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Title: Clevver
Links: ClevverNews [Facebook], ClevverFashion [], ClevverMovies [Facebook], Clevver [Facebook], ClevverMusic, Official Website

January 26th, 2014 

Hello boys and girls and more of the Internet!
How are you all doing?

Just like JustKidding‘s, this “Channel” is ‘divided’ into many Channels which encompass different elements of the pop culture, but the one I like the most is ClevverMovies.

So, I’ve started following this channel (Clevver Movies) first, mainly because of the awesome movie coverage and the many videos about Superheroes [YOU KNOW I’M OBSESSED WITH superHEROES!]. I even went on Facebook and liked the official page, and sometimes, I tweet questions to the main host, Erin Robinson.

Then, gradually, I was introduced to the world of celebrity news and gossips [Clevver News], and the list is growing progressively as my education of pop culture increases. These are only a few examples because I can’t cram everything into my head!

Clevver Style is about style and fashion in general. I’ve recently gotten – as you’ve seen in my main blog – into ‘clothes’, so this channel finds itself in my interest [although I’ll admit that, since, in my near 24 years of existence, I’ve never gotten into makeup or other kinds of fashion-related aspects (because I’m STILL noob!), I have not subscribed to it yet].

I love the Clevver Music! I like receiving news and, of course, news about music and artists are even better!

They even freaking cover games on their channel, Clevver Games! Now, I’m not a big gamer like most people (with the measly Facebook Games, Hidden Object games, Wii games and some PS2 games to my belt of experience), however, it is always very interesting to watch. Sometimes, I log into Twitch and look at Domics play games, and it’s also pretty interesting to watch! I’ve subscribed to it and I look forward to seeing more!

It’s fun to listen to them most of the time because they always have something positive to say and, as someone who gets influenced very easily, I’d rather listen to their positive arguments than anyone else who tries to ‘diss’ the shows I like to watch [although I’ll admit that they’ve been a bit… judgy? in their later videos, but that’s ok, as long as you have your own opinion and judge with a grain of salt?].

ʕ/ ·ᴥ·ʔ/Ponyta bows to the hosts of Clevver ’cause they’re awesome╲ʕ·ᴥ· ╲ʔ