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Title: Happiness Charge Precure
Episode: 49 [finale]
Watched: January 29th, 2015
Rated: 7.5/10

January 29th, 2015

Hey there everybody!
How are you all doing? Nearly a year after my first review episode of Happiness Charge Precure’s first episode, here’s the last episode review (and also, here’s the review for the whole season in general). Please be aware that there will be spoilers up beyond this point, so please skip it if you may!

Next week, I’ll probably have the first episode of Go! Princess Precure! I can’t wait, it looks promising [between three precures, there’s bound to be more interactions and more friendship moments?].

Indeed, as you may well know, I am completely biased when it comes to these kinds of anime of light-hearted magical girls [and I don’t have too many expectations of deep character development or anything, even though Precure CAN become deep in development and everything, but still, I consider those facts in my rating], so my rating will not come as surprising to many of you. I was initially going to rate this somewhere between 9 and 10 at the beginning, because it was so promising, but as you can see, I sort of just gave it a lower rating than I would have. The series suffered from the same problem as Doki Doki Precure‘s finale (which I wrote a post about and never posted, I realize). Why is it that the Pink Precure (and don’t mistake me: I have a bias of loving Pink Precures too, I’ve always loved the color, so you know…) has to be the one who deals the finishing blow, or be the only one who fights the big boss? Can a precure, even a Forever one, really rival with a God? It bothered me that, with all the love she received, Lovely didn’t use it to transform her friends (because they were AWAKE, too!) into Forevers also, so that they can help in the fight. If your friends weren’t going to help, then the writers should simply have let them stay in their graves, so that they can be saved by Lovely after. That would have made more sense than to let the Pink Precure do all the fighting… it’s probably not fair for a God to be defeated by ONE precure. It should be by the whole team… [also don’t mistake it: the fight between Forever Lovely and Red was not bad at all!], I don’t know, I’m way against overpowering the Pink Precure.

I mean it: I loved that, at the beginning, it focused a lot on the Precure’s friendship together, especially between Hime (Cure Princess) and the others, due to her own insecurities and shyness and reluctance to make friends. Then, there’s Iona (Cure Fortune) who is scoffing Princess for her ineptitude at the beginning, but now look at them; at the end, Fortune is the one who’s most worried about seeing Princess go back to her kingdom. Then, it focused on romantic love a lot (especially that relationship between Lovely, Blue and Seiji, both Growlithe and I thought it was being overdone, maybe), but it had its moments: like sisterly love [especially between Iona and her sister, Cure Tender (who by the way we didn’t get to see whatsoever at the end, and that disappointed me)], which is another aspect of love that they touched upon, and familial love (with Megumi and her mom, for example). But yeah, way too much emphasis on romantic love, over the course of the episodes… only to culminate into: “love of all kinds lasts forever and can defeat everything“, which is a fine thing and all, but I feel like we were exposed more to romantic love than friendship, when we know that it should be about friendship more. Friendship was emphasized by the fact that Cure Princess and Cure Lovely had this special attack together – and I would have LOVED for Princess, Lovely, Fortune and Honey to have used a variation of it on Red [and for it to have WORKED, because TEAMWORK and friendship could have shown Red that friendship and love can do anything. Seriously, Toei Animation? HIRE ME AS YOUR FREAKING CONSULTANT OR WRITER]. Too much focus on romantic love.

The subsequent ending really wasn’t too bad. I wonder why they made it feel like because Blue, Red and Mirage were going to stay on the Red Planet, the precures Wcouldn’t come and visit anytime… Red and Blue are GODS, they can travel anywhere they wish via mirrors, let’s not forget. I liked that we got to see what became of the Generals [police officer? Kindergarten educator? Office worker? That’s cool!]. I’m also INCREASINGLY happy that PhanPhan stays with YuuYuu because that’s my ship, and how they all talked about ‘coincidences’. In terms of development, you can say that Princess had some development: she was initially so scared of meeting people, and now, she actively wants to start friendships here and there, which really isn’t bad. I’m a little bit sad though, that Seiji and Megumi didn’t end up together, but I think that their friendship can evolve into something more in time (i.e. I hope they exchange their Wishes).

I miss you Phantom, I’m glad you came back for the finale

In terms of the big bads and their reasonings behind their actions, especially Red, but also Queen Mirage [even though her helplessness during the fights – despite her being a Precure before – annoyed me a little bit], I’m glad it was explained, explained the way it was… I guess. Sometimes, hatred can be born from envy and jealousy, which is what happened to Red… I sort of wish we’d known what exactly happened to the three generals to make them hate the world and become generals… was it explored on enough? I don’t think so, but I did like what they became afterwards.

Overall, the series was nicely done, there were some animation errors here and there, I remember from looking at the Facebook page. As I said, more friendship! Less romantic love! I mean, children who watch this should get the feeling that friendship over romance! You wouldn’t want them to already start mistaking romantic feelings for people and want of friendship, together. Then again, I guess it’s good that they’re exposed to it… so I don’t condemn it altogether [there are always things to complain about here and there, no matter what they do, I think]. For the same reason (not wanting girls to be precociously thinking about girly things, make-up and stuff), I was slightly disappointed – or skeptical, rather – to see that they evidenced the girls’ power-up (their Purification form) by letting them put on make-up. I mean, are you trying to say that, in order to be pretty or “pure” a girl has to put on make-up? WHAT ARE YOU ADVERTISING RIGHT NOW?! But otherwise, I was still happy with the overall product, I wasn’t OVERLY disappointed – like I was with Mana Aida and her Doki Doki Precure adventures. But I must say that there has been a LOT less annoyance with Lovely than there was with Mana.

Anyways, I’m so sad that this is the end, but the show made me ready for its end, so I’m all right, I guess? As mentioned before, the next season of Pretty Cure is called: Go! Princess Precure, and I believe that it will premiere this weekend (February 1rst, 2015), so I don’t have to wait for too long, only for a few days… *sighs* only for a few days… I already added it to myAnimeList, so I’m gonna await patiently for it to start, all the while hoping to watch the movies and crossovers. I also want to see the seiyuus (voice actresses) carry on the tradition of passing the baton/banana to the next seiyuus, that’ll be awesome. I’ll keep you posted on that. Meanwhile, here’s a fanart of Forever Lovely from a Pixiv artist. And here’s a virtual hug before we begin the next season! Let’s look forward to it!


Till next week, peeps!
I’ll see you later!