more powerful? Why did German decide to let his son train alone and not want to help him out? Is it because he wants him to earn his title as Garo?

Ema Guzman acts as Leon‘s godmother or something, it’s really funny and awesome [does she feel responsible for him? Or is she simply curious? What exactly are her goals and objectives? Why did she choose to go to this place? What are her orders and does she follow the Makai rules of killing of Horrors?], although it seems a little creepy, especially because she’s basically stalking him through the streets [maybe she was just patrolling and she saw Leon in trouble, so she helped him out, because despite all appearances, she’s totally their ally, after all, she shared information with German rather on a regular basis, it seems]. Speaking of which, it seems to me like the Makai Alchemists don’t always work towards the same goal as the Makai Knights. The prime example of this is going to be that old man, who wished Agatha‘s happiness and decided to have Leon impersonate Pepe, and encouraged the young man to abandon fighting. Perhaps he has had troubles in the past and has decided to settle, abandoning his ways, too [maybe he lost to a fight, or he’s… patrolling that particular sector and NEVER saw that Harlequin was actually kidnapping children, or maybe he felt old and didn’t want to deal with a Horror so he sent Leon there to investigate in his stead… subtly].

All these episodes really focus on Leon dealing with people who fall to Horrors, because they want revenge, something which really reflects his own quest for Horror blood. I wonder where this will lead up to, will he ultimately not be able to do it? Or, despite all that he’s seen, he’ll succumb to the negative emotions and become a Black Knight himself [assuming that’s how Black Knights are created, of course… I don’t even know, but I can’t wait to find out]? Meanwhile, I’m 99% sure that Alfonso is becoming a fine Makai Knight! I really want Rafael to NOT die, please, but… did he even appear in the opening sequence? It seems like his armor does, but not… him… so maybe Alfonso is going to inherit of the armor somehow?

All right, this will be all from me, all right?
I’ll see you all next week for episode 8!
Or maybe I’ll see you later this week [or not]
Take good care of yourselves and lots of love in this otherwise very gory anime, haha
Ponyta’s out!