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Title: Daredevil
Premiere: April 10th, 2015
First Trailer: February 3rd, 2015

February 6th, 2015

Hey whoever is reading this!
How is everybody going? I’m… doing well… I’m recovering from a stressful week, and guess what MARVEL gifted me? A trailer for that Daredevil show that I was 60-65% chance that I wanted to watch… and now, after watching it, I know that I want to watch it at 100%, even if it might be grittier and darker, and might have gore… I’ll just… try to look away when I have to. All right, so let’s start. I haven’t watched this yet – indeed, the episodes aren’t even UP yet. There might be spoilers for that, so don’t go hatin’ on me, you invisible readers!

I’m going to add another disclaimer: just like in my Guardians of the Galaxy pre-movie post, and in my superhero posts in general, you ought to know that I only just started into the superhero comic books, so I don’t know as much there is about superheroes. I only know about them from Wikipedia (my best friend), YouTube videos, and other random places. To be fair, I didn’t even watch the Ben Affleck run of the Daredevil movie – I did watch Elektra’s movie spinoff though.

You may or may not know from the trailer – maybe you haven’t even watched the movie with Ben Affleck, like me, so you don’t have anything to compare this trailer to. Maybe you don’t even know who Daredevil is [I’m talking to you, Bayleef]! As for myself, from what I had seen in the cartoons and read a little of on Wikipedia and various sources (to be fair, I got into Daredevil because of the Elektra movie, while I didn’t particularly like it or dislike it, I started to research Elektra, because that’s one badass lady, however you look at it, and then, gradually, I crossed paths with Daredevil, and ever since then, I’ve sort of tried to keep tabs on him, like how I know that Ironman’s being a d*ck to him at the present in Superior IronMan [as a side-note, please don’t spoil what happens in Superior Ironman, because I haven’t read it yet, it’s on my To-Read shelf… I’ve been hesitating solely because Ironman seems so mean and I don’t want to see Daredevil beaten up like you see on this cover, it makes me feel uneasy (especially because, well, both of them are superheroes, and its quite unfair that Tony would win all the fights)]). Oh yeah, Matt Murdock is the name that Daredevil goes by, by day. His chosen profession is a lawyer, and I think he’s pretty good at his job [I wonder if She-Hulk and Daredevil have ever crossed paths in the courtroom… if you know this, please tell me?].

Daredevil is a superhero who is trained by Stick – an old man who also happens to have trained Elektra the assassin [whom, I should probably add somewhere in here, will reportedly – as of the day I’m writing this anyway, not be portrayed in the MCU as of yet. Elektra also is Daredevil’s on and off again girlfriend, but instead, someone else will serve as Matt Murdock’s love interest (you know how I feel about these flighty relationships, so I won’t comment further). I think the girl in question will be his secretary, whom you can see interact with him in this comic panel. Speaking of Daredevil’s relationships: he does have one friend and business partner, whom we see very briefly in the trailer], if I recall correctly – in the arts of fighting despite being blind (because, as you’ve seen in the video, he’s also blind, the actor looks brilliant). Due to Matt’s blindness [and maybe – depending on how he got his powers – due to the chemicals that were spilled in the accident, that’s right: Daredevil wasn’t born blind, he got it after saving a man from a car accident], all of Daredevil’s senses are heightened, and he uses his own kind of echolocation (like the bats, but more sophisticated) in order to “see” his surroundings. Stick isn’t always nice though, as you can see in this comic panel, I wonder if we’ll get to see the training, since we see Stick in the trailer… but that’s pretty unlikely, I think Matt became blind during his teenage years (or while he was still a kid)…

Yes, I will be reviewing episode per episode of this series!! [13 posts?! wh00t]

The hero lives in Hell’s Kitchen – it’s sort of like the bad parts of New York, I think? And there’s a lot of crime going on there (one of these crimes was the murder of his father when he was young); ranging well, from you can see, murder, drug traffic, etc. Matt Murdock  decides to “make his city a better place” [not only as a lawyer, since he defends the victims of the mob bosses and others] so he takes on the identity of Daredevil: the man without fear. I don’t think he’ll call himself Daredevil right off the bat, I mean he doesn’t even wear his trademark red costume, he’ll be starting off, as we see in the trailer, with his darker ninja-esque costume [I think dark costumes are very practical, especially if you have to ambush bad guys in a dark alley and show them your baton of justice, but you know, red is… um… also good since he has the word “devil” in his name? I don’t know].

Something else that is important to know about his character is that Daredevil is religious. Indeed, unlike many other superheroes we’ve encountered in the MCU so far, this is something that separates him from the standard they’ve set [I mean, I guess it’s also important to say that unlike a lot of the MCU characters, he has a visual impairment? This sort of shows watchers that, whoever you are, whatever ails you, you can still be a superhero, no? I like that concept, because, well, it’s pretty good. I could be a superhero too if I chose to get off this chair and if I was born with powers – or survived a vat of toxic waste dumped onto me], I guess. It’s emphasized by him going to confession with a Father in a church during the trailer. Many fans have mentioned how indeed characterizes Matt Murdock a lot.

The action seems to be pretty on point. I am not an expert in cinematography or anything, but I thought it was pretty nice the way they show him fight against the bad guys. He’ll be doing a lot of accrobaties if he needs to escape from these gunshots a lot. Another aspect of his character a lot of people (including myself) have found was emphasized by showing him waking up with bruises and everything [other than for fan service reasons – because nowadays, we can’t watch a show that doesn’t show proper abdominal muscles, I believe]; is that unlike other characters who are either financed by a rich benefactor – SHIELD, Ironman, etc., Matt Murdock leads two separate lives characterized by day and night [I don’t even think that, at this point, he’ll have anyone he can turn to (maybe Stick?) who can help him with his wounds, I could be mistaken, though, it happens, I’m not perfect]. He doesn’t have rich friends to help him (yet?) and thus, he’s still very… human, since he still needs time to recover from wounds, and stuff [I mean, Iron Man and the other Avengers were shown to have cuts and bruises, but they can afford it, a lot of people already know who they are, they’re public figures, whereas Matt Murdock isn’t…].

One of the villains is Kingpin, who is one of the main villains for Daredevil, I believe. It’s the guy who was seen staring at a somewhat blank canvas. I mostly recognize that guy as the one from the old Spiderman cartoon [I believe that’s the first time I ever encountered him]. You know the one. It seems like – while he was raised into a poor neighbourhood and slowly rose into the infamous ranks as a crime lord in New York. He went against multiple heroes such as Spiderman and Daredevil. As far as I’m aware of, Kingpin does not have any superpower per say. His body mass is full of muscle, though, and he is highly skilled in combat. I mean, one has to be, if one is able to fight Captain America to a standstill. That’s pretty good. He’s also not just all brawns, but also brains, since he’s also able to manipulate and knows enough to have some kind of a… facade in the eye of the public, donating to charities in order to look good and escape suspicion (I think anyway, from what I remember reading).

…Annnddd that’s about all I can tell you about Daredevil in the comic-verse and also from what appears to be his incarnation into the MCU (because indeed, if I haven’t mentioned it yet: Daredevil’s story is going to fit in with the Marvel Cinematic Universe AND apparently, his story might give us a set of what will happen in Avengers: Age of Ultron, apparently, so… even more reasons to watch this series) on the top of my head.

In order to know more about this superhero, why don’t you look at this video from NerdSync Production [about probable Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles crossover with Daredevil?]? Comic Drake made another video explaining the same hero about a few weeks ago, it’s pretty good. Comicstorian himself also has a video about Daredevil, and Comics Explained‘s video to help you know what to read in order to get ready for it, because seriously, everyone is looking forward to the series. WatchMojo.com has this one video as well.

Here’s VariantComicsreview for the trailer, he has a different opinion from ThinkAboutTheInk‘s Grace’s video. I’ll also include Emergency Awesome‘s video and CineFixs as well. As you can see, a lot of people are expecting a lot out of the Daredevil TV show, so let’s all hope that it’s as good as they say it is?
UPDATE (09.02.2015): Here’s Mr. Sunday Movies‘s video about Daredevil! I love his opinions! Check it out!
UPDATE (08.04.2015): VariantComics‘s did another video about it as well as NerdSync Productionsvideo about Matt Murdock’s blindness, as well. ThinkAboutTheInk made a new video about the new trailer. Emergency Awesome also did a review on that trailer.

All right, well, as I’ve mentioned, I will be reviewing the episodes one by one as soon as I can (past April 10th, and I’ll attempt to make my post for the finale before my Age of Ultron movie review).
See you soon
And take care of yourselves!
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