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Title: Riddles of Fate: Memento Mori
Production team: Elephant Games [Official Website, Facebook Page]
Started: October 31rst, 2014
Finished: October 31rst, 2014
Duration: 3 hours
Rated: 9/10
Mode: Advanced

October 31rst, 2014

Hello there and Happy Halloween everyone [even though I should be saying something like: “Happy (belated) April Fools”]!
How have you all been? Well, I hope that you’re doing well when this post reaches you. I’m fairly sure that as you read this, I won’t be able to post anything whatsoever [due to the internship that I’m about to go through during that semester…].

In 10 minutes, NaNoWriMo will start… and I’m finally going to be able to start my story, which is a sequel to last year’s story!! Since I finished my 6 page essay this morning, I decided to reward myself after school with a Hidden Object Game!

Elephant Games comes to us with a great sequel to the Riddles of Fate games [this is the third installment]. Have my (scheduled) complaints in the previous game been heard by the company? I’ve no idea, but I’m SO GLAD that we get a familiar face and voice!! Death from the Wild Hunt comes back and we get to see more about his job [which he hasn’t been doing because he was trapped for a few years in the tower, but let’s overlook that inconsistency]! The Collector’s Edition actually shows us the origins of Death as Daniel and Chaos (the antagonist in this one) as Lorraine. It was pretty good, too! I wondered if they would speak of his daughter in this series, but just the fact that Death made allusions and short mentions of our time as his sidekick sort of helped lift up my spirits [now if he could just praise us for handling the whole Deadly Sins problem on our own, without his help].

The story line was great!! It helps, of course, that they’ve appealed to my love of coherence and crossovers. When Death started talking, and when we started to see him appear on the screen, I almost squealed out of happiness [I’ll remind you that I was sad that Death didn’t come to the second game of the Riddles of Fate series].I was happy to see that they’ve continued the concepts of Death having to keep the balance between the living and the dead, it’s brilliant.

I’m not sure if they decided to go with the same voice actor as Death from the Wild Hunt, I think so, because I actually recognized him somehow. The other voice actors were absolutely brilliant, I liked it, simply because they had some feelings in there, although the characters’ lips didn’t always match together [HOWEVER, I will say that my Collector’s Edition had actually some kind of problem, because it had a laggy effect and some dialogues actually repeated themselves… so that might actually be “normal” but I’m just saying].

As usual when it comes to Elephant Games, the effects as well as the backgrounds were brilliantly done!! It’s incredibly detailed and beautiful to look unfold before you before you play. They also made the Collections really easy to find. It didn’t take me nearly as long to find every card and every figurines [maybe I’m just getting better at it, too, but that’s how I felt]. I really loved the whole color scheme idea. Very nicely thought of.

Even as I was advancing through the game with no hints, no skips and in Advance Mode, the puzzles were easy to solve, but they compensated because they varied often. The same goes for the Hidden Object Boards. While they didn’t add a lot of difficulty, they did make it diverse and fun to play nevertheless, which explains this game’s score compared to its predecessor [maybe I’m being overly generous, because I’ve had a good day, or maybe I’m just really happy that Death came back, now I want to know more about whether or not he still goes to see his daughter, etc.].

That’s it for me today,
I’m gonna go and write a little for NaNoWriMo,
I’m already 14 minutes late!
See you soon!
(⊙ヮ⊙) Ponyout! (⊙ヮ⊙)