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Title: Garo: Honoo no Kokuin
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Episode: 10 [Fallen Blood]
Watched: December 26th, 2014

December 26th, 2014

We’re already on the fourth month of the year of 2015!!
How are you all feeling? I hope you’re doing good! I also hope the same for myself!! Let’s move onto Garo: The Animation, shall we? This is the 10th episode review for this first season (I heard earlier today there’s gonna be a second season: WH00T, now whether or not I watch that one, will be entirely up to this season…). Please be aware, as per usual, that there are SPOILERS in this episode!

We find out that Alfonso knew about Leon being his cousin, and even went and shared forth such information to Leon [I sort of wished we could have seen Leon‘s reaction to this news], as he trusts the Knight of Light and his allies (as he shows when he revealed the info also to Ema and then to German, whom he called “Uncle” almost immediately upon finding out that the naked man was in fact Leon’s ‘shitty’ father [speaking of which, I really couldn’t stop laughing when we found out how attached German was to Anna, that he would actually be flustered and upset about her having another son without him. I guess this really shows just how much he really does care about her and cares that she’s no longer with him? It was nice of him to offer and be the father of Alfonso as well]. Alfonso also said that he had not come back to the castle in order to save his mother (or his dying/poisoned father), but to stop Mendoza, which is their main objectives as Makai Knights, as it would save the whole kingdom as well as sort of stop the soldiers/Horrors from being brainwashed by the madman (although this means that they themselves would have to fight against said Horrors) and stop the witch hunt somehow. He knows that it is his mother’s wish, which she later confirms to us anyways by continuing to pray so that he doesn’t get strayed from his path [I wonder if it will, just because irony and tragedy in these tales].

It’s the return of Ema Guzman, Makai Alchemist with mysterious motives [although some information is revealed to us about her ‘past’ and goals in this episode]. Indeed, she reveals to German that she’s going to hunt some kind of Horror… I hope she’ll be able to find it and she doesn’t turn out to be some kind of villain…!! She also mentions how “the more you love someone, the less you can trust them” as she commented on German’s behaviour upon hearing that Anna might have cheated on him. I don’t know if there’s some kind of connection between that information and her past. Maybe someone she loved and didn’t trust turned into a powerful Horror and she’s looking for it. It seems like she doesn’t have access to the Watchdog or Garm, as we learned to call her before. Garm could have told her easily where that Horror is, wouldn’t she? Does Garm only work with Makai Knights then? 

Something else that Ema reveals to German really makes me feel uneasy: that Leon‘s flames are dangerous, even though they protect him [because they’re a gift his mother left him before dying]. Is this foreshadowing that in the next episode, he will lose his sanity of some sort? I knew that him acquiring the Zaruba couldn’t just so easily quell his flames…!! After all, he had gone to defeat minor leveled Horror as well as that one Chimera with Rafael and Alfonso, but had he really acquired what it was that he was missing? I don’t think so, and I judge them a little bit for rushing into the castle the way they do. I mean I understand the timing; Mendoza could have invaded the whole kingdom! But I question Leon’s capacity to fight and defend right now…

This episode also provides us with more information about Mendoza and the Council, this is the information that Garm actually did not wish to reveal to German when he asked her [as a matter of fact, the Makai Knights seem to believe that, because Mendoza stole the forbidden artifact which allows him to control Horrors, he was banned/excommunicated from the Council]. In fact, the man was excommunicated because he performed illegal actions against humans, whom the Makai Knight’s code protects. The worst part was that he didn’t see his experiments as anything sinful, because, as he puts it: by sacrificing a few, he can save a lot more [or something along those lines]. And so, his master decided to Mark him, to make him and his line cursed [it’s a bit of a mistake to curse his descendants, I mean, what have they done to do such a thing? They didn’t choose to be born from that cold-hearted b@stard]. Actually, if he reacts that way to a woman or a person touching him, then how was he able to get hot and heavy with his wife? And when he disposed of the baby and of her (and maybe the servant who saw the baby), what did he explain to King Fernand, Alfonso’s father, to justify the death (she died in childbirth and so did the servant and their baby?)? Did he even ever love the woman, anyway?

As a side note, the Garo Knight who helped Rafael subdue Mendoza during his trial in that one particular flashback must have been Anna’s father, Leon’s grandfather [it makes sense because Rafael mentioned how he had to make arrangements for Alfonso’s mother’s sake because Alfonso’s grandfather wasn’t really good with dealing with those things; so there we have the relationship between the Garo family line and the Gaia, Makai Knight of Defense, I wonder how this works into the chronology with Rafael’s son dying in his arms… was this due to Mendoza? Could it be?]. Mendoza DID mention that, with Rafael’s death, everyone who was present for that particularly humiliating day [when he was marked] is dead, meaning that his Master was also probably dead. Do you notice though that Mendoza doesn’t age [is it due to the contraption that he invented? He did offer the ‘immortality/eternity’ to his Master]? Is it because of the Marks? Or is it because he’s using something to stop the Marks from appearing (unless he’s touched by a human), and subsequently, whatever it is makes him young forever?

It really does look like German will be the one beating Bernardo after all. I can’t wait to see this fight play out!

image And that’s basically it for this episode review!
I’ll see you all next week for episode 11 of this anime! WH00T! We can do this!
For all of you who haven’t finished your school semester yet or even for those of you who have started/continued working, WE CAN DO THIS!