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Title: Garo: Honoo no Kokuin
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Episode: 09 [New Hope]
Watched: December 26th, 2014

December 26th, 2014

Hello there everybody!
Here’s another episode ‘review’ of Garo: The Animation for you all [to be specific, this is episode 9]! Hope you enjoy [warning, SPOILERS included]!

It seems like Garm, whom I’ve been calling WatchDog/House/something in the previous episodes (I’m sorry, dudette, I’m sorry, you just haven’t been very nice to anybody, so no, I’m not gonna learn your name the first time) has power over the space of the place where she established her dominion [as it seems like she ‘appeared’ in front of Leon right after Rafael left, but the two seem not to have met on the way there]. She hints that it’s been harder to stay awake, and hinted that Sir Rafael, the Knight of Defense [she refers to all of them as their title, it seems: Zoro for German, Garo for Leon and Gaia for Rafael, what will be Alfonso’s title? It seems like Garo is a title that’s passed on like the armor, so I guess Alfonso will also be the Defender, which suits him]. Is this sudden weakness of hers despite being a shape-shifter, due to the increase in Horrors all around Variante/Valiante [seriously, these subtitles are NOT consistent enough!!], due to Mendoza?

Alfonso really looks just like the son of Sir Rafael, I guess this made Sir Rafael more or less uneasy and WOW did Rafael train the lad well in the art of fighting, it was quite impressive coming from the young prince [it would be nice to know how his son died, I know it was by fire, but how else, what were the circumstances? We also learned that even if a Knight doesn’t have a successor related to him by blood, he can pass on his armor and sword to an apprentice, which is what Rafael did for Alfonso in this episode, although, let’s be honest, Alfonso looked totally badass in the fight even with a regular broadsword, didn’t he?!]. What happens to a Knight’s armor who’s been wandering around without a knight? Does he pick up the next Knight who seems worthy enough? Or does he just wander without anything/anyone? The Gaia armor doesn’t seem to have a Horror attached to it, like Leon‘s, but we’ll see later on whether or not that is true. Do the previous Knights’ spirits live on through the armor, and guide the young one who dons the armor forth? After all, it seemed like Garo had appeared to Leon on that first full moon he gave his ‘life’ to Zaruba. I wonder if, by that time when Alfonso had sworn to protect Variante/Valiante in his master’s stead and save his mother and father, that Leon had understood who Alfonso was; the actual prince of Valiante (and his cousin, but that one, he’ll have to learn elsewhere, I guess). Will the two of them join arms now? It seems like they might.

Leon was able to lend a hand to help Alfonso in a lot of aspects of his mission [not be hindered by the women who constantly try to make him use them as prostitutes, not be scammed by the man who broke his pot and demanded payment, finding an inn, and lastly, defeating the high level Horror], but was he able to find what he was missing in order to be strong enough to defeat the Black Knight or Mendoza? I don’t think he found it, but maybe finding Alfonso is the first step towards it. As I wrote before, I think they’ll make a tremendous team and will teach each other a few things; from protecting innocent lives [obviously Alfonso and Leon know that though] to learning how to find inns, hahaha [and other things of course, probably or something]. I wonder if they’ll go and meet up with Garm to find more strong Horrors which they will be able to defeat with the power of combination fighting (or something). I hope so, or else they can go to German and introduce him. That way, they’ll become a strong trio and they’ll vanquish the villains together, like total badasses.


All right, so that’s it for today!
imageI’ll see you all next week for another Garo: The Animation episode ‘review’!
Or maybe later this week for another type of review altogether!
Take care of yourselves and each other!
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