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Title: MYth
By: Zelda Wang
Links: Smackjeeves, Mangamagazine.net, Facebook,

January 8th, 2014

A new Wild Pokemon has appeared!

Skarmory introduced me to this webcomic awhile back (while I was IN MY FINALS/MIDTERMS in our final year of high school!! IT WAS HORRIBLE (BECAUSE back then, there was only parts of “My Seasons” up, not “A Promise” nor “Poseidon’s arc”)).

Then, she watched, mirthfully I can even imagine, as I struggled to study AND to drink up this marvelous webcomic.

To be fair, however, in retrospect, I am reminded that she DID warn me that it’d be torture to wait for the updates… because back then, Zelda had a rather irregular update time [I don’t remember about now, because now, I have other comics to read] and I may have sort of not have taken her word for it…

Anyways, apart from the obviously prestigious art style and visual effects, Zelda C. Wang blesses us with a new take on Greek mythology stories.
Personally, I was a Greek Mythology fan back when I was in elementary school. In the summer, I’d go and read up as much as I could about what adventures the Greek Heroes had, etc. So, being given a new story perspective, with great art, and different endings, I welcome it, and I admire the mind that was able to come up with these new endings, etc.

Confession: I used to very much dislike Hades (because of the Disney version and mostly because of all of the stories I’d read about him). But have you seen how good he looks like in MYth? Yeah, I may have a small teensy crush on him.

What’s fun is that Zelda also has a Tumblr where she submits concept arts, etc. for her fans and sometimes, she even answers questions and submits doodles. It’s quite cute!

The characters are definitely different from what I usually picture them (maybe not Athena though, and/or Ares), so it’s fresh and cool!

Anyways, I hope you guys would like this very nice and very cool webcomic, check it out if you’re interested!

See you guys later!
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