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Title: Papa Pear Saga
Link: Facebook, Google Play
By: King.com [Official Website]

March 24rth, 2014

Hello, all!
How are you, beautiful people of the Internet?

Of all the casual games out there! This is one of the ones I love playing the most, for some reason… (it’s like an addiction).

I like to think that I was one of the first people who played this game [I know I was in my official friend list, anyway, yep, yep]. I remember, when I started playing, wishing that they would release this game on Google Play, so that I could play it offline as well. I found out about it through the creators, as they are also the ones who provided us with the renowned Candy Crush Saga [yes, I play every one of the “Saga” games].

The concept is so easy, you have a limited number of “Papa pears” that you throw like a cannon into the board. You have missions like getting a certain number of objects (acorns, carrots, etc.). And you even have power-ups which help you accomplish your goals faster!

Anyways, random (or lazy) post to get you as addicted as I am to this and maybe even to send me some lives so I can play! Add me as a player or something and I’ll also send you lives and power-ups when I’m connected to the Internet! 😀