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Title: Garo: Honoo no Kokuin
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Episode: 08 [Full Monty]
Watched: December 26th, 2014

December 26th, 2014

Hello there and merry (late) boxing day to everyone!
How’s it going? Good? Yep, I thought so! 2015 just BETTER treat us right! This is the 8th episode review of the anime you could know as: Garo: The Animation, or Garo: Honoo no Kokuin, and there are spoilers ahead!

This anime has beautiful scenery tbh

For a moment there, I really wondered why the beginning of this episode was the exact same as the previous episode, but actually, it was just to show that this episode will be told specifically in German Luis‘ point of view, I’m glad I didn’t just write it off as a mistake and watched episode 9! Were you also fooled? And are you glad that you got to see the circumstances by which he ended up without any clothes at the end of the previous episode [for my part, I found this episode pretty interesting, actually, even though there was a major Nudity Alert]? Among other things, which I will enumerate in a later paragraph, we learn that if Leon continues on the path of revenge, seeks fights instead of fighting in order to protect people [does the Makai Knight code also apply to Alchemists?], then he will not be deemed worthy of being the Garo Knight. If he’s not worthy, then who is? It will fall to Alfonso? And what will German have to do? Will he have to kill Leon off in order to earn the title himself? Or to give it to someone who’s good? It seems to hint in that direction

The moment German heard from Ema [by the way, Ema, you should NOT do such things to horses, it’s… gonna make me put you on my black list] that Leon was in trouble, did you hear in his voice the concern and his real actual expression of being a father? I wonder how much of what he shows us is actually just a front or something [I understand now why he didn’t want to help his son and why he’s not going to look for him; he wants Leon to find his own way and to realize on his own that he’s not strong enough, maybe even: Leon has to realize that he can’t always rely on his father to be by his side as he fights], so people can make the mistake of underestimating him. It’s through her that we learn about the Black Knight’s real identity, Bernardo Dion, whom German used to know [in a flashback, it’s explained that he, Anna and Bernardo used to be friends, comrades, even, and Bernard was the third wheel to their couple, but he already had a rather selfish side, even though he made the sacrifice of letting them go and fighting against the forces on his own, which led to his ‘fall’]. It really feels like Zoro will be the one who defeats Bernardo in the end, since the two of them have been ‘playfully’ fighting to train each other, and Bernardo hinted that he would like to fight fully one on one against his friend Zoro/German/Roberto [he really has something for aliases, doesn’t he?]. How twisted would it be if Bernardo was actually controlled and it wasn’t the real one, or something…?

I can’t wait to see what Alfonso has been up to [well actually, we already know that bit of information, he was training, as I predicted, will he meet up with Leon while the latter is on the mission to earn his Garo Knighthood [by then, will Sir Rafael still be alive?]? And also, wouldn’t he totally be a good influence on his cousin? I mean, Leon wants revenge above all, whereas Alfonso wants the protect his people. I hope they become best buddies and his goodness will rub off of Leon, although Leon has shown throughout episodes that he’ll fight to protect people – especially children – so I don’t know where the problem lies…], but also more information about that lady who was putting up the white drapes – one of which German stole to more properly blend in. She appeared twice, once helping him out, and the second time to chuckle at his antics. I wonder if this is some kind of foreshadowing [SHE’S HIS NEW WIFE?! ew, maybe she’s his sister or something]. And he seemed so shocked to see her there, is it because he thought there was no one there, or is it because he recognizes her, or is it simply because he thinks that she’s plain pretty [because let’s be honest, she really is]?

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